You are a very weird person, Yossarian.

Perhaps I didn’t phrase that right initially

I’ll be Mr. Pink anyday. He’s the only one that lives.

Second choice? Mr. Blonde.

I’m beyond it. I’m Mr. Pink. Let’s move on.

11 Replies to “You are a very weird person, Yossarian.”

  1. See now, you just said you’re feeling better and then you went all Johnny Rico on us. Funny how your nom de guerre can be used as a verb huh?

  2. Hey Sweetie,

    Hope you are out here having fun on this Friday night. You have left things kinda odd round here and the clusterfuck. Though you are only a virtual figment of our imagination, an excellent one at that, I feel you over here in Memphis and do hope you are doing okay.

    Please take care.

  3. Nudge- malkovich I can see, but Keitel? Blech! Did you see that guy’s ass in the Pianist?

    If you can get him to make a committment, go to Sorella’s in JP and while you’re there, please get me the recipe for their oatmeal, carrot walnut pancakes. You’ll be my BFF! : )

  4. “….but getting high and losing your temper in paranoid rage is not among them.” –Dr. Doom

    uhm-m-m-m… dave would probably disagree with that one, Doom. Jes’ sayin’… % ^ }

  5. Doom and EE,

    I tried to post earlier and it got eaten. Doom has a point, but I think he was harsh. I bet Johnny will understand that his harshness comes from a loving place. If Doom didn’t care, we would not hear from him.

    I also posted that I think Johnny is hurt and while he may “pull it together” this stuff is going to keep happening until he gets his head and heart around what it is he is repeating over and over and why. So “pull it together” is only a stop gap.

    I then asked Doom it he did this with his wife and the boys, because it sure seemed familiar to me and my household (my hubby a loving bright passionate hard ass and me the one who wants to slow down and understand what is happening to try to heal it).

    EE you beat me to the Mommy role (less over the head than me, as usual) with your response. The Doc did a good Doomy Daddy.

  6. MOU-

    I couldn’t find the thread where you and Tipping were discussing JR and TP spoke in a scornful manner about Harvey Keitel’s gluteus maximus in “The Pianist.” It was actually “The Piano” with Holly Hunter and it won the Oscar for Best Pix that year as I recall. Dear married friends of mine went to the movie with me and he pronounced it an “artsy-fartsy” woman’s picture. I thought HK’s GM was quite appetizing in a DH Lawrence, “Sons and Lovers” kind of way.

  7. Not much of a discussion EE, it was just my comment to Nudge on the physical attributes we envision on the Johnny Rico character we all know and love. Whatever you may think of HK and his rather bountiful assets, and since I’ll likely never know for sure, I just can not imagine JR having Harvey Keitel’s ass! : ) The guy is near seventy, after all.

    Anyway, I want to be Mr. Black, you can be Mr. Pink.

  8. I forgive you, as always, you are my (younger, not smaller) brother. I’m a bit edggy these days, also. I don’t like reading the news now. I guess you may have seen this piece over at the TOD Drumbeat:

    What bothers me is you can sense where this is heading, and it is not good. I know that my family will suffer some, but many of those portrayed in that article are going down, and down far. It’s based in San Diego, CA, a very nice part of CA that has a good climate–no one will freeze there in winter. But they could starve, and suffer in many other ways, like with no health care, or security from crime, or hope for the future. They know they’re in trouble, just not how severe or how soon it will get so I hope they riot and make it real difficult for Bushco.

  9. Dr Doom

    Excellent link on the incipient miseries that are going to strike everyone, we have that here too with people earning 100k+ seeking budget services after running up huge amounts on credit cards.


    The Malkovich likeness is fitting – he is my favourite actor bar none, ever since I saw him as Valmont in Dangerous Liaisons I’ve been hooked. The way he phrases his words, the timbre of his voice and that undeniable frightening intelligence that just burns out of his eyes.

    Oooh, I’ll have to take a cold shower.

    Sorry, I’m through with the drooling, excuse me.

    JR, you are indeed in good company being grouped with Malkovich and Keitel.

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