Dawn Patrol

JR has entrusted me with the keys to the Ferrari.

I plan on take a lap or two from time to time. Yes I will go easy on the gear box. No I wont press any buttons unless I know for sure what they do.

Too much work to do right now though in clearing the decks for some holiday downtime. Until then… here… I brought you a fish. Should hold you over for a couple days. Watch out for bones.

80 Replies to “Dawn Patrol”

  1. Something fishy about this…

    “Watch out for bones.”

    No pocket pike or trouser trout jokes, I promise. :-)

    File that under sexual harassment, you can press charges with JR and then he can ban me.

    Seriously, Saint Bif, is that you? If so, you are a cutie!

  2. MOU, what is wrong with you.

    you don’t call men cuties, fuckwad. i think the only thing you could add to Saint Bif, (since posters are acting like they’re ordering from a menu) would be some facial hair and 10 years.

    drool. i mean, id eat that pike.

  3. No mercy and no respect. Bunch of friggin punks read this blog, I’m telling ya, Bif. Where the hell is Doom? Fine time to take a vacation.

    Punks, yes, but they’re smart. They’re not like those assholes on CFN that think their posts are showing up. ahhahhaahhaaaa!

    And who is Howard Fucking Beale? I kinda like him.

    Miss August. Ha. That’s funny. I was just going to link to something involving you (after I try to find some of your photos, of course).

  4. yeah, i punk number 1. Get yer head outta yer ass JR. You think there is such a thing as respect in this world? No Love. No Respect. It’s a loveless world. Stiffen yer dick, dude.

  5. Roachman –

    I was never into the buzzcocks. I am familiar with the name, I just never knew anything about them. I do like that song, though.

    Are they really gay, I don’t care, means nothing to me.

    But check this out –


    How can Obama square this with the choice of Rick Warren? In the end, Barack will end up pissing everybody off. Both of these choices are OUT OF FUCKING LINE. They are the choices of a crazy person.

    There was no call for there to be an openly-gay person appointed chief of any service. Its time is not right, why waste political capital on it. This nation is in big trouble.

    I take this as a sign the man has no clue.

    He’s going on vacation with the family to Hawaii. I hear he’s staying with Doom.

    So much for Asoka’s call that he was going to work.

  6. Well you can not suprise me when it comes to modern day politics. Anyone who did not see these kinds of things happening are fucking stupid.

    As I have told Asoka. And I think someone else has said Fuck Asoka once or twice in the same post.

    Buzzcocks for me were on of my first punk bands I ever listen too. Too cheezzy for the most part but I like enouph to have a couple of their albums. I always prefered the more in your face stuff DK DOA NOMEANSNO DRI Circle Jerks Black Flag… you get the picture.

    Sadest part is the fact all those punkers listed above still tour. I go and see NOMEANSNO every other year here in Denver. They are rumored to be here again in March.

  7. Roachman –

    You gotta speak English to me. What the fuck is NOMEANSNO ? Is that like Fugazi? I like Fugazi.

    Oh! I get it. NOMEANSNO is Onsnaemon spelled backwards. Now it all makes perfect sense.

  8. DK DOA – Dead Kennedies, Dead or Alive. But Please, just because The Clash is one of my favorite bands that I understand all this stuff.

  9. “No mercy and no respect.” Yeah it was risky to post this. That’s the way it is with pike though. Some people consider it a trash fish and won’t eat it. I think its fine, just a little boney.

    Some interesting feedback. So I need to get a full-face tattoo, gain weight, grow a beard, and look older? Well alright, but this better work.

    Dave, I think you are probably right that putting a fish in your pants is a sure-fire way to fire up the senses, however it seems you would become more narrowly focused in your awareness, rather than broadened. Probably warrants studies and testing.

    “Anyone who did not see these kinds of things happening are fucking stupid.” I don’t know what to think yet, but the gun shops sure are doing some serious business right now. This year’s hot holiday gifts seem to be high-end hand guns, the AR-15 semi, and tricked-out AK knockoffs.

  10. “That’s the way it is with pike though.” –St. Bif


    Are you sure that’s a pike? We always thought of pike as little scrawny things and refreed to big boys like that as muskellunge. (There’s a big fish-shaped sign to this day on the highway outside my hometown with “Mighty the Muskie” welcoming sportsers to the St. Lawrence.)

    You’re right on some folks (my family) being very prissy about eating pike and muskie–way too bony for my tastes. I was spoiled by freshwater perch and smallmouth bass, both of which I learned how to fillet at a tender age (used to drive the cats nuts with the fish guts out in the back yard).

  11. but i prefer bass to pike. they have a more in turned gripping type of teeth. pike teeth are way too sharp, kinda like pikes. i wonder if that’s how they got thier name?

  12. Bif, you’ve handled this burst of ZK girleez titillatory (also a town in Italy, I believe) commentary with your usual deft touch. But dude… don’t let this become your personal Dunkirk. You obviously now need to roar back with tuxedo and speedo pic posts. I’ve never been more serious. (Not that this wasn’t an arms race, but I think it could be fairly concluded that you’ve just activated a battery of R-12 tactical nukes in what was previously a semi-anonymous tiddlywinks war of attrition. Note to Self: the game of Bunn will and must adapt to the new and ever-evolving theater, unfurling Nth Gen. counter-countermeasures, wherein N = whatever number it’s going to take to provide children throughout the world with clean drinking water, vaccinations, decent first-person shooter vidies, reliable high-speed internet access to at least Page 3 quality porn, a pair of brand new Nike Zoom Kobe IV shoes, and a solar-powered iPod streaming indigenous flavored content promoting core values consonant with fantasies of worldwide secular utopian workers’ paradises dependent upon free-flowing international commerce, enforceable rules of law, and other such things. Oh yeah… and no new taxes! Just fees. Please pull forward to the pick-up window, thank you, have an overrated interval of searing self-awareness or not, etc., etc.)

  13. Hey bunn, this came from, or grew out of Tip’s comment a few weeks ago regarding, what was it… faceless blobs… and I thought, yeah, like why did I even bother to crop my head off the deer pic, and what’s the big deal really, who cares, I don’t. Having said that, I think enough is enough, and I will leave it to others for pushing the envelope on judgement and discretion to new highs/lows. YMMV.

    If I must now go down to the beaches of Dunkirk, so be it. My only regret is that I would’ve liked to have brought you all a sexier fish, like a salmon, or a steelhead trout. At the very least, a fish more worthy of Dave’s pants, whatever that might be. Lets face it, pike are pretty darned low on the list of people’s menu choices. Even Kim Kardashian might reject an offer to appear before the pike taco banner (well maybe not, bad example). But still, its well known that in northern Canada they only use pike for feeding the sled dogs.

  14. bunnbunn- are you jealous? I did have a dream about you once too, though it was much less titillating, as you say. Really, you are quite cute but I prefer men to bunnies.

  15. Bif, yeah you basically have the right idea. But hey… You’re the one behind the wheel. Empowered as you are, you can do whatever you want here at ZK, and that’s what makes it great! Depersonalize or personalize it as much as you want to. Anyone who doesn’t like it, too bad.

    BTW, I’m cooking up ideas for some possible projects that you and I might be well suited to collaborate on. I’ll talk to you more about it later, probably after Christmas.

  16. Hunting & fishing are such great fun. You get to hang with friends and family, kill small animals, take them home and eat them (err, the animals). If you have enough dead plant material, you can smoke the dead animal’s bodies. Add some finely chopped garlic inside the body cavity of the dead fish, sprinkle with olive oil (extra virgin), wrap loosely in foil, smoke for about 45 minutes to one hour, depending upon fire quality and size of fish, flip once. Works well for trout.

  17. Hi All,

    Under an incredible amount of stress here. Too many deadlines, stupid ass reports that I have no idea how to write, that are only being generated because another asshole needs to write a report so that they can look good for still other assholes in political positions, higher up, and other documents that need managing. No break. Have to figure out how to do Christmas and relatives (though not many) any way.

    I have been pretty evil here. I laugh so hard for a second when I do it. Can you forgive me?


    My wish list. I want the stress to go away.

  18. MOU- your Christmas wish will be granted. Unfortunately, one stress is usually replaced by another. The good news is that job stress is better than being stressed ’cause you don’t have a job.
    Jeez, I’m a downer, aren’t I? Ok, well, then, have a drink on me (that’ll solve all our problems, I’m sure).

    Seriously, this too shall pass. I have lots of cliches to trot out but your a smart cookie and I know you’ll be ok. So what (else) do you really want?

  19. Mother Doom to son: “It’s all Greek to me.”

    DDS: Just be gald we don’t have to do a root canal for Christmas.

    MD: Did you know that one cup of eggnog = the calories of a cheesebuger?

    DDS: I wonder what a liquified cheeseburgur tastes like.

    Eggnog receipe: one cup store-bought eggnog, heat in microwave first to sub-boiling temperature, usually less than one minute on high setting if you have a decent microwave oven. Add one shot dark rum, West Indies preferred–cheap or expensive kinds. Add one shot Tenessee whisky, Makers Mark is fine, don’t waste the sipping stuff. Stir vigorously. Optional: scrap nutmeg from nut using kitchen scraper. Don’t use too much and don’t use the oxidized pre-powdered shit. Enjoy with friends and relatives. Discuss drinking liquified cheeseburgers in future.

  20. bunnbunn,

    My pleasure. You are the rabbit host with the most. It was just the beginning of the offerings that should be made to so noble a cult leader such as yourself, tho I gotta say, Howard Effing Beale is a posting God too.

    Lettuce, carrots, apple wedges perhaps?

    And tail, all of it ya want.

  21. Tipping (though in my imagination you are cute, so I call you Tipper, but not like Gore),

    I thought of that with the “having a job” thing. I almost did not post because of it. Feeling sorry for myself.

    I don’t really want much.

    Or what I want is too big. Enough land to have a farm based on permaculture principles with solar power and friends like you and your husband living there with us who know damn well how to protect it. Or enough power to get people like Nudge, JR, bunnbunn, St. Bif, or Long Time Lurker elected president. Unlike the poisonous patriots that run our show these days, the responsibility would weigh on these folks huge and while each has their “issues” all of them would be trying to do the right thing for the greatest number of people.

    The stuff of fantasies.

  22. I’m competitive by nature so getting faster is pretty easy for me, even if I’m only competing against my own time.

    Hey MOU- granted, I’ve been drinking, but I’ve got to tell you Bif is getting better looking every time I see him. “Hey, there, Jodie boy…”

    ok, so anyway, …

    Where would you like to live? Would you like to stay in Tennessee? I love my home and my immediate neighbors are terrific (but very old). I’m always interested in exploring new areas to move to (you would choke if I told you what my taxes are) though it’s extremely difficult to imagine actually leaving.
    My sis, who you remind me of constantly, lives in Montana. I will be visiting her there for the first time this summer and from everything I’ve heard it’s a beautiful, mellow, awesome place to live, but I can’t seem to get over how far away it is….

  23. oh, and mou, what you really want isn’t too big, you just need to break it down into steps. If you told me you wanted to meet JR, I’d tell you good luck, it ain’t never gonna happen. But, a permaculture farm is actually doable, if you’re willing to make the appropriate sacrifices.

  24. TP, awe shucks, i guess that’s part of the point, we lost him/her/it so long ago. like a meteor strike across the sky, that one. i miss XER, too, and (i know this sounds a tad crazy) Fi Fi La Fem, but that was probably just OEO after quite a few drinks.

    BTW, what’s up with Jim’s CFN site? It appears to be technically fucked up. (As opposed to intrinsically so, as it always has been.)

  25. I apologize, suppose open thread may be a better slot. I actually would post on the cluster fucker nation IF IT WORKED!!!

    Motor City’s woes extend beyond auto industry


    Keep reading, it twists and changes.

    Detroit is the cutting edge of the crisis. Not CA. Depression here, depression now, and living breathing answers to power down, phase 2, after the denial. Go Detroit.

  26. Doom,

    I miss Wombat too. Little fucktard. But it would not be the same without Doom to sober us up. No wannabes. Be Doom. Fuck us up with reality as only you can do. Smart assed is sure fun. Smart gets the real job done.

    I like snuggling with bunnies. I like the splendid wit of JR and Wombat. Doom keeps us centered. Doom is the shit, Doom is da bomb. I have been bitch slapped by your posts so much I can’t even count the times.

    We need you. Keep it up. Pocket trout, Ann Margaret, Viagra, or otherwise. Your voice is desperately needed.

    Not that I think you give a fuck or anything. Just sayin’.

  27. Pocket trout? See, that’s relavent to this thread.

    Looks like CFN shut down comment posts on Monday, 15 Dec. Dale got the last comment posted. I tried to respond to him today (been on the road this week), but was locked out somehow. Damn buttons don’t work.

    Here’s my reply to him, FYI:

    “Dale, we’ve been over this before, so I don’t want to beleaguer it with you again. In short, the production numbers may be secret in many OPEC countries, but their major discoveries were not. From the peak of discoveries, which for the world was mid-1960s, add about 40 years to the peak in production, or mid-2000s, say 2005. We get the 40 year term from earlier fields, like the US lower-48, and from models such as the Shock model.

    Regarding item 2, your reasoning is based upon the non-specialist thinking that if experts disagree on minor points of prediction, or miss exact predictions by a few years, all is lost and no one can be trusted. It’s classic “throw baby out with the bathwater” thinking. You’re a moron, but we all knew that already.

    On item 3, I disagree with the statement, as small changes will only make comparably small differences, and you may have noticed by now that things are unraveling rather quickly and we have only been post peak since about 2005. I would conclude the opposite: that small changes (in oil supply) have made rather great differences in our economy and society. Duh–that’s because it’s based upon assured reliance of supply of cheap petroleum. And, it’s only cheaper right now because everyone’s having a fire sale, downsizing their economic positions.”

  28. Huh? What the hell is a Jodie boy? And why do I suddenly feel cheap and used?

    Doom you need to name that sockpuppet. Its OK, most guys do.

    MOU, if people like us were president we’d be living in teepees and driving Ferraris. America just isn’t ready for that.

  29. Tipper,

    The job still gives me a paycheck and insurance. I see my cowardice daily. What if I am wrong? What if it is a bad recession and we recover for a while? If I leave, I gave up a good paying job and health insurance for my family.

    To tell you the truth though, everything is so fake I am going insane with it. Maybe literally.

    Had a friend in her 50s leave a corporate position because of “principles.” She fell into crisis, became bitter, and has never recovered from her decision to leave. Some of the problem is trying to stay in this world and the world she wanted to go into which, indeed, would have required sacrifice. You need a really clear plan before you go AWOL from mainstream society. I have the house paid, a few bucks put away in case I lose the job, but no more than that. I confess that I look at land in the area from time to time. Some of it has springs. But the price has to come down to be within my reach. I would pay cash.

    I am not sure TN is a bad place to be. Depends on your bets regarding global warming. We will either get too hot or we will be perfect.

    Oh yeah, disclaimer, I have been drinking.

    St. Biff, he looks a little young, but if I were the right age and not married, and he was not married, I would definitely need to at least check it out. He gives good post. I don’t even worry about swelling his ego. Your hubby though is probably a lip smacking stud. On line is really safe. No love is wasted. That is my religion, Ms. Running Chick.

    I had a great post for you a while back that got lost here. I cannot replicate it because I was in the moment if you know what I mean. But the gist of it was that::

    1. My hubby had taken part in a bike ride for wounded warriors which had been awesome.

    2. Your sacrifice (not having your hubby) weighs on me.

    Peace out woman.

  30. Thread of The Living Sock Puppets.

    As the last few flames dance sleepily across the days final log here at Camp Remus, I’ll open a bottle of my best holiday cheer, splash a wee bit into my cup and raise it high to the denizens of ZK and say bravo.

    Churchill once said “Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few”. It’s rhyme time.

    Petal to the mettle, let many blossom to the foe.


  31. St. Biff,

    For soldiers Jody is the guy that makes off with your girl while you are fighting the war for everyone’s benefit. They sing about Jody when they are running. They joke about Jody in the mess hall, making off with everyone’s girl.

    My husband is ex-service, seven years.

    You are not cheap and used. You are a projection screen.

  32. MOU

    Once again you are pretty much channeling my wifes feelings about this whole thing. She has a great job and it is about to get even better.

    How do you escape from a trap you are pretty sure is there? And what if the trap is not that bad and only a bump in the road. The US Government could one day say fuck it Hemp for Victory! Trains lets do it now. And all be will fine.

    These are the questions I grapple with everyday.

  33. Dang, this is what I get for falling asleep early every night and missing the party on ZK. What a cool thread :)

    MOU, thanks for the comments above, but really, I am not fit to be a politician. Would be happy to take a job under someone with better vision skills (you, Doom, BunnBunn, Thal, LongTimeLurker, JR) if there’s any chance that anything could be done through implementable top-down schemes. At the moment I am not sure of the ability of any organization sized larger than a few hundred to get any reasonable changes put into effect. And that goes triply or quadruply so in Washingtoon DC. For all I can tell, the Prince of Change is going to be the next Jimmy Carter, a guy whose ideas are resisted everywhere.

    There are other dimensions to this resistance-to-change thing, of course. Even the Dales and the Ryan Crockers of the world, who are fairly progressive compared to the rest of the herd, nonetheless bridle when facing the prospect of living in an Amish paradise. At the moment, and probably for years to come, the American sheeple will not listen to any future vision that does not include our roads-and-cars leisure-time driving model along with private homes distributed arbitrarily upon the land, various spending and entertainment choices, etc. That does not mean of course that these futures will present themselves; it may mean that our unrealistic expectations will be the big invisible hand that slaps us repeatedly as we try to live ever further beyond our means.

    It is immensely disappointing to see practically no one in power realizing that Detroit’s 2002~2006 business model is dead and gone forever. During the height of the bubble, which coincided with the height of SUV popularity, there was a vehicle replacement rate never seen before, as well as an unprecedented shift from small cars to giant passenger trucks, accompanied by ever-longer-term and more-outrageous auto loans, with unpaid balances (from the previous vehicle loan) simply being rolled into the new loan. Detroit is hoping all of that returns. It wants the government to loan it money so it can stay in business until that [auto]magical scenario happens again, so that it can be ready to sell expensive passenger trucks to the proles.

    Over on her blog (http://thenorthcoast.blogspot.com/) Laura Louzader had this great post called “Flogging the Corpse”, in which she summarizes this as:

    “The denizens of Detroit, likewise, will continue in their Cargo Cult-like fixation on the dying auto industry, and continue to pour all their resources and energies into reviving its twitching corpse, instead of recreating their economy on another template, and making the city a place that any other sort of business might want locate in or commit to. This is the typical pattern of dying civilizations. A major cause of the deterioration and death of a culture is the tendency most people have to remain fixated on that which made them successful in the past, in the face of vastly altered conditions.”

    That’s it right there. That’s what everyone in the Dep’t of Bailout Operations (created by secret order 10-289) is busy doing: propping up the circumstances associated with “things” (ie, XX units of housing built per year, XX passenger trucks assembled per year, etc) that were fixtures in the successful times of the past.

  34. mou- hope you’re not too hungover. (I’m watching the Steelers Titans game right now) You give me too much credit. My grandfather was away for three years during wwII, that’s sacrifice; my husband is only away for 6 mos. It sucks but there are a lot of families that have it a lot worse.

    And I’m not quite sure what I said last night but I definitely don’t think you should quit your job until you’re absolutely ready. I’m not of the belief that everything is going to fall apart so quickly that it’s worth giving up a good job and bennies now. Whatever happens, will happen. You’ll make the necessary adjustments to your life as needed, and Im sure you’ll do well. It’s good to have a goal to work towards of course but it’s better to approach such a huge change from a position of strength than of desperation, kwim?

  35. “i miss XER, too…”

    He has popped up a few times on CFN this fall with some one-liners. Not a lot to go on but his tone seemed pretty even.

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