I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell

Stupid Title.

I Hope They Inject Demerol in Hell.

Anyway. Countdown to the movie.

Tucker has finally decided he’ll post on the subject. I’ve got a promise from Dave to review the movie. I think it will go to DVD. We are good to go.


Meanwhile, in other news:

After 144 comments “h2o” remarks at CFN that this is the funniest writing he’s ever read. I feel sorry for you. In a 1340s kinda way. You are probably way ahead of your classmates when it comes to humor. YukkYukkYukk.

But Bif, Holmes, and Dave don’t write there anymore? I don’t get it?

Somebody tell that douche to come over here.

Oh wait. Maybe he means Doom and Nudge…. Sorry. Just saying… You two are funny, but i mean, it can’t be Asoka and OEO. Bif, Holmes and Dave are pretty much the Gold standard.

20 Replies to “I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell”

  1. “Bif, Holmes and Dave are pretty much the Gold standard.”

    Oh yeah? Let’s see them mix it up with asoka and OEO/zsazsa! Oh wait, I killed off asoka, at least temporarily

  2. Ah, you’re doing great JR Here, if this doesn’t make you want to puke I don’t know what will:

    from tonight’s TOD comments:

    degar7 on May 23, 2009 – 8:11pm

    “Not even sure when all this started for me. Fews years ago I guess. But because of the work done here and blogs like it I woke up on many different levels. I own a CPA/financial planning firm. On a largely unimportant but quantifiable level I helped many others see the path we are on and they took the appropriate actions. Started with my partners. Family. Clients.

    Some paid off debts. Most moved their money from the risky asset classes I had preached for years and years into cash. I looked like a genuis.

    That good feeling lasted a few weeks. Then it was the realization of what’s next.

    Now I have moved up Maslow’s little pyramid. Downsized, readjusted, planted. Much happier. I owe many people a world of thanks around here.

    I think WestTexas put it best sometime late last year when he said even if this peak resource thing is just flat wrong, global warming is BS and we keep growing and reproducing forever, you will be happier if you simplify.

    So what have I learned? WT may just be the next reincarnate of buddha:)”

    Puke, puke, puke

  3. You’ll like this, too: today I spilled beer (Dos XXs) onto my laptop keyboard and now the “period” key no longer works!!!! See? nothing,,,,,,//////no periods

  4. maybe i’ll change my on-line moniker to “Western Union” and will be widely known for my usage of [stop] at the end of each sentence [stop] at least until i get a new laptop [stop]

  5. “But Bif, Holmes, and Dave don’t write there anymore? I don’t get it?”

    What if dave was posting again, would that explain it? :)

  6. all i can say is that each of contributes his own special little bit of shit to this insane asylum we call mother earth. we’re all special in our own unique and special way.

  7. so anyway, if i read this shit right, ca adopted a fy 2009 budget with the full knowledge that they were going to have a $22b deficit. since then they’ve wraked up another $13.5b, all for fy2009.

    all the bullshit in the news now is about fy 2010. They’re projecting like a $35b deficit, and figuring on getting $13b from the feds. this again leaves them about $22b short. this is on a total budget of about $96b, as near as i tell anyway.

    all kinda funny, i guess.


  8. anyhoo, it should be noted that the only lower 48 states that don’t project a deficit are mt, wy, and nd. i think that these states have the lowest population density, therefore also the lowest insanity quotient. i rest my case.

  9. <<<<<<<<<<<<??????????////////

    Thanks AU for the advice [stop] Without the period or dot key, one is truly screwed in this modern age of dot-com's, etc [stop] Next, I'll try cleaning under this important key [stop]

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