Music Thread

I got no audio hooked up on this computer yet. I set the blog up on my laptop. Thanks for the Procul harem. Love it. Gimme a day or two.

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7 thoughts on “Music Thread

  1. I listened to a CD (not MP3) of AC/DC today on this laptop – it read a really scratched disc OK, but the sound was, well, sub-par.
    I suggest listening to a track that you KNOW, really KNOW, then judge the set-up. Take our favourite CD to the computer shop before you buy the equipment.

  2. It’s Yarra’s fault. He mentioned valve kits & Leslies and I went on a Hammond/Leslie flashback binge. That’s the rock I played (fretless bass to be specific) in the old days.

    AC/DC – Back in Black – title track just before diving into the crisis du jour.

    For high anxiety – Quadrophenia CD Disc 2. Volume set to “bleed”.

  3. I’m glad you guys saw this link. Quadrophenia is one of my favorite discs. I’ve only got a cassette I taped off an album. But it is like Sandanista. It is just superior.

  4. 5:15, sea & sand, drowned, bell boy. Disc 1 – The Real Me

    The whole thing is great, but those cuts speak to me in certain meaningful ways.

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