70 Replies to “Gratuitous Display of Bunn”

  1. Hey guys, I could use a little help. I know Nick Paredes had a MAC (what the hell happened to him anyway?) and FAR too, but he’s not around either. I can’t seem to hook up my macbook to the printer- I’m guessing I need the cord to sync them, but I thought there was a way to do it without the cord. Needless to say, I can’t find the freaking thing so I have to try to get the piece of crap desktop going in order to print anything. Can anyone throw me a bone here?

  2. TP – If the Mac and the printer are on the same network, then yes. Printer or Mac not on the network – You’ll need a cable. At least, that is what the IT gal here says. She also mentioned you might be able to print using bluetooth(?).

  3. I asked Nick if he was experiencing cognitive dissonance regarding illegal immigration; specifically, whether a higher US population (most pop. growth in the US is due to immigration) will make the situation better or worse. JHK’s column mentioned illegal immigration as an issue that week. That was the last of Nick here. I feel guilty, as Nick wrote stuff worth reading, and now he’s gone. But not too guilty, kitchen, heat, and all that. I may also be wrong in assuming my little challenge was the reason he doesn’t post here. Maybe something else happened to cause him to not even say “guh bye”.

  4. AU, blame and/or thank me. Perhaps he is still puzzling over the interrogatories that I sent him for the interview that he agreed to do (also very shortly prior to his departure). So much for equal time. I try reaching out to the left and look how I gets treated!?! I knew better, but my desire to entertain/provoke sometimes eclipses my better instincts.

  5. Well, that’s a relief, BunnBunn.

    There’s this story about this kid, in 1965. As he was walking down the street, he wacked everything with a stick he was carrying.
    Fence post-whack!
    Telephone pole, with power lines above-whack!
    just as the lights went out.

  6. Locally, we kids thought the Great Blackout of ’65 was due to UFO’s.
    My dumb brother was sent to the store to buy candles. Came back with sterno, of course all candles were gone. We had a gas stove. I was eight at the time.

  7. Hear that, everyone… Obama wants every American to get an extra year of edgumacation, and no more dropping out of high school. How about banning stupid while you’re at it?

    Education, duty as an American, mandatory service — if I wasn’t laughing so hard, I’d say that the forecast calls for slippery slope.

  8. Hey Donovan, thanks for the feedback. I did find the cable, thank god (I’ve been looking on and off for six mos!). They are on the same network so I can’t understand why they won’t link up (I actually had someone much more proficient in computers try and it didn’t work for him either) and bluetooth is completely beyond me.

  9. Bunn-

    Nice carrots!!


    Can’t remember if your “piece of crap” desktop is also a Mac–I do remember your extensive rant on it either here or CFN a while back. If it is Mac, couldn’t you just switch the printer cord off of the system unit for that and plug it into the laptop?

  10. Bunnbunn,
    “Education, duty as an American, mandatory service”
    Perhaps it was Holmes but I thought you said mandatory service would be a fact of life in 20 yrs or so. I didn’t see the speech but I don’t have a problem with any of these concepts. Illuminate me, o furry one.

  11. EE- the desktop is most definitely not a mac. I only just found the cord and solved the immediate printing problem but I should be able to do it wirelessly and that’s what is annoying me so much. Whatever… Did I really rant about this before? Sorry.

  12. Tip-

    Oops! Letters that cross in the mail…. congrats on your discovery.

    Another thought: it sounds like there is some sort of software incompatability going on even though it’s on a network. I’m not on a network and only work on one DSL-linked desktop, and even with that very basic set-up, I experience regular incompatabilities when I have some graphics-heavy programs running.

    The good news is that I have somehow bullet-proofed my system (totally inadvertently) which I test regularly for internet safety and as far as the net is concerned, I don’t exist.

  13. tipping point,

    If done right, I don’t have a problem with mandatory service either. I just get a kick out of watching the early opinion shaping efforts unfold. Yeah, Holmes did say what you said he said.

  14. “Whatever… Did I really rant about this before? Sorry.”

    Extensively… but there’s no need for apology. It was quite amusing. And I thought I had remembered your dislike of the desktop stemmed partly from it’s running on a product produced by the Viscount of Vaporware, Bill Gates.

    I’ve been running XP on my box for awhile and it has been very solid–I warned all my buddies not to get Vista, but they didn’t listen… tsk, tsk. One issue between Macs and PCs is filenames. PCs use extensions (like .gif, .jpeg, .doc, .txt, .PDF, etc.) and Macs don’t. There may be some sort of translation glitch if the printer has been configured for a PC and you’re trying to print from a Mac. (This may be what Bluetooth does–translates)

    It may be as simple as getting the printer to recognize that there is another, different operating system in the network. I don’t know how Macs add new gizmos so this is just a guess.

  15. Trying to force a mandatory interval of dumbed-down education on EVERYONE is worse than accepting that some people just aren’t particularly amenable to formal education. So why does mandatory service need to be effectively leveraged off the notion that all Americans need more education? Why not just come out and say that there’s going to be mandatory service for everyone, and that one way you can fulfill this obligation is by getting more education? I just see what’s being talked about now as something of a false pretense. As to the slippery slope, well… the thing could blow up into an expansion of welfare and nanny state, with 10 people standing around (or playing video games on the telephones) for every 1 or 2 who are actually doing the work (or learning something). It will require some serious management and perhaps draconian penalties for those who fail to live up to the letter or spirit of the service required. You know that the military hates draftees. There are good reasons for this. Better still, if sufficiently good incentives are put into place, quality people would actually compete for service assignments. Okay, I gotta run…

  16. BunnBunn

    There are no words. You are adorable, snuggly, happy making, I am a fool for you.

    Salad looks good too.

    Lil “bbit” on the left ain’t half bad, eh?

    Thank you for gracing us with your image.

  17. Well EE the desktop and the Toshiba laptop really do suck, but I will try not to bore you anymore. JR was supposed to help me out, but… well, let me know if you hear from him on that.

    Bunn, again, I have no idea what Obama said so take this for what it’s worth.

    I’m not sure how additional education can be bad except that we have to many “experts” in fields that don’t actually accomplish anything. Apologies to Doom and MOU, liberal arts and sciences are necessary but (hard)science and engineering degrees are imperative. And unfortunately, we don’t have enough nerds/geeks to satisfy our growing technological needs over the next 20+ years.

    As far as service to your country goes, well, that’s been the story of our family for a long time. Only in our case, it’s all been voluntary. One incident annoyed me to no end… Regardless of what I think of the occupation of Iraq I have been living with the threat of deployment since it began. I was actually more angry when we became “peacekeepers” and my soon to be husband had to go to Bosnia.

    So, when Rangel proposed a national draft, my bff’s mother vowed that she would send her (adult) son to Canada before she let him “go to war” in her words.

    I really took offense to this. Why should my husband do your dirty work? Why should he be put at risk while you sit your fat ass in your sofa with your fat assed son, bemoaning the (democratic)process that led you there? Again, Iraq was not something I was supportive of but my point is that the somd people (families) seem to be bearing the brunt of war more than others.

  18. I need to clarify my above post- some people/families bear the brunt of civic responsibility, “war” is one of those issues that people recognize as an undesirable thing and are glad someone else is doing the dirty work so they don’t have to.

  19. btw, MOU

    If you’re looking to publish a paper, check out the incidence of socio-economic status of enlistees and PTSD in returning veterans. I’m not sure if that’s your venue per se but it’s important and should be explored. The gov’t can’t seem to get a handle on why there have been so many suicides. Maybe because they’re idiots or they’re just willfully ignorant.

    My sis and I have discussed this in depth (she’s a psychologist, I am a veteran’s wife), so we have a perspective that is unexplored as part of a cohesive issue.

    It’s crazy how they operate the mental health system. Since it’s become common knowledge that PTSD is a legitimate diagnosis the government has become even more reluctant to diagnosis soldiers with that because that would entitle them to benefits they really don’t want to pay.

  20. JR- I feel like 11:57 and 12:07 posts were too inflammatory- please delete them when you get a chance. Thanks love. Now I can sleep

  21. Tipper, I don’t see any reason to delete your posts in question. They speak to some real problems. I think we should have a draft. That makes it equal, and if more people participate, more will be involved in seeking a stop to the warmongering. I believe in a strong defense, but the Bush doctrine of preemptive strikes and illegal occupation is just so much bullshit. It smacks of the worst of ancient Roman Empire expansion and control.

    As to your friend, if she chooses to exile her son to a foreign country, well, that is her business. What if Canada participates? Keep moving?

    A lot of what passes for education these days is a waste. I suspect that Obama is just looking for a way to keep young folks occupied and off the streets. We need capable scientists and engineers, but not armies of them. There’s a 50:50 chance that we may be going to a simpler, less complex society, globally, over the next 20+ years, so handy persons, farmers and field hands may be what’s needed.

  22. “There’s a 50:50 chance that we may be going to a simpler, less complex society, globally, over the next 20+ years, so handy persons, farmers and field hands may be what’s needed.” –Dr. Doom

    I’ll drink to that.

  23. From our tax accounting firm:

    “Work Opportunity credit – Employers can claim a credit equal to 40% of the first $6,000 of wages paid to employees in certain target groups, such as ex-felons, food stamp recipients and disabled veterans. ARRA expands the eligible target groups to include unemployed veterans and disconnected youth.”

    To our employees at risk of layoff, we’re suggesting that they rob a bank and let us rehire them.

  24. Gawd, dave, the blood thirsty rabbit eaters are everywhere. Too bad the rabbit didn’t bite her hand harder and run away before she clubbed him to death so savagely. Poor bunny.

    I prefer to give them a fighting chance to run away before leveling a shotgun on them. That’s sporting! And, no bites.

  25. thal, good one! I happened the other day, after your prompting, upon a patent pertaining to making hats out of pieces salvaged from tin cans. Strange world we live in, ehh?

  26. don’t think that I’m not keeping a Richard Nixon-style list of people who post such hate speech videos. Welcome to the club.


  27. “JR- I feel like 11:57 and 12:07 posts were too inflammatory- please delete them when you get a chance. Thanks love. Now I can sleep”


    I just got online two hours ago. I haven’t even finished reading the comments on this post.

    I’m dealing with email. Fabius Maximus now wants to be my friend after I think I might have sent him death threats in a blackout.

    Ask Bunn Bunn. Believe it or not, Bunn is actually an editor. And since it is his thread, I’d feel a lot better if he did any deleting.

    You have my permission to sleep, though.

    These better be good.

  28. They are good. No, I won’t be deleting them. That’s exactly the type of comments I want here.

    Still having trouble with your Mac? Ask Dr. Doom. He’s the Mac Expert.

    Just Kidding. I hate to say it, but the cable is key. You are going to need that unless you are a wizard like me or Donovan.

    I could help you over the phone but you are not gonna understand what I’m saying.

    You don’t listen to me anyway, I said “get a PC.”

    I’m not trying to be a jerk. I’m trying to help. Call Apple and ask them what to do. Otherwise, go to the Mac store around you or call Apple and get a replacement cable.

    When you call Apple ask themn about the Bluetooth option Donovan was talking about.

    In the meantime I will consult some of my Mactard friends tomorrow for a solution.

  29. “hey, one nice aspect of this new ZK or ZS format is us old folks don’t need to use our reading glasses to post!”

    Don’t get used to it. I’m still mucking around. I’m not even sure which template I was using when you wrote that.

    Let’s just say WordPress is WAAAYY better than Google’s Blogspot/Blogger, but their templates all have disadvantages.

    I can never get the right column width with the right font size with the right whatever…

    I think this is a hint that thet want you to pay for a customizable setup.

    here’s a hint for them –


    You pay me first. For my readers. For my witers. For my rabbits. Then we talk. Before then, I’ll deal with your 95% come-on designs.

    If I’m wrong – if you are npot actually trying to fuck with me. Then you need to hire me as full time lead-designer. because whoever you have is a glue-sniffing retard [term stolen].

  30. Hey Auton Unit,

    Great to see tour posts on CFN. Good stuff. I hope you don’t mind when I rip off some of that info here. Some amazing links.

    And don’t mind OEO. That’s just his nature. I notice that you are actually taking a sustainable dialogue his way. It’ll pay off.

    Both you and Doom must be commended along this line.

    OEO must feel surrounded and he is putting up the good fight.

  31. “This format is pretty good the old one threaten me with needing to get reading glasses for the first time.”

    Brother, I’m trying to make everyone happy, butg I can’t guarantee this. Please say this shit always. Tell me always how you feel about the font size. It is the most important thing to me. Let me repeat that, THE MOST IMPORTANT thang. But I never get no feedback.

    Thanks, Brother. It;’s tough. findig a template.

  32. Too late, tipper, once your comments have been posted and commented upon, and two other commentors have commented on the first commentor’s comment, you cannot remove your original comments because then the rest of the commentor’s comments would not make any sense.


  33. Font size is relative. The import part to remember is the size relationships between heading title, the bodies of text, the text color and the background color.

    The black text on the white background with the pale blues on the side make this quite easy to read.

    When it comes to reading any text there is always the zoom button at the bottom of most browser windows.

  34. “the old one ”

    whaadaya mean? I thought that one had a pretty good font size. I test these in several screens, so I’m not as dumb as I seem.

    My fault. I’ll start naming them. I actually liked the last one, I just want two columns instead of three.

    The thing you gotta unnersand is that wordpress doesn’t allow changes in font size or type. It is hard to describe. Their html will make it change, but from a blogger’s standpoint, you get the font your template allows.

  35. Oh almost forgot to mention. I am listed as clinicly partially color blind. Mostly in the reds region.

    It is why in Highschool every branch of the military called me ever week. The always seem to know exactly when I got home from H20 practice too.


  36. Dr Doom

    What if a responder to an original commenter upon drinking three glasses of wine decided his comment in response was not worthy and needed to be deleted could then the original comment be removed by request of the original commenter?

  37. Tipping. That’s not exaclty true. (What Doom says). But pretty close.

    The reality is that Bunn and Saint Bif and JR can make things happen.

    But be careful. Doom is very close to getting Editor status. (as long as he keeps his fucking mouth shut)

  38. “But be careful. Doom is very close to getting Editor status. (as long as he keeps his fucking mouth shut)”

    Today’s my 59th birthday (as it is still the 25th in Hawaii). I was hoping for a nice birthday present from JR.

    NOTE to brain: Must stifle, must stifle, must stifle…

  39. “Today’s my 59th birthday (as it is still the 25th in Hawaii). I was hoping for a nice birthday present from JR.”


    Bonne fete!! (Or Bunn Fete, as it were.) Hm-m-m… sounds like you are in a bit of a time twist… but Pisces tend to have their own little happy fantasies going on. Sorry I didn’t know sooner or I would have attempted to dig up some sort of Ann-Margaret tribut.


    You are making me fucking dizzy with all this switching crap. Will you please get your shit together and knock it off? This is not change I can believe in.

  40. “clinicly partially color blind.”

    In other words, your vision is perfect. Don’t fuck with me, I deal with blind people 8-24 hours a week.

  41. I’m just kidding. I just drove 10 miles and back for a Quarter pounder with cheese. I’m obviously not qualified to judge anything.

    Oh my God. That was so good. That’s better than sex with an eye surgeon.

    I think I’ll finish that bottle of wine and head downtown to look for crack.

  42. I’m still confused. Is it Doom or EE that is 59? Maybe a decent rock will fix that.

    I’m such an idiot. I predict I get arrested tonight for the first time.

  43. JR said “1 photo. 40 comments. Jesus. You gotta teach me your secret sometime.”

    Here’s a hint. Think of this blog as your child. It’s not enough to supply structure and financial support, you need to be there physically to nurture it’s growth and development. So post something before midnight EST and if I have had a glass of wine or two I’ll say something goofy and then other posters will say, “oh, there’s that goofball Tipping again” and they respond : )

    Btw, I considered buying a pc, you were going to “look into it’ for me based on what I said I used it for, and get back to me. That was in August/September.

    Happy birthday Doom!

  44. My eyes were tested back in the 80s by the Air Force when I was still on track for the Air Force Academy. It was all part of the ASVAD military test. I recieved a 98 out 100 on the Mecanical 99 on the electrical and 35 on the administation. So they retested my eyes and thats what they told me.

    And after 20 years of marrage my wife can confirm it too.

  45. roach, if it’s any help, i can’t tell navy blue (as in socks) from black. my wife usually straightens them out.

    what must be rough is traffic lights.

  46. Happy belated birthday, Dr. D.

    A disproportionately high percentage of my friends and people that I know well are Piscean. It’s been that way ever since I started paying attention to that sort of thing (and maybe even before then but I just didn’t know it). I’ve never been able to figure that one out.

  47. Tipper,

    You have a good project there. I do PTSD stuff, childhood sexual abuse research was my doorway into the world of the soldier. It also sounds like something you could write up and get published yourselves (unless, that is, you are concerned about the reaction of your husband’s superiors).

    Seriously. What ever is a bright blogging housewife to do with herself? I know a couple of the editors here, I have a little pull with them. We’ll talk, cut a deal.

    Here is what I see, what you posted to me is not a bad start to some brain storming. I bet JR could give you a thread and you could develop it. Cite sources where possible, protect the innocent and some of the guilty. It doesn’t need to look professional, just think out loud to an audience. Build your case.

    Being a Vet leads to Lower SES
    Being a Vet leads to PTSD
    Being a Vet leads to suicide

    Show us. Go online, go to the library. Might even use personal stories from self and others, interviews you do and interviews you find online.

    Gov. is not owning the diagnosis
    Gov is not giving out services

    Again, show us. And if you can’t show us, tell us why you suspect it.

    Conclusion: Govt. is responsible for impoverished conditions of Vets, for withholding services, and for some of the suicides as a result of the untreated PTSD.

    Additional thoughts: Untreated PTSD leads to poorer job prospects (impaired functioning on the job, severe isolation, underdeveloped social networks through which to locate jobs), which leads to poverty and contributes to suicide rates.

    Hell, you have a doctoral dissertation here and we have only cracked it open a tiny bit.

    But I was suggesting something more journalistic for you to consider doing. You could work on it a few days a week, and watch your argument grow and change as you found the evidence you are looking for (or not, need to be open to being wrong or needing to adjust, too).

    I need to stop. Catch up with you soon.

  48. BunnBunn,

    Is that hemp on the left? Are you as wild a bunny as JR sez?

    That pic is soooo cute. I love passing it as I peruse the site.

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