Georgia Offers Fresh Evidence on War’s Start

Georgia Offers Fresh Evidence on War’s Start

Georgia has released intercepted telephone calls purporting to show that part of a Russian armored regiment crossed into the separatist enclave of South Ossetia nearly a full day before Georgia’s attack on the capital, Tskhinvali, late on Aug. 7.

Now read this:

Russia has not disputed the veracity of the phone calls, which were apparently made by Ossetian border guards on a private Georgian cellphone network. “Listen, has the armor arrived or what?” a supervisor at the South Ossetian border guard headquarters asked a guard at the tunnel with the surname Gassiev, according to a call that Georgia and the cellphone provider said was intercepted at 3:52 a.m. on Aug. 7.

OK, now read it a second time slowly. Do you understand what it is saying? Do you realize the importance?

OK, here’s a clue. Which intelligence services have heard these conversations? What are they saying about those conversations? Get it?

[update Sept 16th – just to make clear – I’ve got opinions and conspiracy theories and the rest, but I have no idea what is going on. I just find this story fascinating and wanted to share. I also swore an oath a few weeks ago not to let this story fade away as the Western Media let it.]

25 Replies to “Georgia Offers Fresh Evidence on War’s Start”

  1. Whom do you think Putin was referring to when he said there was evidence for “civilian Americans” in the Ossetian war zones?

  2. What I took from it is that phone conversations and electronic commucation everywhere are recorded and stored by multiple parties. “Intercepted.” Yeah right, more likely they finally decided to pull that batch up and translate them. We’ve been living under Big Brother for a lot longer than we think. I think the guy that ran Sun Microsystems (Scott McNeely?) tried to make that point about 10 years ago.

    Then the intelligence agencies try to spin what they’ve got.

    As a rule of thumb I wouldn’t believe anything any intelligence agency or leader said, especially not Putin or anybody in the Bush Administration.

    And make sure they show you the evidence. Putin is a master manipulator and don’t forget where he came from.

  3. What I got from that NY Times article is (1) that the Georgians have yet to divulge/disclose the greater body of evidence from which they culled out that one conversation, and (2) the Russians have yet to provide any credible explanation for why that particular armor made a night crossing.

  4. “[why] the Russians have yet to provide any credible explanation for why that particular armor made a night crossing.”

    Oh, because they were just reacting to an unprovoked Georgian attack and genocide on the innocent Russian civilians in South Ossetia which hadn’t happened yet.

    I mean, the whole world knew that Georgia was going to unleash this unprovoked attack in the morning, so why not get a head start?

    It’s a whole new concept called “pre-reacting.” The fact that the Russian-claimed genocide was staged and then was proven to have never happened (and simultaneously and necessarily proven to have been staged) is immaterial. The Russians were just trying to give the world a taste of what “could have” or “might have” happened if they hadn’t launched an all-out armor/air/special forces/artillery invasion/assault/”pre-reaction.”

    Putin is just making Europe and Asia safe for pseudo-democracy or fascism (your results may vary).

    Jesus, get with it. What planet are you on? Like, duuuuuhh. You need to read more Philip K. Dick.

  5. Well, duh yeah indeed… I’m not disagreeing with what you’re saying.

    I’m just saying that that article didn’t say much.

  6. Wait! The article DID SAY that the mayor of Wasilla Alaska has this whole deal pegged. Dam she’s smart as a lead dog in the Idioterod. Huskies aren’t afraid a no bear. Получите назад ursus pre-reactus!

  7. Is she still Mayor? They said on SNL it was the crack-capital of Alaska. Like they say on those diamond commercials – “I love this woman.”

    I’ve gotta wait till Friday to get the translation from one of my Rooskie coworkers. My Greek and Cyrillic alphabet training is not helping.

  8. ursus pre-reactus… he, he. What next, the provisional reparation payment? At 3:00 AM, funds are electronically transferred: the new shot across the bow. With formalities attended to, the column rolls at 4:00.

  9. A book I have never read but would love to have the patience to hunt for in a library sometime is Victor Suvorov’s Icebreaker.

    Suvorov is the pseudonym of a KGB defector who also wrote (and I have read) “Inside The Aquarium.” Aquarium is a great read and is better than any Bond or LeCarre novel I’ve read (all of them).

    Icebreaker is purportedly about Stalin’s invasion of Germany. You heard me.

    It has been widely discredited repeatedly by more mainstream historians (many my favorites). That’s why I want to read it so badly.

  10. Sounds like a good one (btw link doesn’t get you quite there). A guy in my office who is a rooskie (coincidently)and a historian recently recommended ‘Bodyguard of Lies’ by Antony Cave Brown. Its western front but apparently a very good book about the allied deception campaign leading up to Normandy invasion. Perhaps you know it. He sometimes slips me obscure articles about back story of various aspects of WWII, which we both share facination, although he is waaay ahead of me. I am ignorant of eastern front.

  11. «What next, the provisional reparation payment? At 3:00 AM, funds are electronically transferred: the new shot across the bow. With formalities attended to, the column rolls at 4:00.»

    Oooo, that gives me an idea for a piece of flash fiction: a term-life policy that pays hours before the holder dies… the holder happens to see the deposit and scrambles for his life. I need to remind myself to write that down tonight.

  12. Glad to be of help, FAR, run with it. Some such beneficiaries would probably just spend the money, during their final hours, gifting those that they care about. Others, as I think you’re suggesting, would seek to change their fate.

  13. JR. Icebreaker appears to be a very rare book. On Amazon it is only available used in the $150 range.

    Coincidentally Suvorov has a new book coming out (at $26) that apparently covers the same ground as Icebreaker, and is called: “Chief Culprit: Stalin’s Grand Design to Start World War II” . Right now it can only be pre-ordered.

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