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  1. haha, pn is gettin’ it from jhk.

    haha, pMc always did suck and still does.

    haha, who the fuck is morrisy?

  2. so festivals are the same as they always were, i guess. ya pay $250 to sit in the mud and listen to people who suck and other people that you never heard of.

  3. ya, it’s like MO got her outfit from dior her shoes from prada and her rake from greenbeans. and look at her expression. you know she’s way over her fucking head. she’s must be thinking, “shit, where can i get a fucking nigger to do this shit, this sucks. maybe paul mcartny is available. yo, nigger, bring me my cell wit paul mc on the line nigger.”

  4. “Did someone slip Noonan a link to Survival Acres dude’s website or something?”

    HEB put a link to that same WSJ article up on CFN – not even a bite – cretins. Wasn’t quite sure how to take the article, the USA Today source or “authenticity chic” either. WTF is that?

  5. Jeebus, I never even noticed the picture in that article. I gotta slow down.

    Nudge – even WalMart can’t keep ammo in stock. So the little guys are making a killing – if they can get any ammo that is. I’ve been forced into paying a 40% (!) premium at my range for target ammo. Don’t even talk about carry ammo. Yikes. I’m not even stock-piling – just trying to maintain my skills.

    And weapons – it’s crazy. I ordered a plain vanilla bolt action .308 with a heavy barrel – probably be at least a month before I see it. I have no need for an “assault” (snort) rifle. But hey, I CAN get ammo for .308 – for now.

  6. Donovan, I totally hear what you’re saying. Noonan appears to be experiencing a personal transformation that, at its present stage (and given the boundary conditions of her livelihood), necessitates a schizoid persona. In this state of hers, she attempts to cast people’s changed priorities as something virtuous (just because a lot of people wake up at the same time, something is a trend or chic? bullshit), and to oversimplify and romanticize the process of deconstructing long ingrained personal belief systems and identities, perhaps expecting a Hummer driving douche to instantaneously leap into the skin of a humble farmer.

    There must be some truth to the cheapness and tawdriness of so called awakenings — a mocking reflection upon those already fully (ha ha) cognizant of the shit. Otherwise, why would this article piss me off so much?

  7. “Otherwise, why would this article piss me off so much?” Or being baited (bated works too) for?

    Say what you will about the Left, I know I do; but I believe the Right has much farther to go the reach any cognizance of the shit.

  8. “I don’t want to go on much longer, really. I think that would suggest a lack of imagination. A certain lack of dignity also. There has to reach a point where you’ve said enough, I think.

    I love Morrisey, I hope he means it. Yeah, who would want to end up like the Eagles. I mean how many farewell tours must we all endure. Elton John and Billy Joel. Peggy Noonan. Ahhh! Someone just fucking kill me.

    I can’t hear you. Busy gouging my ear drums out with a pitch fork.

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