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  1. must a been about 1971 or 72. me an my bud hitchhiked 30 miles in the pouring rain to a sabbath show. he ended up passed out on the floor. i’ve always had a strong constitution. but i can’t stand the abuse no more.

    we caught a ride home.

    sabbath was fun.

  2. JJ Cale & Clapton – cocaine.
    Yeah, I remember getting into an argument over that one years ago in a pub. Apparently whatever was on the jukebox was the fucking cyclopedia of music. Winning an argument has nothing to do with being right.
    Re trippin & smokin link on CFN – what amps are they using? Can’t see through the shitty video.

  3. JR, you madman… you’re making me blush.

    As always, dave is right. Although not running from the law per se, Crazy Ivan maneuvers have got a hold of me.

    And there’s always time for a Black Sabbath story! Black and Blue tour 1980: Ronnie James Dio, not Ozzy, but the band was tight and had something to prove. New Haven, CT… back when I lived on your side of the country. The last time I saw that much weed haze in the air was the Korn show in Long Beach (that would be the LBC, hipsters). But I digress.

    JR, I owe you more than you know.


  4. JR and Doom, I’m reading “Big Coal” now. I just started. So far it’s great! Giant thick-trunked trees happily grew free from the threat of termites (which didn’t exist yet), that and some pressure and time combined to yield 200-foot deep beds of coal… shit, it’s hard to get your head around… like trying to envision a time when lawmakers existed and functioned without lobbyists. Sorry, JR… my hands are back on the wheel after briefly veering towards political.

    MOU, looking forward to hearing back from you regarding WMBH. Maybe you already commented at CFN, in which case I would have necessarily missed it. ;-)

    LTL, yeah my brother, we don’t need no stinkin’ snow shovel.

    Nudge, Bunn Bunn worships you as a god. It’s true.

  5. Dr. Doom wrote to JR: “Dude, you are loved. People like me and others who have never even laid eyes on you or heard your voice, really dig and like you. So, there should be no self doubts, you are a smart, witty, engaging good fellow who is capable of helping and leading others. Take some time to think about that, and get back to me with any questions. Doom out.”

    Gentlemen, the alcophile exchange was sublime! I must have read it five times. [My left thumb is killing me, having sliced it open while hanging wallpaper today (Christ, I should know better by now…), so typing hurts.] But this much I’d like to add to the heady brew concocted thus far: Alcohol… what a complex and sacred weapon. I’m just grateful to still be alive… a bit older now, and more on equal terms with its power. Sometimes the body comes to the rescue of the mind. Of course, JR, although you might not want to be one, you are a true artist, and this obviously makes things more difficult. (BTW, what are you writing?)

    ZK is where I hang now. This is the only place I will post, until my self-imposed exile from CFN has run its course.

    I’m here for you, JR. So is Doom. Others too.

    Holmes out

  6. Don’t know if I hooked onto the right thread, knowing little about Black Sabbath, and tending by sheer inertia to think it shit. Be that as it may, zuluk, I’d be glad to contribute if I may in any way, to do so.

    Locked out, snowed in, for the better part of last weekend due to snow, and watched the entire two seasons’ episodes of “Rome” (formerly of HBO). An entirely satisfactory representation of human nature.

  7. Holmes, if you’re reading this, I just wanted to say hi and that I truly miss your contributions over at the clusterfuck nation. I’ll try to remember to e-mail you a personal note, hopefully tomorrow. It’s been stranger than normal, lately. I think some of us aware ones saw the sides of the box through the fog, recently.

    Take care.

    Your pal,

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