Bad Voodoo’s War

This is a great 1-hour documentary on PBS’ Frontline that is split into several video chapters at the link I have provided along with a very easy to navigate video-widget that links to all recent Frontline pieces.

Bad Voodoo’s War

The following are links to articles about Iraq movies/documentaries and articles on the recent disaster in Basra:

Soldiers Do What Reporters Should — Lift the Camcorders ( On Bad Voodoo)

A Veteran trashes Stop-Loss, Recommends The War Tapes

U.S. Cites Planning Gaps in Iraqi Assault on Basra – NYT, Apr. 3rd

4 Replies to “Bad Voodoo’s War”

  1. JR, although it seems that Infantrymen are generally prohibited from blogging, it will be interesting to see some high quality personal journals eventually see the light of day (as happens in every war).

    Keep up the good work, brother!

  2. Thanks for the shout out, and as Matt of Blackfive says “I’d follow Toby into hell carrying a gasoline can anyday…”

    We need more ground level narratives from the soldiers’ and Marines’ themselves in our national dialogue and media.

    To help make that happen, if you don’t mind, would you consider going to the Frontline website and sharing whatever you are comfortable with.

    We are hoping that if enough people write in, that Frontline might consider commisioning us to do another film along the same lines with a different group of guys in the near future.

    Again, thanks for the mention. Nothing would make me happier than millions of Americans listening to what the soldiers of BAD VOODOO have to say.

    Deborah Scranton

  3. Thank You, Deborah!

    Your work on Iraq is the best out there. I force everybody in my personal life to watch it.

    Your ‘The War Tapes’ will go down in history with ‘Operation Dreamland’ as the classic documentaries on (at least) the first 5 years of this war. Keep up the good work.


  4. @Holmes –

    I believe the BlackFive Deborah mentions is:

    The Black Five Blog

    That would be an excellent place to start looking for the blogs of infantrymen. I had read a bunch a few years ago, but I know that at somepoint the Pentagon tried to squash the practice. Which just means they went underground.

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