Driving and Shooting

In the glorious tradition of the purported “staycation”, tonight I’m sending out a dose of love to any of you who are stuck home rereading Slaughterhouse-Five for the umpteenth time. Deluded babies, forget about that reading shit… and, for the love of bunn, give that 1972 vintage Atari pong console a rest. Look at yerself… look at yuz! In the midst of your self-inflicted squalor, I can only recommend that you instead take a po-man’s virtual reality vacation to Fantastic L.A.!

Here’s what you need to do. First, open up another instance of your browser and start listening to this song (look JR… Buenos Aires!)

Then sequence through these pictures, over and over again, until you are ready to commit suicide or reach into the virtual glove box for something other than a camera.

Editor’s Note: Holmes was kind enough to share with me these photographs that he shot Friday evening on his way home. (Silly monkey… driving and attempting to simultaneously work a digital camera. He’ll do just about anything for the sake of “art” specially once he’s under sway of an idea. If he didn’t feed me with Swiss-like precision each AM and with such dedication, I’d ridicule him further.)

Closing Salutation: We know that there are other sources of mirth on the internetz and appreciate that you have selected ZK as your frivolity source. dsc029281dsc029291dsc02932

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  1. I’m not gonna read this til tomorrow. I’m trying to stick with my book. I’m convinced that the internet and TV are the source of problems. So I’m sticking with books and movies.

  2. Look at that last pic. Tell Holmes the reason they have quadruple yellow lines and reflectors is they don’t want him driving there. The CHIPS will come after him.

  3. More than anything else, Los Angeles deserves a whole new tourism slogan in order to lure otherwise innocent people there to spend some money and only incidentally enjoy the charm.

    How about: “Come visit our burned-out city by the sea”?

  4. so, anyway, my life is complete, for the moment anyway. i finally figured out who john waters was ripping off.

  5. The Loved One… wow, guess they don’t or can’t make em creepy like that anymore. The conventional civility of the times, well, as portrayed in movies anyway, provided backdrops that have largely gone extinct, not to get overly analytical or anything.

    dave, there’s a big spread in today’s WSJ about pirates. If I can find that thread, I’ll go post a link over there.

  6. Well, now we know where JHK got his idea for Big Mama. Nice roasted pig–in the islands we’d say “Luau Time!”. Needs cheesy 1960’s vintage Hawaiian slack key guitar music, more floral arrangements.

    My biggest question: is that really Rod’s hair or is it a wig?

    I really loved his acting.

  7. Wow, memories. I saw “the loved one” back in the seventies as a teenager; pre-vcr days, Harvard Sq had a art house/revival movie theaters.Rod Steiger was in “the illustrated man”. He is covered in tattoos. Maybe JHK show get the dvd from netflcks. Quote from the movie “They’re not tatoos, they’re skin illustrations!” and “I wasn’t thinking about getting tattooed, I was thinking about getting laid!”
    I think they did a lot of acid in Hollywood back then.
    Take a peek: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UXdAkFlck6o

  8. Yeah, Bif. It sure does look like I was making a lane change into the car pool lane across quadruple yellow lines… an optical illusion I can assure you. The magic of Hollywood at play.

  9. A “duh!” moment on the subject of driving (wrong side or not)

    “Our current approach has us encouraging Americans to change their driving habits and burn less fuel while secretly hoping they drive more so we can finance new bridges, repair interstates and expand transit systems,” Transportation Secretary Mary Peters said in a statement. “We need a new approach that compliments, instead of contradicts, our energy policies and infrastructure needs.”

    No shit.


  10. Holmes,

    Does BB have a special “bunny” seat? Any research on the effects of air bag deployment on a forward-facing bunny seated in the front seat? Can BB steer with his ears?

  11. UR, there is nothing wrong resource or environment wise with using clean electric power to generate electricity for PHEVs and all-electric vehicles. By clean, I mean no CO2, not just clean of the obvious toxins like mercury and sulfur.

    We should have gotten serious about nuclear power years ago, like the French. Obviously, the waste needs to be handled well, and not politicized. Likewise any terrorism aspects. The time is well past pussy-footing on these issues.

    Meanwhile, clean coal is a bitch, but she’s all we really got that’s not imported.

  12. Nodding to Nudge on the above, not everybody is going to be driving a new PHEV or all-electric vehicle. Most Americans will find they have been relegated to the foot-bus-train transit crowd. That means the interstates will be populated with long-distance biodiesel-fueled trucking (like now, with the bio added) and the upper middle and upper classes driving said vehicles. Driving in cities may actually revert to a fun activity for those who can still afford to do it.

  13. Doom,

    I don’t disagree – I wish I, we had other options. Same with ‘tricity – we needed to get serious about a lot of things before now. We have painted ourselves into a energy corner with oil.

    And as the quote in my earlier post points out, we have conflicting policies and needs. There is no doubt in my mind Obama is more likely to at least recognize and attempt to address the issues. His best intentions and efforts, and I genuinely wish him (and therefore the rest of us) well, may not be enough or timely.

    It is not enough for a leader to be able to communicate, people must be willing to listen, understand and then act.

    And the recoil from this current economic contraction is gonna hurt like hell and leave a scar.

  14. “And the recoil from this current economic contraction is gonna hurt like hell and leave a scar.”

    Agreed. This reminds me of how fragile life and living things, societies are and must be. We have a small avocado tree in a pot. Someday it could be a large fruitful tree, but not if someone forgets to water it. Someone did forget, so we’re back to square one raising an avocado tree.

  15. Doom .. you mentioned vehicles .. did I ever say how Honda stopped making the Insight in 2006 because it was getting too costly for them? It’s a handmade aluminum car done on the same line that makes the Acura NSX. It was getting to the point where it cost them $28K to make a car they were selling then for $20K. Didn’t make sense. I feel lucky to have gotten the thing, since it’s doubtful anyone will be making anything like it again. Auto manufacturers have little interest in flooding the market with durable cars that never rust.

  16. Back when Reagan was at the helm, I recall hearing the ubiquitous freshman admonition, “look to your left and look to your right… only one of you is going to be here four years from now” and thinking “I can’t believe I’m sitting here trying to keep a straight face and listening to this guy. I knew this was going to be degrading, but do you have to be such a tool about it? I’m 18, don’t have a pot to piss in, and you’re telling me about odds?”

    Say Bunn Bunn, what’s the hold up with your next post?

  17. Use Your Illusion… in hindsight, shoulda been a single CD (some of the lesser tunes just aren’t standing up to time). But I’m merciless… I think the same thing about The White Album.

    The next time Holmes feels like driving around like an asshole and taking pictures, maybe I can talk him into cruising Angel’s Crest Highway or Decker Canyon at terminal velocity.

    I’m thinking about posting something belligerent over at clusterwhatever. Somebody talk me out of it. Please.

  18. Christmas trees 2008: downsized to fit the global economy.

    Sorry, I don’t have a link, you’ll just have to trust me.

  19. dave, try to post something on CFN and see if you’re really banned there. Maybe it’s really JHK or maybe it’s just PeakLife foolin us again. Dunno.

  20. Are you planning to take out dave or JHK?

    I hope dave can find a home here. surely we can find some willing 20 y.o. women for him, and i’m sure Jun Rhee won’t mind if we do.

  21. Gordy will be back. I think you freaked him with that going emotive shit.

    You could do a whole lot worse than having Holmes, Bif’s and my attention. Jus sayin.

    Gotta hit it too. Lotsa teachin next few days.

  22. Doom, no one is banned from anything. Even so, it’s fun to watch lurking retards pop up (in the wake of purported JHK bannings) like whack-a-moles thinking the coast is clear and that they’re now finally free at last to frolic unchecked. Some sick funny fuck is behind this; as you may recall, the same sham ban stunt was directed toward Nudge not so long ago. Anyhoo, I’ll knock out Qs for you next. This sort of thing is as much rhythm as it is logic.

  23. BB, thanks for the link earlier. I don’t mind to sound height- or mass-prejudicial, but the thought of the midget/dwarf driving the SUV isn’t far off from the thought of the stereotypical cellphone-yapping 90# skinny blonde driving a Hummer: totally fricking scary for everyone else on the road, especially pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists, and anyone in a vehicle smaller than a dump truck. Vehicles on the public-use roads shouldn’t have such low driver:vehicle mass ratios unless they’re licensed commercial vehicles. Besides, we can soup up some ATVs or golf carts and make little Smurfmobiles for those folks. Just kidding.

    JR, what’s with this dictatorship crap? All I wanted to do was be minister of efficiency and systems implementation. Frell, this topic deserves a whole post by itself. It’s almost early enough to write one and still make it to work this morning. Was going to write one last night, but Jim’s chosen topic fell way too close to what I wanted to write about (minus the zombie allusions) that it’s worth sitting it out in the bunker.

    Dave, try posting something at CFN. The last few times someone purporting to be Jim did this, it wasn’t him at all ~ I checked.

  24. Holmes should either be a videographer, and let someone else handle the crazy driving (I volunteer if I can pick the vehicle .. something from the Class B Autocross classification group .. Subaru preferred) or do the driving and let someone else do the steadycam and help work the radar confuser and keep eyes out for the cops.

  25. doom, not sure where, but someplace, at some sometime, you asked my opinion on j hason. why you would seek my opinion on anything is kind of beyond me.

    anyway, he was, in many ways still is, a voice from the wilderness for a long long time. i kind of put him in the league as that “crossing the rubicon” guy, mike something or another, but not nearly so fucking nuts.

    without even trying to take anything away from him, hanson, he seems to think he’s “right”, in some absolute sense, so that’s kinda fucked. but i could be wrong about that. he might be something completely different in person. he may need to adopt some absolute personna to deal with the swarms of assholes on the internets, don’t know.

  26. of course, if i’m ready to buy into a story about the russians helping the somali pirates, i probably shoulsn’t talk too much shit about mike ruppert.

  27. Dave, if the accusations in the article are correct, what we have been following is cold war-style cat and mouse jabs between Ukraine and Russia, and as well as other dirty rotten deeds, via proxy. In the earlier pirate thread I think someone, maybe FAR, questioned the intentions of the Russians on this matter. I’m sure if we knew the half of this, we’d be surprised at the combinations of bed fellows.

    The scant info and lousy quality of media reporting/follow-up regarding this matter makes it impossible to move beyond rumors and crude speculation. If there’s going to be anything crazy like a three-way gun battle and grenade tossing frenzy on a container ship we may not even hear about it.

  28. I’m sure if we knew the half of this, we’d be surprised at the combinations of bed fellows.

    true, you and me don’t know even the half of it. that’s my point.

    is it worthwhile propoganda? can it be used to spin the story in various directions?

    my bigger concern is why has the mv faina dropped out of the news almost completely. who will be blamed when(if?) it gets blown to shit? i can’t even guess at this point.

  29. the ukrainians have a lot of good reasons to blow it up at this point. of course they’d blame the russians. i would.

  30. ” If there’s going to be anything crazy like a three-way gun battle and grenade tossing frenzy on a container ship we may not even hear about it.”

    I’d like to see them try that BS on the captured Saudi supertanker. Maybe I can go downstairs and watch it on the seismograph.

  31. I had a white 70 Cadillac just like in the movie…

    JR, one of the directives we are supposed to follow in yoga teacher training, albeit unsuccessfully, is to de-mediate. The reasoning is that media tends to be reactionary rather than thoughtful.

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