Holmes Review

I’m going to read it now. No, I’m going to wait. I actually just turned on the computer because I wanted to read any new reviews on Amazon. I’m liking the book so far, but I’m trying to slow it down. I did 150 pages in 3 days. At that rate, I’ll be done before I know it and it won’t have been worth the $24. So I want to slow it down and take in the whole deal I need reviews and other opinions.

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  1. Yeah JR, wait until you’ve finished WMBH to read my quasi-review. It will make even less sense otherwise.

    The author of “Big Coal” (at p40) just mentioned Buffalo Creek. I remember reading “The Buffalo Creek Disaster” almost twenty years ago. Another interesting book.

    Staying out of trouble is definitely a good idea. But sometimes (thal, I feel the need to retell this story) weirdness just hunts you down… in spite of your best intentions. For example, yesterday when I was getting some take out food at Samurai Sam’s, I ran into the Noah’s Bagels girl whom I used to chat with back in the pre-9/11 days. I think she’s ~26yo now. She has transformed herself into a motorcycle chick, and rides a new Ninja (odd coincidence, I suppose). To complete the look, she’s sporting some interesting and relatively fresh ink. She advised me with highly succinct and baffling certainty that the economy now sucks; ergo, she is presently compelled to do bikini modeling to make money. I suggested that she was perfect for it. Incredibly, her daughter (whom I asked about) is now 7-years old.

    And I just learned that she has a younger sister, who “looks just like her”, who now works at Noah’s… circle of life.

    Your man on the street,

  2. Why do you think I posted it? You’re killing me, man. So you gonna accept an editorship, or what?

    If you don’t want it or don’t feel like it, say no. I will totally accept that. I have no choice. I’d be honored to have you answer the question.

    Tell me you will think about it but there is stuff going on in your life that demands immediate attention and you will give me a call in 6 months.

  3. Holmes?

    Don’t tell me the city, but what state do you live in? Sounds like Seattle, maybe. You fascinate me.

    OK, that’s it, I’m not gonna gush over Holmes any more. He knows he’s got run of the place.

    I set up this blog to make a list of youtube links to tunes that I can run in a separate browser window as I type. It is mostly all Sabbath, thanks to Holmes. I’ll be updatiung this soon. I’m still trying to figure out the Paris 1970 deal. There apparently is no DVD it is all on YouTube.

  4. Johnny,

    Shit posts instantaneously.

    I’m in L.A. (you know that). Where the hell are you? Boston? Brazil?

    I’m sincerely honored that you’re offering me an editorship, whatever that might entail, but I have no credentials as an editor and don’t want to mess with other people’s content. So I think that for the time being I’ll limit my activities here to posting. And yes, I really am too busy to even lurk at CFN. So I have no idea what nature of mutant you are presently battling over there at clusterfucknation.

    I’m listening to “Ship of Fools” by The Grateful Dead. Sabbath in Paris… something was special about the early 70’s.

  5. Tequila is suggesting to me that I send Bunn Bunn over to CFN to exact revenge upon any cretins who are fucking with my friends. Must resist…

    Okay JR, e-mail to me whatever passwords or other information I need to get started, and I’ll give it a try!

    It would be cool if different editors could have different “corners”, i.e., so readers could easily navigate the site. The present format quickly results in posts getting lost or buried behind whatever you most recently posted. I have no idea what the best solution is. Maybe all of the posts go to a common thread, regardless of which article is being commented on? Just a thought. I don’t know how to administer this sort of thing, or even if wordpress would allow it.

  6. Good morning JR. Actually I read through WMBH the same day I got it .. was on a tear that day .. and, well, learned the hard way that writing fiction is not JHK’s strong suit.

    Y’know, I was wondering how to start up new threads here. Yes, I could probably find something to write about. For awhile now I’ve been kicking around the idea of starting my own blog anyway, but it’s been a low-priority item compared to other things. But I could certainly take up MOU’s suggestion and do a Nudge Report column here.

    Holmes, the people in CA sound, umm, fashionable and tattooed from what other people have told me as well.

  7. any of y’all ever read john gardner? i’m rereading “grendel” for about the 4’th time. it’s beuwolf told from grendel’s perspective. i love nillistic ogres.

  8. Holmes wrote:

    “I ran into the Noah’s Bagels girl whom I used to chat with back in the pre-9/11 days. I think she’s ~26yo now… she is presently compelled to do bikini modeling to make money. I suggested that she was perfect for it. Incredibly, her daughter (whom I asked about) is now 7-years old.”

    Hmmm… are you sure chatting is all you did with her pre-9/11, brother Holmes? ;-)

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