10 Replies to “Anger is an Energy”

  1. What do rabbits get angry about?

    They could be black or they could be white, yes.
    They could be wrong, they could be right.

    But how would a rabbit know Anger is an energy?

    I know it.

  2. Well, I’m not prepared to speak for all rabbits, and I can’t say that what I have to say is about my own personal anger, but Bunn knows anger. Sorry to be so obtuse. I’m probably making you angry. As I often say to JR, these things take time.

    tipping, I saw Holmes convince his father-in-law to drink a glass of whiskey and Pellegrino before church last Sunday. Holmes refuses to go cos he hates the smell… of church, that is.

  3. I saw the Filthy Lucre Tour in 1996. Toward the end, Lydon poked the crowd thusly, “You’d better start enjoying yourselves. This isn’t going to last much longer.”

    I love Holiday in Cambodia too, but I didn’t want to be that obvious. It’s a flaw of mine. I’ll work on it. He he. “Forward to Death” by DKs is great too.

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