8 Replies to “The Sand Pebbles”

  1. Sand Pebbles might be the very first movie that I remember seeing. I was around two and half years old when it was released. (I think that I was seeing the movie first run, but can’t be sure.) I definitely remember the scene when the Chinese guy was having his arms pulled behind his back and tortured. We (my parents and my brother and I) were at a drive-in movie theater; my parents thought that I was sleeping in the back seat, but I was awake and watching the movie. I thought it was a terrible what was being done to that guy and it troubled me — even though I knew it was a movie. I wasn’t yet acclimated to ultraviolence.

  2. Ah Holmes, memories of the drive in, they have you decked in flannel jammies in de back seat? Me and de boys always hung out at de snack bar, lotsa free eats from the sloppy apes. My favorite was de jungle jim area. Sound was crappy, but since we don’t jive the lingo, makes no big diff. I recall some cool giant ants and dinosaurs on the big screen, funny steamy rockin cars in de back, by the trees.

  3. That was chickie gretta zappa (frank’s third cousin) in case you were wondering. Old old friend of me and EE from the CBGB days.

  4. Bif- you were not at CBGBs! ‘Course maybe you were and I love you even more. I was there in their very last days (I think) I was in HS at the time.

  5. Tip. Yes. Was in the place a couple times, well before you were going there sounds like. I wish I could say I saw the Ramones or Patti Smith at CBGB but [sigh] no such luck. Other notable establishments that I graced around the same period were Max’s and the Pyramid Club. Others too, but my memory is gone.

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