29 Replies to “Merry Christmas”

  1. Just sending smoke signals so the old boy can get a coordinate fix.

    Yo, St. Nick! Start dropping some stimulus packages on us dumbasses already!

  2. Bit hot for a fire, being summer and all that.
    Gotta drive up to the outlaws house today, and go for a swim at the beach….

  3. Yarra, you’re just being cruel. At least it’s not snowing by me anymore. Rain is not fun though either.

  4. The long emergency has truely arrived at theroachman’s house. Someone stole christmas packages from our porch.

    Hope the rat basterd only has older sons. Cause the gift was a doll house with all the girly cras comericalized barbie assesories.

  5. shit im too late. i dont usually celebrate christmas (youll have to understand – raised roman catholic) but ithought this year i should. just cause i wanted a present though. but it’s too late.

    i was going to ask to change my wish. a jhk book, cause ill probably never buy one (no money), but i think i really want to read one now. with the shit storm coming and all.

    cursed poop on santas beard.

  6. nomouth- the library… it’s free! then again why bother? JHK is green; he recycles every old idea he has ever had and you can read it every monday morning.

  7. tipping point,
    library? id probably get on some list for reading kunt. stupid. yeh, but i wanted to read the fiction.

  8. A gift for you all, wishing you a smile and a Merry Clusterfucking Christmas:

    BTW, I have two copies of World Made by Hand. Jim sent me one free, I think by accident. I’d snail mail it, if you want.

  9. Dr. Doom and MOU,

    That’s really generous. Thank you.

    Here’s a generous pouring of some meukow to you. It has the sweetest of burns and leaves a rumbling fire in your belly.

  10. Must have been a “meant to be thing” getting it free and all. If Karma is a credit card, I still owe it big, with interest.

    I still need an address.

    Dr. Doom, you so frequently serve in this regard, I’d be grateful if you dropped me a line.

  11. Done. Say, how about a little Chuck Berry to start your post-holiday shopping motors humming? Better than a shot of double expresso.

  12. While in this vein, my favourite scene from ‘The Cotton Club’ – too bad it wasn’t on the sound track, Bob Hoskins’ appreciative glance is a picture:

    By March we might be feeling like this:

  13. If you are going to torch the place, there is only one torch we should even be considering at the moment.

    RIP Eartha Kitt:

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