8 Replies to “Meanwhile, Back at the Abyss”

  1. Yup, that’s a pretty deep hole you got there, Bif.

    Check out Nudge’s site. She has apparently joined forces with the dark side.

  2. isadora duncan once said, “if i could explain myself, i wouldn’t need to dance.”, or something like that.

  3. Great choice of Picture of Mount Etna. People gawking into the abyiss is a great photo to relate to the links.

  4. I think the choice of a volcanic crater is very appropos, Bif. You know what happens when you try to backfill an active volcanic crater, right? Same thing trying to shovel gobs of money down a gaping finance black hole.


  5. I didn’t know this was Mount Aetna. I just got lucky. Again.

    I thought the Roubini interview was pretty good so I got all inspired.

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