3 Replies to “I Don’t Know”

  1. That’s the fattest I’ve ever seen Ozzy.

    As fucked up as he might have been, he still at least remembered to put his name on his clothes.

    (On this day in 1982, Randy Rhoads met an early and untimely death in a plane crash. Rock on, Randy.)

  2. I have seen this many times, I’ve never paid much attention, but you got me here, Bunn. With the I Don’t Know. The real Prince of Darkness was clearly ahead of his time, even if Sharon could never fashion a decent outfit. (Fucking Superhero or what, ugh that’s goofy).

    I don’t know how men survived back then. I sprouted this huge boner when this Swedish girl looked into my eyes today, and that accent, and she knew what she was doing. The only thing that saved me was some well-fitted khakis and the buffer-zone canvas-cotton gives. That plastic Ozzy was wearing. I would have split right through that. I think the Taliban is (are?) probably right, all women should be executed. They are just evil. Have no conception of the limitations of certain fabrics. Is the burka some kinda punishment for that?

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