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  1. In the “It’s a Small World After All” category, one of my funded projects is to sniff out WWI weapons dumped offshore of Oahu, so I know the long list of nasties they used in WWI plus those mainly nerve agents prepared for but not used in WWII.

    A biggie seems to be the blistering agent Lewisite, an oily arsenic-organic compound. It mainly killed by secondary infection, similar to burn victims today. We also sniff for explosives like TNT and RDX.

    Nice little metal casing corrosion and contents release experiment going on out there.

  2. BTW, nice photo find,Bif. How do you know they aren’t actually aliens and not just humans with masks on?

  3. “Look at the guy standing with I think the bugle or trumpet, left front, three feet to our right of the two kids with the rolling mounted machine gun.”

    That’s gotta be Michael Jackson. I always knew there was something peculiar about that boy.

  4. Notice not everyone had a mask. Look at the group to the far left mid range of the photo, some kids? And the guy mid range on the right, a few people back, with glasses. If I am not mistaken, there are unmasked people posted on the periphery of both sides of the group. See what could be the head of a maskless woman after the guy with glasses?

    If I wanted full effect, I’d keep those folks out of the pic.


  5. I like all the exposed skin too. Kind of like telling Doom not to drink the water after the fallout.

  6. Remind me to send you a photo of myself in a full-face gas mask used for volcano work where I cut a small hole for my cigarette. My volcano buddies took a photo of me with a cigarette in it, with some New Zealand Volcano in the background, starts with an N. It won some kinda work safety award at Los Alamos, and was posted in a glass case in the hallway there for awhile. (They may make bombs, but they have a sense of humor.)

    Naranganura, or something like that.

  7. JR, I would consider it a deep honor to grab Bob’s right testicle while you twist his left one. I only request ear plugs.

  8. OK, so since my job is finally gonna cut me some slack with time, I’ll tell you what. I’ll do a post, >1000 words, on the story surrounding that volcano gas mask story, and I’ll send along the photo with it. Some highlights will include my side trip to Tasmania and a torn ACL in my left knee from hopping off a boulder the wrong way. The pain was amazing.

  9. I write national Afghan Policy all week.

    Here’s the winning strategy: follow Alexander’s lead, after a few months of parading around and killing any locals that defy you, you take the troops and move on to the Hindu Kush, declaring victory to all that care to know. Leave India before the monsoon season.

  10. Having assiduously avoided any thoughts, speculations or discussions about war for the preponderance of my decades-long life, but being a fastidious detail fanatic, nonetheless, my guess is that the photo must be WWI vintage. [I had heard that gas was outlawed after that because of the disastrous consequences for everyone.]




    My best guess: Belgian boyscouts out on a romp….

  11. EE, its funny I was thinking Belgium too. Look along the treeline at far left and there’s guys in berets that look like possibly soldiers. Could be France, but the woods just have the look of Belgium. I’m guessing sometime between the two wars.

    I searched high and low but was not able to obtain a shred of factual info on the origin or location of this photo.

  12. Bif-

    What site did it come from? This is a challenge–I’m very determined to figure this out… Scorpio Moon and all…. % ^ }

  13. EE, I will look for the link. I found this several months ago while exploring some archives, there are so many I don’t recall which this came from. But I can tell you that the notes on the site where I got it showed photographer, location, and date as ‘unknown’. I did some searching elsewhere and no luck. Its an interesting photo so I just saved the high rez as a jpg and moved on.

  14. Let that third eye free!!!

    EE, thanks for finding that awesome video and have a great trip.

  15. How bout that. I will be in the middle of the Adirondacks next week. Maybe a hundred miles east of you.

    EE, Tug Hill is wind farm country now. If you haven’t been there in a while you might be surprised at all the turbines.

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