Greece 2008

What’s Going On in Greece?
Do riots in Athens portend demonstrations in Paris and Cincinnati?

“Pay close attention to Greece; at a time of world-wide economic upheaval, it might eerily presage disturbances elsewhere in 2009”

Greek Police Teargas Youths In 2nd Week Of Protests  – Dec 15th

Greece Teeters Between Chaos and Calm

The coming days will prove whether calm will prevail over unrest, or whether the government will have to change its policy of not intervening in protests it considers healthy for democracy.

On Wednesday, the government, which has been weakened by political scandal, defended its response to the protests, saying it had chosen not to crack down to avoid further bloodshed.

Greece has frequent protests, but those in the last several days here and in other cities have been the worst in decades. The Athens Trade Association estimated damages of about $1.3 billion.

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  3. Speaking of Greece, I hear that small scale “sympathy riots” have been breaking out in other European countries. Never thought it would be so easy for them to timely issue flash mob permits. Those southern euros must finally be getting their act together.

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