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  1. The young man in the middle, with the long hair and mustache, toasting his glass, that’s my great-great-grandfather Woodworth (on my father’s side). Everyone called him Woody. His son later fought in the battle of Lookout Mountain, Tennessee for the rebs. They lost that battle and he was dismissed after losing his trigger finger to a lucky yank lead ball, as he was firing his gun. Or so the family story goes. There’s some big gaps in it.

    I used to look like him (as pictured here) in the 1970s, in my twenties. Nice painting. Let’s hope Obama’s party doesn’t get as unruly as Jackson’s.

  2. C-SPAN’s Inauguration Hub rocks, and so do you, EEofDC!

    “The young man in the middle, with the long hair and mustache, toasting his glass, that’s my great-great-grandfather Woodworth…”

    Wow, Mr. Nader! That is so cool.

    Roachman, yes there is indeed a multitude of freaks descending upon and partying in DC today.

    p.s. — I will have a post this evening and it will be different from my usual fare, a one-time only event.

  3. I see you’ve correctly edited yourself, bunn. It’s Nader, Doom, Nader, Doom, Nader, Doom, Nader, Doom,….

  4. i’ve always wanted to leave a floater in in that reflecting pond, or whatever it is that they call it.

  5. i always thought that ralph nader was product of post industry, purely. how can such a being have ancestors? sounds of bullshit to i.

  6. “i’ve always wanted to leave a floater in in that reflecting pond”

    Its good to have goals.

    You probably wouldn’t be the first to do that though.

  7. Hey so O’Bama is taking the train to DC? Nice touch. Probably just the beginning of symbolic moments in the run-up to coronation.

  8. “i’ve always wanted to leave a floater in in that reflecting pond” –dave

    “Its good to have goals.
    You probably wouldn’t be the first to do that though.” –St. Bif

    Oh, you boyz…. any floater of Dave’s would be one-millionth of the total after all of the duck and goose poop down there. It’s only about two feet deep and is, no doubt, a solid block of ice after the last week of deep freeze.

    JT (James Taylor) and Bruce Springsteen were down practicing there for the concert tomorrow–they must be freezing their little white tuckuses off. The latest news is that Beyonce is going to sing “At Last” for the O’s first dance as Prez and Mrs. Prez.

    So Ralph (or as Mr. Fiennes refers to himself–Rayffe), congrats on being related to “Old Hickory.” I’ve got some Jackson cousins somewhere in the mix and they were pretty colorful also. He was a man of the people.


    This reminded me of Harrison, who partied hearty at his inaugural and died shortly thereafter (this piece is from http://www.whitehouse.gov so it has left out the gory details).

    In the War of 1812 Harrison won more military laurels when he was given the command of the Army in the Northwest with the rank of brigadier general. At the Battle of the Thames, north of Lake Erie, on October 5, 1813, he defeated the combined British and Indian forces, and killed Tecumseh. The Indians scattered, never again to offer serious resistance in what was then called the Northwest.

    Thereafter Harrison returned to civilian life; the Whigs, in need of a national hero, nominated him for President in 1840. He won by a majority of less than 150,000, but swept the Electoral College, 234 to 60.

    When he arrived in Washington in February 1841, Harrison let Daniel Webster edit his Inaugural Address, ornate with classical allusions. Webster obtained some deletions, boasting in a jolly fashion that he had killed “seventeen Roman proconsuls as dead as smelts, every one of them.”

    Webster had reason to be pleased, for while Harrison was nationalistic in his outlook, he emphasized in his Inaugural that he would be obedient to the will of the people as expressed through Congress.

    But before he had been in office a month, he caught a cold that developed into pneumonia. On April 4, 1841, he died–the first President to die in office–and with him died the Whig program.

  9. We worked out the hourly rate of our current CEO. Basically his turds (assuming 10oz turd and 10-12 minutes to eject) are worth the same as silver bullion.
    Polish it up and it’d reflect well.

  10. Check the article in my recent post on CFN on the richest 300+ people that own half the world’s wealth.

  11. AU, nice find. That’s the one. I wonder what they put the netting up there? I suppose they were having troubles with vandals. Anyway, it spoils the picture some, but I guess one could photochop it out.

    Donovan, do you know a Holmes and bunnbunn comedy duo?

  12. “…Obama maintained his loathsome silence…”

    More like “Obama selectively maintained his loathsome silence,” which isn’t too far from what I was ranting about a few days back.

    But who’s to fault him (Obama)? Most Americans don’t give a shit about people in the Middle East killing each other. Americans are more concerned about keeping their jobs. You can always rely upon Obama to play to the polls. It will be interesting to see if this Clintonian tendency continues. That Arthur Silber just doesn’t want to accept human nature. He starts out very articulate, surgically so, and then alas begins to drone on. The longest book I ever read was Atlas Shrugged. Why can’t people who oppose empire be more entertaining? That’s the fatal flaw in their movement, I say. They need to not only point out the barbarity of their perceived enemies, but also demonstrate the worth or value of that which is being crushed or repressed. Merely asserting that people are being treated like cattle is boring. Droning on about bloody children is something that people have become desensitized and even resistant to (unfortunately). Left-libertarians like Silber (wikipedia slapped that label on him) present themselves as advocates, but what are they really trying to accomplish? Libertarians remain out of style (at least for now), and the ears of the left perpetually ring of cognitive dissonance. I sure as hell hope Obama rips out that bowling alley and puts a basketball court in the White House. This is the sort of thing that so-called left libertarians need to ape, unless they only care about writing impeccably crafted and excruciatingly repetitive commentary, at the expense of getting their message heard by more than a handful of people who share a love of parsing baroque and sadly drama free phraseology.

  13. Oh yeah, Doom, I enjoyed your post. Nicely done.

    Holmes may be post-acne, but I’m not so sure about that other stuff you said about sitting around and reminiscing and shit. Carry on.

  14. The ALL mission statement says: “The Alliance of the Libertarian Left is a multi-tendency coalition of mutualists, agorists, voluntaryists, geolibertarians, left-Rothbardians, green libertarians, dialectical anarchists, radical minarchists, and others on the libertarian left, united by an opposition to statism and militarism, to cultural intolerance (including sexism, racism, and homophobia), and to the prevailing corporatist capitalism falsely called a free market; as well as by an emphasis on education, direct action, and building alternative institutions, rather than on electoral politics, as our chief strategy for achieving liberation.”

    “multi-tendency coalition”… good grief. As with all leftists, they seem best defined by what they are against, for example and relevantly here, being on the wrong side of an asymmetric confrontation comes to mind. Go Lakers!

  15. Baroque Obama. Good one.

    Say what you want, but at least for the moment its refreshing to have a president instead of a preznint. God that was hideous and awful.

  16. case in point: the left are already attacking obama… I, on the other hand, stand ready to serve the President and America and to give him a fair chance. Now that he’s sworn in, my prior rant is pretty much moot anyway. Baroque O’Bama — a good Irish name. But if he intends his inaugural speech to follow the stylings of Lincoln, it will be only 700 words long, 500 of them being monosyllabic.

  17. Doomy Baby,

    I challenge that good Irish name you have proposed. If he is heading up this country, he is

    Broke Obama

    a. without funds Obama
    b. no longer functioning Obama
    c. act as a go between, as a pimp Obama [Obs.]

  18. Watching the parade live on CNN. Aw shucks, it’s still a great country. As long as we know how to party, who cares about the money?

    Baroque O’ Bama as the new Father of our country: “Just remember Scarlet, what really lasts is Tara, it’s the land, Scarlet, never forget that.”

    David Mathews [as voice in sky]: “Yup, you got that right, Mr. President.”

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