Farrah Pictures

By popular demand… pictures of Farrah. [Yes, we can have the blue bike photo first. ~BB]

May she rest in peace. Fighting cancer is hard painful work. And, as we all know, death don’t have no mercy.

Sensible Shoes
Sensible Shoes

Farrah head shot
Farrah head shot

Farrah on the beach (from Playboy images)
Farrah on the beach (from Playboy images)

Playboy, December 1978
Playboy, December 1978

Farrah The Diver
Farrah The Diver

"The Burning Bed"
“The Burning Bed”

Farrah smiling
Farrah smiling

16 Replies to “Farrah Pictures”

  1. It’s rough. It’s hard. It’s not easy. Something.

    It’s weird watching shit go down on your own website, but realizing you are not well enough to take over, and not second-guessing yourself that Bunn and Bif are THE guys.

    That shot of the blue spandex stuff thinking about riding a bicycle and something about shoes – forming itself around the form of an alien who had the most amazing hint of a porn-star like ….

    I could never have found that. That’s why I keep that rabbit alive. Plus I need him as an editor. That’s the easy part….

  2. I think this is why I am so fucked up. As you all know, I moved to this country at a young age (around 1977).

    Black Sabbath and Farah Fawcett hit me at the exact same time. I know the place and what was playing on the 8-track before.

  3. The camel-toe on the blue spandex bike photo is really not fair, Bunn. You are a sick fuck. But I love you. You are in many ways a good person and you should keep that one posted, just let’s not let kids see it… what I meant to say was… it has been so long, I, I, just, nevermind. I’m just, I should probably just keep my mouth shut.

  4. I kinda like Farrah on the beach, and Farrah the diver. All my field assistants look like her. How do you think I get through the tough work week?

  5. That was the one photo I thought might be wrong. was her ass really that big? not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    Not that big. I didn’t mean that. I meant so round and so…. I mean so, so…
    that thing needs to be arrested and fingerprinted. It’s a crime against humanity. Allah himself has said nothing should look like that.

  6. This is what I’m saying. WE know what the deal is. WE know what is going on.

    The rest of the country is diccussing other things. Healthcare. Celebrities. Iran.

    It’s all bullshit. Only we know the significance of Fawcett. We are Gods. These people. they’re fucking idiots.

    This is why I feel so at ease when I’m gone for 6 months experimenting with NASA’s new inhalants. I’ve got people like Doom and Bif to take over if I were to accidentally get too much jet fuel in the wrong place during a session.

    It’s not like Apple where someone has incurable douche syndrome and liver cancer at the same time. I’m just kidding. Shit like that never happens.

    Not even on the new tonight show with Conan Obrien.

    You can only move those thoughts with Ministry and Al Jorgenson.

    Bif can communicate with simple [….] If he don’t like the soundtrack and the resident douchemonkies. Then it changes. After all. He owns this sight. What am I missing?

  7. I think you and dave may be fighting over the rights to that Farrah on the Beach photo, the rights to blow it up to life size and use it as a mural in your new pad.

    I guess only $6+ million dollar men got to get real close to her and rub coco tanning cream all over. Damn. Born poor, and now she’s gone.

    Zulu Kilo, where important live matters are discussed.

  8. I don’t think so. Dave and I are lot older than you think and much more practical.

    Dave and I will never fight over anything. First of all, he would kick my ass and win, anyway, second, he would gain nothing.

    We thrive on mutual assured idiocy from our rivals.

    I’m still gaming this one, but the parameters are basically me and Dave get Maximum Pussy when we are still alive. So fuck off you Nantucket pansies.

  9. At 5 in the morn I still get weird twinges to go get crack. I’m cool. I’m jus saying.

    Where’s Bunn?

    Where’s Nudge?

    You wanna to infiltrate CFN again? I’m cool.

    I’m cool with Dave. I like the slow and low. it’s the tempo. I like my brother-in-law. It’s weird. You can bring long shots into shotty range when you go all philosophy.

    Naw I got it. I’m the classic. I like The battle of da bulge. Plus I’m actually an expert on it. Nice. So I figured I’ll sit back for once. Booyakasha. Cmon fellas. Give it all Bruno.

  10. Ohh… I see JR is trying out zee sue pair stealth thread cloaking device. I had no idea this stuff was that prurient.

  11. nothing against ff, but i’ve fucked plenty of whores just as good looking; cost anywhere from $5 to $200.

  12. of course, i also sat through 8 hours of satantango, and enjoyed that too. all of this means nothing.

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