Crude Books – The Short List

Nontechnical Guide to Petroleum Geology, Exploration, Drilling, and Production (2nd Edition) – 2001
– Norman J. Hyne, Ph.D.

Gusher of Lies – Robert Bryce (February? 2008)

(1o) The Prize (1991)

(9o) Twilight in the Desert (2005)

(11o) A Thousand Barrels a Second (2006)

(14o) The End of Oil (2004)

(17o) Hubbert’s Peak (2001)

(18o) Oil on the Brain (2007)

(20o) Big Coal (2006)

(28o) Untapped: The Scramble for Africa’s Oil (2007)

(33o) Out of Gas (2004)

(56o) Crude: The Story of Oil (2004)

(39p) The Color of Oil (2000)

High and Mighty

The Hydrogen Economy

Beyond Oil

Yeomans – Oil: Anatomy of an Industry

-The House of Saud
Robert Baer – Sleeping with the Devil

Amazon Categories:

(p) Profession & Technical>Engineering>Petroleum, Mining & Geological> Petroleum

(o) Business & Investing>Industries & Professions> Oil & Energy

I’ve disabled comments since I’ve just started to work on this and I want to include some explanations for why stuff is either on or off the list.