“We Are Not Green”

Yes the world is changing fast, and as giants of industry and finance crumple and fall, what companies are emerging as the most influential? That’s a question Businessweek wanted to address when it pulled together a committee of 14 experts.

I’m not going to provide the list of top 25 most influential companies, nor will I summarize the article. You can see for yourself, here:

The Worlds Most Influential Companies

Businessweek declared Walmart the #1 most influential company going forward. Why?

Here’s why. “Wal-Mart is determined now to use its sway for good, especially to better the environment.”

Why is this important? “It’s forcing Chinese manufacturers to clean up their ways.”

Money quote: “Only Wal-Mart is big enough to daunt China’s worst practices.”

Holy cow. Talk about an epiphany. Only Wall Mart is big enough to clean up their own Chinese supply chain. Now THAT is a green revolution for America ladies and gentlemen! Einstein was wrong, the problems we face today CAN be solved by the minds that created them. With strict compliance by others!

But wait. No… no no no. Don’t get me wrong. Don’t be mad at Walmart. Look, they are a big company and they do some things. That’s not what I’m here to talk about.

What I’m talking about is committees of experts. And journalism. Unnamed experts – unassailable. But uhh (to use a Nudge term), its not journalism exactly. If it were, the “journalist” (or at least his posse of experts) would have easily been able to take a peak at some media coverage from earlier this year, on this very topic, in the pages of the WSJ, plain as day, I saw it, Holmes probably saw it.

We Are Not Green

Speaking at a CEO conference in California this past March,… “the president and CEO [Lee Scott, Jr.] of the retail giant took some attendees aback by flatly declaring: ‘We are not green.’”

“In fact, Mr. Scott said, ‘I haven’t a clue,’ when asked when he expected the company to meet his stated goal of having zero waste and 100% renewable energy over time.”

Hmm. Businessweek’s #1 most infuential company (for green reasons mind you!) sure doesn’t seem too enthused about leading the green team.

So why would Businessweek say, I’ll quote it again… “Wal-Mart is determined now to use its sway for good, especially to better the environment.”

Hell if I know, I’m no Einstein.  That’s OK, turns out Einstein wasn’t an Einstein either.

30 Replies to ““We Are Not Green””

  1. “That’s OK, turns out Einstein wasn’t an Einstein either.”–SB

    You mean, he wuz adopted?

    Does that mean we is related? Albert said everything wuz, relative.

    Factoid of de day: we is moron closely related to de Bobono than to de Chimps. Cool, huh?

  2. So I spent the better part of this morning on a site for a global warming denier. (don’t ask me why)

    So I am reading the comments and 2/3 down the guy admits part of his data is wrong and needs to be reconfigured. Does he put that at the top of the blog post? No. Does he actually fix the data? No. Do his supporters keep going on and on about how great his post is? Yes. One poster even thanks him for fixing the original post in a post 10 minutes after the post admitting the data is wrong and post author does not know how to fix it.

    How do people like this even function on a daily bases? Mind boggling.

  3. tipping, that’s pretty funny. How about someone printing up a bingo card with these 25 squares…

    CFN Bingo
    1. Nazi hunter retooled as America’s anointed avenger against neocons
    2. Hope peddler
    3. Shameless promoter of a new blog with no traffic
    4. Purported naturalist or ludite who paradoxically embraces technology
    5. Hi-rise denizen who believes that suburbia will burn to the ground but that there will always be power for the elevator
    6. Copy and paste purveyor of identical boilerplate praise for each new post
    7. Youthful idealist who thinks that other people give a fuck about someone who can assign a cute name to some unnaturally regimented and vaguely utopian living and/or societal arrangement
    8. Lightening-fingered typist who deposited brain in suddenly decoupled side car to lessen wind resistance
    9. Animal-loving misanthrope
    10. Indignant person with a screen name that includes the word “farmer”
    11. Breathless Jew hater who is desperately trying to get everyone else to understand the near and present danger
    12. Angry poor person who sees anyone with two nickels to rub together as evil
    13. Non-technical person who believes they should be taken seriously on all topics pertinent to science and mathematics
    14. English-speaking foreigner who purports to have a superior understanding of the American circumstance and relentlessly insists on repeatedly pointing this out to anyone who will listen
    15. Dmitri Orlov knockoff
    16. Poster with screenname suggestive of ahead-of-the-curve awareness, said screenname including “mom” or some derivative thereof
    17. Frustrated (former) jock who casually mentions his/her current state of fitness and then segues into the assertion that fat-assed out-of-shape slobs deserve death
    18. America hater who has the makings of a real revolutionary but-for his lingering fear of breaking a fingernail
    19. Religious nut who first poses as a regular guy before becoming vitriolic and angry and assigning nicknames to everyone
    20. Person (rarely, if ever, a straight male) who tries very hard not to reveal their gender
    21. Cornucopian zombie troll who posts links that provide cursory information about cars that run on water and other such forthcoming marvels
    22. Retired law enforcement type (usually living in the woods or in hill country) hoping for a chance to play hard-core survivalist
    23. Overexcited long time AWOL poster who suddenly reappears looking for stock tips
    24. Hypersensitive person with tattoos who never tires of expressing anger at Jim’s close-mindedness
    25. Racist who believes that he or she knows how to save the world

  4. Hahahaha. Bunn I bet you wipped that out in two minutes without even going to your notes.

    I think the middle square should always be OEO.

  5. Uncle Yarra,

    Some extraordinarily great technologists are self-taught. At least for that reason, for you, 13 seems to not apply. Sorry. You don’t get to shout “clusterfuck bingo!” this time. BTW, on this side of the Pacific, five in a row wins. Please try again.

  6. You’re not trying to say you’re “non-technical”, are you? Come on…

    Maybe I need more drugs.

    Nicholas… you can’t hide forever. Don’t make me answer those questions for you. I have the power to do such things, you know.

  7. ya, some asshole looking at the knives while you’re trying to buy ammo, and you know exactly what you want and you just want to get in there and get the fuck out as quick as you can, god.

    very funny bunnbunn. but chu better not talk about me like that.

  8. What JHK “other board”? You mean that Duncan Crary spinoff to his Kunstlercast? Duncan is a jerk. First off, they don’t allow curse words, you know, like saying fuck. I think he’s trying to set up a Romper Room site within the JHK Clusterfuck Nation. Jim lets him do whatever he pleases. I think he feels sorry for the guy.

    Maybe we should drop in and stir some shit up, get banned.

  9. Ack, we missed this time. Sorry, my fault. If I had gotten it together earlier, we could have met. Apologies. Let’s blame the LA traffic, but it really was the final exams I had to finish grading the night before.

    I’m writing this from the living room of our little grass shack in sunny Hawaii. Mom was a tad late getting a tree this year, so the family presents are resting beneath our Christmas Poinsettia Bush.

  10. Hey bunn, will you kindly post an answer list to your 25 bingo entries? I know I’ve got some of them correct.

    Is it too late to place bets on this, assuming gambling has not been banned here?

    Very good list, BTW.

  11. Doom

    Im for the banning thing. A quick scan and I had the feeling that place seemed pretty tame and some what lame.

    The head mod shut down new regestrations for a month because there was to many spammers trying to get on the site. What good is a mod then? What a pansy ass dope.

    As for the list I am kind of like the former jock and in damn good shape and all you slobs need to get in shape. But I would not wish Ill will on anyone. I study and do my best to live my life as Lau Tzu taught.

    He was also a martial arts teacher btw.

    Kick ass take names!

  12. The bingo list… I suppose you could match some people with certain numbers, but generally the list items were composites or maybe embellished generalizations, not questions. Purely just for fun.

  13. “19. Religious nut who first poses as a regular guy before becoming vitriolic and angry and assigning nicknames to everyone”

    I recall that guy. What was his handle?

  14. “5. Hi-rise denizen who believes that suburbia will burn to the ground but that there will always be power for the elevator”

    Laura Loudazer

  15. FUcking hell, doom… close enough!

    Consider yourself a winner (of the contest that never was)! Your as-of-yet-to-be-determined prize will ship in due course.

  16. The boss wrote: “Why Nudge plays with these people is beyond me.”

    Err, it’s because the landlord doesn’t allow us to keep pets here, not even cats. Ryan Crocker is the next best thing. He saw the jump in page views (from approx 1200 to approx 3500) and concluded that he was getting a whole bunch of new readers from some other blog. So I left the thing running overnight and it bumped the view count up to above 6,800.

    And then there’s Dale ..

  17. Jim has a whole ‘nother romper-room version of CFN? Omfg, sounds like an opportunity to harsh some poor moderator’s buzz.

    Oh, and merry frigging christmas to everyone :)

  18. A late Happy Solstice to everyone.

    To my hard-water fishing enthusiast friends: I’m still waiting for a good cold snap and bait to arrive in the mail.

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