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I’m not blocking comments. On the Crude Oil blog if you haven’t posted before it holds the comment until I approve it. Then once you’ve had one approved it let’s you post at will. I’ll turn it off eventually when I feel like searching for where the hell that toggle switch is.

P.S. – I answered you’re questions as best I could.

…. some random stuff on gasoline and SUVs…

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  1. Fair enough, it just seemed to lose the “your comment is awaiting moderation” text. Thought it might have been nuked.

  2. Was in Pensacola for a couple days last week and just by good luck and location happened to get a chance to watch them practice for a little bit. Those Superhornets sure are loud. Scared the crap out of me.

    After looking at some vids of the Blues on Youtube, I read about the crash in Beaufort S.C. The recovered black box recorder said Blue Angel #6 was pulling 6.8 Gs when the pilot blacked out. Happened at low altitude which didn’t help.

  3. “Nostalgic For the Days of Less Convenient Travel”
    By Holmes

    With blond hair and bowl haircut
    dressed in a tiny blue blazer
    and introduced to the captain
    by an indescribably alluring
    and for now unobtainable goddess
    he wondered at the skill and heroic confidence
    of pilots able to watch so many dials
    and work so many levers, switches and throttles
    to bring to places regular people
    like him, his parents and brother
    — this must be jet set —
    and now in receipt of his own American Airlines wings
    pinned to his lapel
    he returned to his seat.
    What could be bad about this?

    Kids having traveled to the West Coast
    returned to school in the fall
    armed (to proportions of epic coolness)
    with the latest slang and expressions from California.
    Grandparents seemed fearful of long distance telephony.
    He attributed it to Depression Era generational artifacts
    and in those days the elders still preferred to write letters
    or go together to the garden for a sniff of the tomatoes
    or maybe fish for a few hours at the canal.
    Such things could be traveled to and enjoyed with so little effort.

    Proliferating franchises
    McShit in Bangkok
    Exporting entertainment
    Spanish-language Simpsons on the tely in Granada, ES
    But still…
    striking out on foot into the poor areas of far away cities
    could bring swarms of children
    delighted to see a strange and relatively towering foreigner
    who would let them swing from his arm while not breaking stride
    and most likely spare candy or some coins.
    These glorious frolics required naturally…
    a measure of inconvenience.

    And to think…
    rather, it was purely instinctual for him to flee intravenous life.
    What strange and idiotic breed of man temporarily fasts from ubiquitous luxury
    as tourist of all things
    in pursuit of experiential experiencing
    of ever more elusive (and preferably non-lethal) regional differences
    longing for the less convenient days of a past he never could have known
    and for an unknowable future where a calling to roam will not be answered lightly.

  4. JR, you’re right. The changes are subtle, but being the obsessive perfectionist asshole I am, I just couldn’t let it go. ;-)

  5. What’s the definition of perfect pitch?
    When you throw out a piano accordion and it lands on a banjo.

  6. “[U.S.] computer terminals will be governed by U.S. regulation, because the computer terminal is located in the United States,” Levin noted.”
    Gee, no loophole there, and there’s no such thing as a proxy session – retards.

    [I moved this comment to the correct thread and opened comments on it -JR]

  7. That’s right – I remember now – but you’ll admit JFor tags with KTM like you do.
    BTW, couldn’t help but notice from the NYT graph on gasoline/% income/median income graph that Loudon county is the highest median wage – That’s where Lyndon LaRouche lives – weird.

  8. JR,
    KillTheMessenger is waiting for you over at Huffpo.
    (my account isn’t activated yet).
    I suggest you ask that fucktard Learsy what miscibility means if he thinks OPEC have gobs of supply that can be turned on at any time.
    (btw, what’s your opinion on Aramcos spare supply? I thought they pretty much only had heavy crude spare and no-one had the refinery capacity to deal with it. Does heavy crude need the same GOSPs as light sweet?)
    Give MourningDude a dress down while you’re at it.

    Sorry if I sound like I’m giving you my ammo to shoot but you know you lurv it…

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