The Haunted Tank

For some reason this post is getting hits all of a sudden (according to my wordpress dashboard). I have no idea why. I’ve decided to bring it back to the Front Page for that reason alone. I know nothing about The Haunted Tank. I love comic books, I just never read this one. Bif is the expert.

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  1. i was goint through some of my shit. i have a copy of wwh #1.

    me and one of my brothers used to draw comics of ourselves. we were alwyas like super karate dudes, like bruce lee, only much more muscular. all gone, don’t know where they are or what happened to them.

    got a bag of 12 centers, marvel(the only ones that count) and DC, sitting on the kitchen floor right now. probably sell them soon….

  2. anyhoo, i got a copy of this, WWH #1. wanna buy it?

    got a bunch of 12 centers in a bag on the kitchen floor, lotsa marvel. keep meaning to sell them off also.

  3. I also thought I posted a link to Haunted Tank on Wikipedia. Something’s glitchy, or I messed up (had two beers last night and I’m a light weight. sad).

    Dave, gave away my Haunted Tanks years ago, RIP.

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