It’s not like Obama didn’t tell everyone what his sponsors had in mind, and this is from way back when dummies were still pretending to care about trying to discover what he stood for. HAAAAHAAAHAA

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  1. There are two meanings to the phrase “New World Order”. The first is as used by Bush the First, Obama,Blair, etc., meaning a re-alignment of the global power structures. The second is used by Alex Jones, et al, and refers to a Rockerfeller sponsored world government, secret society, CFR, Bilderberg Group, Tri-Lateral Commission cabal of eugenic overlords planning the eradication of billions of “useless eaters®”¹

    I haven’t seen any evidence that the two uses of the phrase is really one and the same. But I’m open to evidence.

    ¹Henry Kissinger

  2. YEah, it’s almost always embarrassing trying to figure out whether to declare a position on the now suddenly again fashionable issue of globalisation. On one side, you’re sandwiched between odd and paradoxical bedfellows, namely: new world order socialists and free market capitalists. In the anti camp, you find yourself hobnobbing amongst a melange of Ron Paul adherents, Kunstlerian NeoLudites, Malthusian doomers, and globetrotting trustafarians.

  3. AU, I was wondering myself about a similar issue, i.e., whether the Brown/Obama recent usage of NWO is an attempt to “own” or take control of the term, before opposing forces figure out a way to make use of it to their advantage.

    Is useless eaters really trademarked? It seems too descriptive. But what do I know. ;-)

  4. Very nice JFK impersonation by Obama. Only his words don’t match that clarion call to fight against the tyranny and oppression of the human spirit by the old communist oligarchy, and for us all to join in a march forward, together, for peace, justice, and the American Way, wherever that way was supposed to lead us at the time.

    Ich bin un Hawaiian.

  5. Bunn,

    You called this one right. As I was watching the Malaysian Prix pre-race show, I flipped to CNN during the breaks. I happened to catch Obama giving what is now termed “his most important foreign policy speech” live from Prague. All about nukes, North Korea, Iran, and missile defense.

    If this was Bush it would be labeled neocon insanity. If it was McCain, it would be World War III.

    I’m not sure what it is.

    How many Czechs understand English? There didn’t seem to be any effort to interpret. It was 4:45 AM EST, so I’m pretty sure he could have said he gave Michelle oral last night and I would have been the only one that noticed.

    “His most important foreign policy speech.” Who writes this shit? That’s what I wanna know. (the speech, not the quote, the quote is from CNN analysts, and they are always top notch) Do they hire the top grades in Harvard’s Shakespeare class or what? Painful to listen too.

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