The Good News

House members, Rep. Van Zant [R – Palatka] said, could express their “reverence in our Creator” by allowing companies to drill for the oil and gas that God had blessed Florida with in abundance. Rep. Van Zant, who holds two degrees from Baptist seminaries, knew this turf. Earlier in debate, he had said, “We worship a God who made (the oil), and if we ran out, I think he could make some more.”  Now, that is renewable energy.

Woah. Move over Peaklife. Why is Van Zant wasting time in public office? This enlightened fellow should be posting over at CFN!him

If God wants us to have such a precious gift, why does he keep hiding it in all the hardest to reach places?  Why must we refine it if it’s a devine gift?  Why were the full-service attendants removed from the temples?

33 Replies to “The Good News”

  1. You would think that with all the trouble the Republicans are in, some of his buddies would advise him to keep a lid on it.

  2. All very good questions, JR. Remind me to nominate you for the next available position in the monastery. I think there may be an opening at the Chateaunuef du Pape in France.

  3. Doom that was me waxing on deep questions of faith. Not that I’m all that proud of it mind you.

    … and not that I’m opposed to drilling in the eastern Gulf either.

  4. Let’s just make clear which Gulf we’re talking about. Not even the Saudis make casual reference to how much oil God has blessed them with.

    Hey, Bif, did you change the setup? I like it better the first way, with the bigger photo. Whatever. I’m probably just imagining things.

  5. Yes I shrunk Jesus and the gift of flamable aromatic hydrocarbons, alkanes and napthenes; then relegated his blessed likeness to the bottom of the post.

  6. Don’t apologize to me, I know what your talking about. I was just trying to be funny. I think Bob Snowjob needs clues. Just kidding. What is this, CFN? Badaboom.

  7. Bif, you’re in a lot of trouble shrinking Jesus’s image like that. Better blow him back up before the Pope sees it.

    Shall I re-invite Bob Snowjob to post here? We need content filler.

  8. Bob Snowjob was at his best at about 4pm today when Tenth Jager told him to fuck off. Now he’s busy writing gibberish about the Hun conquest of Rome or trains or something.

    No, don’t do that.

    BTW, one of my favorite moments on CFN recently was when Yarra chimed in for exactly 1.3 seconds the other day to tell asoka he was a nutbag. Classic. That beats Martin Brundle’s 3.2 second pitstop in 1992.

    asoka did not take that kindly. He had to respond to save his reputation. He said he did not respond to ad hominems. I pissed myself. I did.

  9. yeah, I saw that too. I was tempted to reply to asoka that he had in fact just responded to Yarra, but thought it would look like I was piling on.

    Snowjob, dale and Tenth Jager all come out to play when OEO/zsazsa is not around to police them. Rather pathetic sophomoron squad, that.

  10. Rewrite it how you want. (the first one)

    Kling- we support you, but seriously, some of these folks are a bit odd. You have to understand, we are very careful.

  11. I’ll write it all, but I’m like Patton. My only goal is to kill enemy tanks. And Nazi motherfuckers

  12. yes, I’m on the laptop at the moment, with a 12 year old on ice to my right and the TV zapper to my left. Everyone’s gone to bed and I am in total control of my domain.

    Glad you are on our side, JR.

  13. Shit, I’m getting like Jack Bauer

    The bioagent is fucking with me, just gimme a second

  14. The only thing I can say is that when this is all over, we’ll all be dead or in jail and you’ll have the rights to the book. And the banner graphics.

  15. They are good banner graphics. That Enetewak 1952 blast was given to me by a good friend. One of my favorites.

  16. Sent this out today to a short list at UH and to others in Hawaii, including Jay Hanson. I don’t really know this Gary McMurtry, but I hear rumors he’s a major league asshole.


    I strongly agree with Gary – this is an excellent article and a call to arms for University teaching. Read it. It’s past time for us to begin educating students and ourselves on by far the most likely risk to the future of humanity.


    On May 4, 2009, at 11:05 AM, Gary McMurtry wrote:

    Dear Somewhat Clued Colleagues:

    If you haven’t already read this article, it deserves your attention:

    “Revisiting the Limits to Growth After Peak Oil” by Charles A. S. Hall and John W. Day, Jr., 2009, American Scientist, v. 97, p. 230-237.

    There is relevant information at:

    Here’s a quote from the final paragraph:

    “If we are to resolve these issues, including the important one of climate change, in any meaningful way, we need to make them again central to education at all levels of our universities, and to debate and even stand up to those who negate their importance, for we have few great intellectual leaders on these issues today. We must teach economics from a biophysical as well as a social perspective. Only then do we have a chance of understanding or solving these problems.”

    I would add that the clock is ticking…


  17. Whatever. You’ve always been on the toppa my list.

    You git me elected, all your problims is solved.


    Or whatever, I don’t give a shit, I’ll solve your problems anyway. I just need a place to stay when I’m in Hawaii and I’ll do the dishes.

  18. You’ll do the dishes? JR, I’m thinking this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

    Come out to Hawaii this year. We can do the Greek islands next year, with Bif and Holmes.

    I’m already lining up a “business trip” (actually, no foolin) to Fiji in the fall. Maybe you want to finance part of that venture.

  19. No way will TSHTF. People are too smart. There’s no ‘percentage’ in it.

  20. Used to work in a pork processing plant back in the seventies as a summer job. Did some sorting of ‘parts’ during the morning kill. When we went upstairs to visit the kill floor later, the carcasses would be hanging upside down as shown and the floor would be crawling with long pinkish worms. If I recall they were a little crunchy when you stepped on them. The hogs in the holding pens were nervous and seemed to know what was coming. Sometimes the electric shocker guy would miss or not get a complete stun the first time and he’d have an enraged hog break loose and come after him. The guys in the sausage dept. often brought us hot dogs to eat at break time.

  21. Ya know, we keep setting off stuff like that, we are gonna poke a hole in something that we just can’t fix.

  22. God wants us to have oil and bombs for our spiritual enrichment. It is God’s plan for us. He wants us to have Goldman’s sacks too for similar reasons. Did you see that the head of the New York Fed resigned? Seems he owned stock at GS while making policy.

  23. The Bad News…

    As far back as the late 1980s, industry analysts were warning that automation would eliminate more and more jobs. Because their forecasts proved somewhat premature, the public was lulled into believing that automation was not a problem.

    Now, however, the software, computer and telecom revolutions, and the proliferation of smart technologies, are finally wreaking havoc on jobs in every country. –Jeremy Rifkin

  24. Greenbeans, please tell us moron about the long pink worms that crunch when you step on them. Were those pig intestinal parasites? Were they in all the pigs or just some of them? Did anybody care about their presence?

    I’ve been told that if you could dissolve all the flesh from an older ocean fish, like a snapper or grouper, it would still pretty much look like a fish from all of the parasites.

  25. Do’D, I now believe they were large roundworms, a species of Ascaria, judging by their size (6-12″), shape and color, although this is an educated guess. No one at the time seemed to care about their presence, much less to ID them. Large roundworms are apparently very common in hogs.
    The plant closed up in the early eighties, I think. The old brick complex had some odd uses afterward, including recently as an arena for paintball games.

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