Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

Releases on DVD Nov 18, 2008



Yeah dave, I know you hate HST and/or his writing.  Too bad! 

I haven’t seen this documentary yet, but it’s now getting moved to the top of my Netflix queue.

11 Replies to “Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson”

  1. Nice photo. Haven’t seen a striped shirt like that in some time. All pimped out. Expect them to become more poular during the depression as they come out of hiding.

    I’ll bet you even money I can get it off mininova.org right now.

  2. I hear that Goodwill and other secondhand stores are now doing a booming business. Our store just expanded and did a remodel. One gets the impression that this Greater Depression is moving a lot faster than the old Great One.

    Here’s one we saw going right across the street from our Goodwill, in front of the corner coffee shop: this girl, looked to be college age, dressed like Cindy Lauper from the secondhand store, with a clipboard (muy importante) was soliciting customers for donations to environmental causes. What was unusual was her approach was very aggressive, confrontational, like you had no choice in the matter but to donate to her.

    Is was thinking if she only applied that energy in college, she could go far, become a lawyer or a CEO someday.

  3. Don’t be shy, jim e… tell us the story!

    You know JR wants to hear it too, even though he’s out right now looking for pimp clothes at the thrift store.

  4. Yay. This is great news. I look forward to seeing this. Hopefully it covers the disturbing but humorous ruination of Ralph Steadman’s life.

  5. October ’85: He is 27 hours late for the lecture. The lecture hall is hot. He is not on his game(rumor had it he had been tripping).
    Goes into some prophecy… brings out the BOOK! He is ready to comment on Gorby’s birth mark and the ANTI likeness. He ask if the back doors are open (they had been open). “anybody got a hose? Not that kind of hose(hahahaha).”
    I had arrived late and was sitting on the floor in the very front. I had my bicycle’s water bottle and sent him a stream. He did not like the baptism.
    In the lecture agreement was a pitcher of water and a bottle of CC(under the table), or was it Chevis? I can only remember riding home, wet, smelling of it because he had returned fire. I was escorted to my bicycle by the campus police. A group of friends were yelling “Free Jim E”, “free jim e” …

  6. Thanks for the story. Additional valuable info for my database.

    The ANTI likeness? jim e, you or JR are going to need to help me out with this one.

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