This isn’t so hard

If an indolent lagomorphic illiterate can surmount this technical challenge, anyone can!

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  1. Congratulations Bunn!!! Are you now an official co-ediot of ZK? By golly, we’ve already left CFN in the dust and are aiming to give TOD a run for their oil money.

  2. Time to revert to reading sheep entrails!


    an excerpt…

    “Even US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson (former head of one of the over-leveraged Wall Street investment banks – Goldman Sachs) now calls for regulation of these reckless, risk-taking, private banks. Former options-trader/mathematician Nassim Nicholas Taleb predicted their downfall in The Black Swan (2007), as did former hedge fund “quant” Richard Bookstaber in A Demon of Our Own Design (2007). Ivory tower mathematicians lured to Wall Street’s big bucks simply didn’t understand the real behavior of markets – as was demonstrated back in 1998 when their faulty models led to the collapse of hedge fund Long-Term Capital Management and its bail-out orchestrated by the US Federal Reserve.

    Once again, the public is ahead of the experts and politicians on this issue. A GlobeScan survey in 10 countries in November 2007, in conjunction with the Beyond GDP Conference in the European Parliament, found large majorities in India, Russia, Germany, France, Italy, Britain as well as Australia, Brazil and Kenya favored broader scorecards of progress beyond money-based GDP, including indicators of health, education and environment. Real wealth and progress can never be quantified only in money. The economics textbooks are overdue for revision.”

  3. Just don’t fuck up my font. Nudge did it when she started posting and it took me three days to figure out how to fix it. Nevermind. You managed on your first try. But I know how to fix it.

    Hint: Only Lay down text in html mode. Better hint. Do everything in html mode. It’s easier. Just switch to visual when you need landmarks.

    You can move photos around by cutting and pasting, plus you will learn html. It’s win -win. Trust me.

  4. So Doom, are you ready to join?

    Cuz I’ve got your email, already. All you have to do is say yes, and you will have been suckered into the deal of the century.

  5. Yeah, yeah, yeah… I’ll task Holmes with grinding through an html (is that shorthand for hot tamale?) tutorial and he can give me the executive summary. Never mind. He’ll take weeks to do this. I think I know some short cuts. Caveat: I don’t give head space to trendy programming languages and such gibberish. If this is going to cause me to learn something that’s subject to format rot, we might have a problem.

  6. Oh OK, I guess, JR. Sounds like work, but mostly it’s the responsibility thang.

    oooh, do we get to like, bann folks we don’t like, too? Humm…

    Well Hell, if a rabbit can do it, so can moi! Sign me up!

  7. god, it’s been years. but the only thing i remember about LA is that me and my budy mike used to take turns, sometimes both at the same time, fucking a big titted, tight assed, good tasting, sweet smelling girl named rose, seems appropriated, no matter how long ago it was.

  8. dave, one time, when we were working in Guatemala, we had this big pipe wrench for our field work that we nicknamed Rosario, after a hottie wannabe ho that we met down there. so, when we’d ask for Rosario wrench, others would always perk up and ask: “why do you call it Rosario?” depending on who was asking, it could sometimes be embarassing to answer.

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