Fifth Anniversary of the start of The Iraq War

Let’s celebrate! It’s been a great 5 years! Hurray!

I’ll put up two of my favorite sites in celebration. These will be posted to the right in my Blogrolls as soon as I remember how.

They both specialize is enumerating and detailing the dead and wounded.


5 Replies to “Fifth Anniversary of the start of The Iraq War”

  1. Iraqnam: a quagmire not even close to worth the oil and gas we could have secured there for “our freedom and democracy”. Bush and Cheney have the “Reverse Midas Touch”: everything they touch turns to shit.

    Let’s call it for what it is: a craven excuse to rob America (and Iraq) and transfer public funds to the military-corporist elite (Blackwater, Halliburton, KBR, etc.) Disgusting and ruinous. I predict their hides will not be worth spit, and they will be killed by their own security. Justice will be served.

  2. not even close to worth the oil and gas we could have secured there for “our freedom and democracy”.

    Hey! Why so pessimistic? Have you done the math? I haven’t but I keep meaning to.

    Let’s say 120 Billion barrels of “our” oil under their desert. Let’s say we can recover 50% of that over 60 years. so 60 Billion barrels in 60 years. 1 Billion Barrels per year – or you have to decide how you want to increment this on a curve Maybe 4 Billion the first few years moving down towards 1 B. Then apply a average dollar per barrel price over 60 years.

    Maybe the war will be over by then. Only when we do the math can we begin to fairly talk about the true cost of things.

    Justice will be served. I wish.

    -JR (as NT, No I’m not Nick Taleb, but I just remembered why I chose those initials)

  3. JR, when you say “their desert”, I assume you’re talking about Iraq. Four Billion per year (that high?) translates to just about 11 Million per day. Interestingly, this is almost as much as what EIA projects for Saudi production.

    Regardless, long-term options on crude futures (say June 2010, strike price 115 or maybe even 135) look like a no-brainer. Am I missing something?

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