2 Replies to “April 25th is ANZAC Day”

  1. Been away.
    Interesting TV story aired here in Oz on the submarine AE2 which scared away a Turkish cruiser that was shelling the beach from the other side of the Dardanelles.
    Still, you won’t see me at a dawn service until groups like the RSL actually ACTIVELY seek to put an end to armed conflict involving Australian service men & women. Paying lip service to the futility of war by such groups means as much to me as George W saying he believes in freedom. Which is really hard for me to understand, considering a lot of these guys were actually there in the midst of real clusterfuck(s).
    The other scotoma suffered by many Australians is the focus on military personnel, not on civilians. Perhaps if they had seen centuries old buildings razed to the ground and masses of starving humanity they might have a different viewpoint.
    Rant over – signing off – proudly un-fucking-Australian.

  2. Returned Servicemens League.
    Nah, it’s still there feeding the sheep’s water trough – not high priority.

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