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  1. [Editor’s Note: Upon further review, I think Holmes just released the long rumored but never until now proven to exist footage of JR and Nudge meeting for a cocktail back when things were still cool. The entire film crew and everyone involved had to be killed, assume new identities, and/or go into protective custody depending upon whether they could produce credible evidence of blood relations hailing from Palermo. I know it sounds arbitrary and cruel. I’m just the messenger. ~BB]

  2. The gun talk on the previous thread for some reason reminded me of this photo. I saw it once and I liked it. She was not a great actress but she has it going on in this picture. She has an expression in her eyes like she just did what in the back of her mind she had wanted to do for a long time – blow away that no good scoundrel of a cheating boyfriend. She also looks like she’s going to pop a button on her pants, and she doesn’t care.

  3. Holmes, it would have to be that. Those people weren’t acting.

    EE what is this? I thought Aishwarya Boowetmiteyuh was the mumbling mayor of Boston.

  4. Wearing a coarse-gage corduroy suit and appearing to be deadly serious isn’t as easy as it looks.

  5. The photo is soooooooo ’70s. It was prolly green corduroy. She needs a gold chain necklace with optional medallion.

    Anne Hathaway is way prettier, but this one looks moron interesting to be with.

  6. No oops, I was being silly. Wow, I’d like to see her in coarse-gage corduroy. You’re right EE, she’s a babe.

  7. Holmes

    That story is no urban myth. A couple of years ago there was a doco that screened here about that very thing – the Chinese have got the bug to be taller like Europeans.

    One young woman said that her chances of employment and marriage would be better by gaining 3 inches in height but went through great discomfort to achieve the desired result.

    I can understand the desire to be of average height but coming from the opposite direction. As a teenager I wondered if there was an operation that could make me a bit shorter but of course there wasn’t. At 20 I just decided to get over being tall and now if I’m in a room and I’m not the tallest or in the top four or five it can feel unsettling. Funny how your perceptions can change over time…

  8. Mary, thanks for the verification. I’m perfectly centered in the Gaussian distribution height wise. The world is pretty much built to accommodate those of my stature. No need to duck passing through most portals, but no need for a step ladder for the typical reaching of things either. I always think it interesting that some tall people bring themselves down to the level of a short person when talking to them, and others (whether intentionally or not) stand up as tall as they possibly can and move in closer making the poor short bastard crane his/her neck in an unnatural position. If such social dynamics haven’t been studied already, there’s probably a stimulus-related government grant for the taking for anyone willing to crank out a semi-coherent proposal.

    Then again, tall people can go out of their way to encourage circus performer misperceptions by intentionally gathering. “Next order of business: Lobbying for enhanced OSHA specifications directed toward kinder gentler ceiling fans.”


  9. So take it over and deal with it.

    What am I going to do with you when I become President.


    If you can’t – then walk.


    Annabella will remain the face, Bif. I like that.

  10. Hi Mary and sorry to be late to the thread. I have much the same height issue you mentioned. At some point, you cease noting that you’re generally the tallest person in the room or one of them. The numbers do indeed show that taller people generally earn more money:


    New corduroy .. sweet, haven’t seen that stuff in awhile. The local fabric store (the one now closed) probably had a roomful of it. The stuff did not move. But that business seems to have relatively little profit margin anyway unless you can integrate vertically or corner the market through other means.

  11. Good morning Holmes. I do the tall-person thing you mentioned earlier, which is to sit or squat (or whatever) down so that whoever I’m speaking with hasn’t got to crane his or her neck painfully. It seems the courteous thing to do.

    Years ago I participated in a local talls club. Whenever we met in public (restaurants & hotels usually) the reactions from the other patrons were predictably weird. They would almost universally adopt the same facial expression of little kids trying not to get stepped on by adults. But if you’re not into spectacle, well, it’s easier just to go out with normal-height folks.

    That being said .. I’ve heard from pretty much everyone that in oriental culture it’s not at all considered rude to stare. Even normal-height westerners tend to get gawked-at there. I feel I’d be asking for it by traveling there, though perhaps it would help if I find someone even taller than me to go along for the ride. There’s a boy out here I have in mind for someday being a dance partner in case I ever get the itch to try ballroom. He’s just about perfect .. a big guy, and still somewhat taller than me even when I’m wearing pumps. :)

  12. Nudge, Mary,

    Don’t know if I count at 5-9, but I like my height. I was in San Fran in a little China Town area and I was:

    1. The only Caucasian.
    2. The tallest thing around for blocks.

    No one stared particularly hard, but I felt large and ungraceful.

    A large number of Asian women have interviewed for employment in my department recently. All of them wear such high heels. All of them comment on how they must wear the heels because they are so short. Each one. It is not like they meet each other and decide they will all say this. As tall people, there are some hardships we may not be able to appreciate.

    Me, I think they are soooooo iddy biddy cute! Eeeny beany widdle people. Yeah!

    Not really, but the joke is my point. I can’t even guess how they are treated. But it seems to be a big deal.

    For the dark side of this, I do think I worry less about being carried off and raped than a small woman may.

  13. I have no idea what Nudge and Mary are going on about being tall. I mean if they were 12 feet, it might be an issue, but from what I understand they are talking 6 feet. The worst you have to deal with is “how is the weather up there” jokes and “can you get that file on the top shelf for me?”

    A good friend of mine (who is married) once told me she wanted bigger boobs. This was after a drink. Apparently “a drink” for her was like 12 for normal people.

    I couldn’t believe this, since her tits are huge. But at that moment (or this moment) everything came together in my head. She had a boob thing. Like these women here have a height thing. She thought boobs were it.

    I have a penis thing. Certain women have been complaining for years that it is too long and definitely too wide. I can’t discuss this with doctors or male friends, because nobody even compares.

    I wish I was normal. I wish I was perfect.

    Then I realize I’m not Sudanese or Iraqi and I am thankful.

    Jesus, imagine if I was from Mosul and had such a huge cock? scary.

  14. I had a girlfriend who was “ABC” American Born Chinese. But in this case Korean, so ABK. She was 5-9 probably. I’m 5-10. she always liked to claim she was taller than me, but the reality was only in heels or on a good day. She was definitely harder working than me. Maybe smarter.

    Anyway, she said she went to Korea once with her parents and she felt like a freak. The way she talked about it, it seemed like her head was about a foot above water when she was walking in the city and everybody was staring at her.

    I’m guessing they were staring at her because they could see her head and she is one of the most beautiful people on the planet.

    But why let logic get in the way of a good story?

    Fuck! I’m all in favor of a tall-peoples defense fund.

    Do I qualify? I’m 5-10. Whoops! I mean, 5-11.

  15. Yeah, I’m hopeful though, that one day soon they will come up with new surgery techniques or drugs to help the problem. I mean, it’s not like I’m THAT big. The main problem is my prick stays hard for hours on end. Eventually women just wanna go to sleep. Even the tall ones.

  16. In all seriousness, I had a boyfriend who was well over 12 inches (we did not measure). It sounds like fun till you get in bed. It was not a joy, it was something we “worked with” or “worked around” rather like a handicap. Not to say we did not make it work, there was a position we finally found… But “normal” intercourse was not possible.

    A man with small equipment and skills would be a much better thing than the arrangement described above.

  17. “there was a position we finally found”

    I’m waiting for that. Extra points for video. MOU, I have to break this conversation off. This is sooo unlike me. Dave will be by to take it up, I’m sure.

    I’m starting to get aroused. I can’t let that happen.

  18. George Leroy Tirebiter

    I’m guessing Doom, Remus, or Nudge (yes, Nudge, she can be funny like that sometimes).

    Doom is my choice, though. Fess up, whoever, 10 points for the perpetrator.

  19. JR,

    On the hard prick thing– cocaine can numb you out, make you insensitive. You might cut back a bit.

    They tell guys taking Viagra to go to the doc if they have erections lasting longer than, what, 4 hours? I guess they think that is harmful. Maybe you have a medical condition and you should go to the doc next time and see what they can do for you.

    I want to see the nurses faces when you turn in your form. Think they will want to take a look at it? Think they will have some ideas about what to do for it?

    Sounds like the start of a porno. Kind of like how this thread has devolved to.

  20. “Sounds like the start of a porno. Kind of like how this thread has devolved to.”

    That’s why I’m signing off. I have much higher standards for my blog. Only incoherent, blacked-out rages are allowed.

    Dave has always seemed to find a nice middle line by being his brilliant self. I can’t do that. I’m banning myself.

  21. MOU and Bif will never be banned. At least not this year.

    [this comment is under review, the writer has been banned – the editors]

  22. St. Bif,

    Did you ever think Annabella would cause this much trouble when you posted? Maybe we should ban her? She does not look too innocent in this. We could blame her for JR bringing up the, er, subject he brought up. She inspired him.

    Blame the chick. She provoked him. He wanted to impress her.

  23. You’re all banned. Good! Now I can mutter in perfect isolation about missing out on yet again another big dick contest.

    I also must be the only one with SpeedTv who is insane enough to actually stay up and watch it. I hung out until about 10 minutes after the red flag. These young monkeys just want to race and feel their way around the track using the other cars as guides. How the fuck are they supposed to do their job with some attorney jabbering into their headset. There’s enough damn buttons and toggles on that steering wheel to fly an F-15. Kimi Raikkonen must have hit the Oban button after the Ferrari pit crew slapped those rain tires on his ride.

    (dave, I’ve been to the sacred ground of both the Oban and Macallan distilleries. One of the coolest things about Scotland is driving on its roads, many of which resemble several mils of blacktop gently painted over the natural terrain.)

  24. “I also must be the only one with SpeedTv who is insane enough to actually stay up and watch it. I hung out until about 10 minutes after the red flag. ”

    I don’t think so. I watched the whole thing. 30+ minutes after the red flag.

    I watched the Champagne money shot on the podium and the post race interviews. I saw Jenson Button’s new girlfriend.

    Yeah, you don’t wanna fuck wit me when it comes to F1. Silly Rabbit.

    “stay up” and watch it? I got up to watch it.

    [comment under review]

  25. Of course blame the chick. But blame Nudge though, not her.

    Twelve inches? Jeez Louise. Knock over lamps much?

  26. “(dave, I’ve been to the sacred ground of both the Oban and Macallan distilleries. One of the coolest things about Scotland is driving on its roads, many of which resemble several mils of blacktop gently painted over the natural terrain.)”

    wrong post. I hope Dave sees this. Like I say, all that shit is overpriced. Smirnoff vodka will do the trick with proper grape juice.

    [comment under review]

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