Iranian Female Demonstrators

JR, I hope you don’t mind if I slip this one in. ~BB



The War Nerd on Iran
by Gary Brecher • June 18th

Imagine the other way around; imagine Iranian Islamic tv covering, say, a classic culture-war US election like Nixon in 1972. You’d see Persians in expensive turbans blanket-covering every demonstration, every love-in (well, maybe not those so much), every draft-card burning…and then the US government announces that Nixon just stomped McGovern in the biggest landslide ever. Who’d believe it? That is, unless you knew that for every loud camera-hog hippie you saw on tv there were about a hundred fat nobodies wishing Kent State was a daily event.

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Hedgehogs and flamingos in Tehran
By Spengler • June 16th

Iran: Past the Paranoia
by Peter Hitchens • TAC June issue

Jefferson and/or Khomeini?
by Leon Hadar • June 18th

by Daniel Larison • June 16th

Outlasting the Ayatollahs
by Pat Buchanan • June 15th

Silence Is Golden
by Daniel Larison • June 15thTAC_cover

Iran’s Election: None of America’s Business
So far, we’re staying out of it – but for how much longer?
by Justin Raimondo • June 15th

38 Replies to “Iran”

  1. JR, do you think maybe Spengler worked with M K Bhadrakumar on this one? Just a wild guess.

    The Shi’ite distribution numbers in Spengler’s article do seem to support his suggestion that Iran, in some respects, stands alone in the region. D’ya think that by now S finally might want to get out of the embarrassing business of erroneously predicting attacks on Iran? A Jewish Persian friend of mine insisted several years ago that Israel was going to attack Iran. I said, at the time, “It won’t happen.” Moreover, I’ve been saying for years that we should embrace Iran, give them the same nuclear deal as the Indians. Eventually this or something similar will have to play out. What other future could there possibly be, especially with China and India positioning themselves to become larger long-term purchasers of Iranian oil?

    Larison is good. I’ll have to check him out more often.

    Just about the only thing that this television coverage of Iranian protests says to me is that well-heeled Iranians are easy on the eyes. I almost liked it better when more air time was dedicated to Death to America chants, burning effigies, etc. So you see… the media is now fully behind the inevitable bringing of Iran into the nuclear club, as was clearly inevitable given the various compelling business relations already or soon to be in place.

    The P. Hitchens article is interesting, from the perspective of an on-the-ground observer of a conspicuously foreign nature. It sounds like Iranians (especially the young) are trying to reconcile personal/societal fantasies with demographic, economic, political and other pressures. [deleted]

  2. You mean like binking under a glass coffee table? Is that what you’re talkin ’bout?

    The thing is, we aren’t all the same.

    I pass through walls like a high energy particle. (Now get to work and make us some gotdamn money!)

    P.S. — Happy Father’s Day

  3. Yeah, Doom, I guess I should pass the word to JR.

    It truly saddens and sickens me to see this. Even worse, it was probably in vain.

  4. bunn, shit happens all the time, all over the place. Howz about Iraq? or Afghani-Pakistan?

    nope, not buying into no Iran action. Plate is full. Nuclar WMD is like, so yesterday, and recall you’re talkin to someone who lives at the probable receiving end of a North Korean long-range missile “dare”.

  5. Nucular! It’s nucular. There are two “u”s, dammit.

    I certainly don’t care about Iran. I only care about it in terms of the United States and our grand strategery (or is that strategerism?).

    But the rest of the world seems to be going batshit crazy about the place. I say the best policy is to ignore it. We haven’t had relations since 1979. It is not a democracy, though the news media will have you believe that. It is a theocracy.

    A woman I work with left the country in 1979, was schooled in England and has been in the States for about twenty years. She visits her parents there probably once a year. She is a dual citizen. She told me she has voted by absentee ballot in every election. That even though we don’t have embassies, the Iranians set up centers in selected US cities so people can vote. It sounds as advanced as the US. Have you heard that story on the news?

    Doom, you might be on the receiving end of a North Korean missile, but I’m not sure what their accuracy is. I doubt the tin can emptied of rocket-fuel would do much damage.

    A few years ago, some Japanese foreign policy notable opined that the North Koreans can’t build cars, it’s unlikely they will be able to figure out how to mount a bomb on a missile.

    Just fear-mongering. I expected more from Gates. I thought Star Wars didn’t work, but apparently he is Fed-Exing our latest missile defense stuff out there to protect your pineapples.

  6. Horrible images.

    “Security forces used tear gas and fired live bullets in the air to break up a group of about 200 protesters paying tribute to a young woman whose apparent shooting death was captured on video and circulated around the world, witnesses said.”

    Those are 200 crazy brave people. Got to respect the tenacity.

    “People are very, very despondent. There is an air of sadness around.”

    This has to be absolutely gut wrenching.

    Here’s some summary of alleged voting irregularities on Wiki (scroll about 1/3 of the way down).,_2009

    Just a couple examples:

    “Mohtashami, former interior minister of Iran, who was in the election monitoring committee of Mousavi’s campaign claimed that according to official censuses, the number of counted votes in 70 municipalities are more than total population of people who could vote in those regions. In all those cities Ahmadinejad won by 80% to 90%.”

    “Columbia University Ph.D. candidates Bernd Beber and Alexandra Scacco have released an analysis concluding that the digit patterns of the election results contain characteristics of human manipulation. The regional vote totals possess oddities including too many sevens in the last digits and too few fives, as well as too few non-adjacent digits. The authors of the report conclude that the chances of such a spread occurring naturally are only one chance in 200.”

  7. “but apparently he is Fed-Exing our latest missile defense stuff out there to protect your pineapples.”

    and my pineapples need plenty of protection! Star Wars! bring em on! (see? I feel much better now.)

  8. “This has to be absolutely gut wrenching.”

    I totally agree, and I don’t mean to be smug or to be an ass, but I watched “Jon & Kate Plus 8” for the first time tonight because it was all over the tabloids and being an American I absolutely need to know what all the girls in the office are talking about.

    Both Jon & Kate are complete douchebags. They are exploiting their children and raking a reported $75,000 per episode.

    The big “news” tonight was that they were separating (I was hoping for Carradine-style auto-erotica).

    Anyway. Jon (who has to be the most nauseating douche in the history of douchedom) is going on and on about how it is really sad about the state of our society. How there are (and I’m quoting) soldiers dying in Iraq, but all we care about is watching him and his family and how he is followed by Papparazzi 24/7.

    I almost lost it.

    He made the decision to be a reality show!!!! Now it is our fault? And Young innocents are dying in Iraq because of this?

    So this takes me back to Iran. On (I think it was CBS) Evening News last night, they had a two-minute piece about a cute 20-something American in Tehran. When I say American, I mean American. Black hair, but white as can be, Seattle accent, nosering, I would seriously doubt there was any Persian in her. Probably 23 or 24. Smart.

    Claimed she was on vacation. CBS claimed she was “unwittingly” caught up in the street violence. Arrested. Interrogated. She says she was forced to sign a confession before she was released.

    She tried to act all outraged like there was some crime against humanity.

    Why CBS broadcast this story is completely beyond me, unless they have some agenda.

    You don’t get “unwittingly caught up” in Tehran protest marches after they have been happening for a week and are the biggest news story on the planet. You were there because you CHOSE to be. If I was in Tehran right now, as an American, the last fucking place I would be is on the street. I would be at the airport.

    If you are, you are a stupid fuck. As an Iranian, brave maybe. As an American – stupid fuck.

  9. The statistical analysis of the voting is quite fascinating. Raimondo on went into it in detail today in his piece.

    The mullahs are fucking morons. This will totally help me in my master election scam of 2012. Sarah and I are going all the way, and computer-generated random numbers and a little help from the people that Doom says blew up the towers are going to make it happen.

  10. Doom, you’re not actually concerned, are you?

    How many miles from Pyongyang to Honolulu? How did you think the missile was going to you? Train?

    The North Koreans have no fuel. What they do have they get from us. We feed them, too. It’s a big scam. It’s way worse than what has been going on between us and Pakistan because it has been going on since 1953.

    Remember what I always say. Lockheed Martin. We never forget who we are working for.

  11. How many miles from Pyongyang to Honolulu?

    Ans: 4600 miles.

    What is estimated range of Typhongdong III missle?

    Ans: 4000 miles (mas y menos).

    Do I seem or appear anxious?

    My prayers are with Lockheed Martin, whose high techofix will save us.

  12. “and a little help from the people that Doom says blew up the towers”

    Careful working with those folks. They expect a lot from their clients.

  13. You’re busting my balls. You’re lucky I owe you or I would point out that you are 600 miles safe.

    And I realize you will never admit falling prey to a vicious conspiracy theory regarding the towers, so as long as you live I will bust your balls about it. I love you, man. :)

    I think I’m gonna raise some hell on CFN. So much for your theory about JHK responding to comments that lasted two hours.

    Is that Patrick on CFN? Like “the” Patrick? I’m gonna go tell Nudge. I promised her I would deal with dale (who has been pretty subdued). But I’ll give first dibs to Nudge on Patrick. I don’t know what it is about him. He just bores me to tears.

  14. Sorry, and I hope this site is classified.

    Ever since I found out that TNT was originally used as a yellow paint, it got me to thinking….

    Wow, that’s some really nice high-explosive yellow paint you put on your office exterior recently, Mister Jones!

    Then I learned that thermite and thermate can be applied to steel as a paint, very high tech, doncha know.

    Then Steven Jones, that wacko, said he saw usual thin chips of thermate (?) in the WTC dust. Probably just paint chips?

    Heck, there must be lots of stuff in that dust, like pulverized bone, so what the heck, tomorrow’s another day, and today was a whole lot like yesterday, and I’ll bet tomorrow will be a whole lot like today……dale

  15. A person just jotting down a long series of numbers, off the top of their head, is bound to generate statistically unlikely patterns I suppose. Try as we might, our brains are not random number generators. Still, unless the significance is just over my head, I don’t find 1 in 200 to be startling. Perhaps the atbash cypher will tell us something.


    well, i was at the beach for a week. since i’ve been back i’ve been trying to figure out who’s gonna get the iraqi oil. i’ll laugh my ass off if the chinks get it. if i remember right, we wouldn’t let them buy california oil, or something like that, a few years back.

    wednesdy’s? i think i talked to donovan over the weekend.

  17. dave, you’re thinking of the Unocal deal, that congress blocked because they didn’t like the tech transfer to the Chinese.

    are you tanned, rested and ready?

  18. dave, although I’m not sure how much this directly translates into the Chinese getting Iraqi oil, I’m guessing that Sinopec will win one or more bids to develop Iraqi oil fields. The personal story of Shahristani is interesting and might somehow turn out to be relevant. From WSJ…

    “Mr. Shahristani, who grew up in Karbala in a prominent, religious family, is a nuclear scientist by training. After studying in Moscow and spending time in London, he earned masters and doctorate degrees in nuclear chemistry at the University of Toronto. In 1978, he became chief adviser to the Iraqi Atomic Energy Commission.

    Saddam Hussein had consolidated power and become president. According to Mr. Shahristani and others, he wanted a nuclear weapon. In a face-to-face meeting with Mr. Hussein, Mr. Shahristani reminded him that Iraq had signed a nonproliferation treaty and was bound by it. Mr. Hussein told him to concentrate on science and leave politics to him, according to Mr. Shahristani and two other scientists at the meeting.

    A few days later, in December 1979, security officials took him to Iraq’s Internal Security facilities, where he was tortured for three weeks, he says. Mr. Shahristani says his torturers offered him palaces and riches if he would reconsider his refusal to work on nuclear weapons. He declined and was put into solitary confinement, where he remained for 10 years, he says. “But I never lost my will, I never lost my faith,” he says.

    In 1990, he was released from solitary confinement. A year later, the U.S. bombardment of Baghdad during the first Gulf War sowed chaos at the prison. Another inmate stole some intelligence-corps uniforms and arranged for a getaway car.

    One evening, Mr. Shahristani and two others managed to evade guards, duck into a storage room and put on the stolen uniforms. After hiding for several hours, they snuck past some visiting intelligence officers playing cards and hustled out the prison gate.”

  19. Then again, aggressive efforts to get in early and cut deals with the Kurds might backfire. Still… buying Addax is almost a no brainer.

    “China Petrochemical Corporation, the Chinese state oil company also known as Sinopec Group, said it has agreed to acquire oil explorer Addax Petroleum Corp. for 8.27 billion Canadian dollars (US$7.2 billion), in the largest overseas takeover ever by a Chinese company.

    Sinopec is the largest oil refiner in Asia by volume and China’s second-largest oil company after China National Petroleum Corp. Addax, which is based in Geneva, Switzerland, and listed in London and Toronto, is one of the largest independent oil producers in West Africa and the Middle East, with oil fields in Nigeria and the autonomous Kurdish region of northern Iraq.

    Sinopec’s audacious deal underscores the growing confidence of China on the global stage after years of treading cautiously. That era was started after China’s offshore oil champion Cnooc Ltd.’s US$18.5 billion bid for California energy company Unocal Corp. collapsed in 2005 under U.S. political pressure.

    The deal also marks a new direction for China into Africa and the Middle East. Previously, Chinese oil companies had focused more intently on Central Asia and South America. In doing so, however, Sinopec is making a major foray into the difficult and politically sensitive terrain of northern Iraq, where a number of small oil companies have signed contracts that authorities in Baghdad consider illegal.”

  20. well, you’re right, no one, not even the chinks, is just going to walk in and “get the oil”. but, it’s like a toe in the door; and once the technicians resources are on the ground, they will require defense, i guess.

    the americans are moving out soon, i guess, after getting thier asses whooped of course. seven years ago they could have made much better deals with saddam than anyone will get from sastani{sic} now. hell of a way to prove you’re the biggest and baddest dog in the world. truly a history making, epic, stupedous, beyond belief, end of anglo saxon world type fail. ya gotta love it.

    it’ll be even funnier if the russians get in.

  21. dave, you’re laughing now, but wait until the US plays the role of sore loser. Of course, it’ll be called something else. WWIII?

  22. You need to start a North Korea thread.

    NKorea threatens US; world anticipates missile

    SEOUL, South Korea – North Korea threatened Wednesday to wipe the United States off the map as Washington and its allies watched for signs the regime will launch a series of missiles in the coming days.

    “If the U.S. imperialists start another war, the army and people of Korea will … wipe out the aggressors on the globe once and for all,” the official Korean Central News Agency said.

    This is too entertaining.

  23. Opps, sorry bout that Doom. I just don’t think they can get to you. Do I think the little prick will launch em’ yeah, actually I do.

  24. Ya, MOU, Georgie and Laura are visiting us at the moment. Georgie and I go out every night and stand on the beach in Wakiwaki, point our fists toward the northwest, and shout “Bring ’em on!” much to the delight of the locals and touristas, especially those visiting from Japan.

  25. dave is praying for plague, doom is hoping for a world war, and I’m hankering for a singularity. As the saying goes… that just about covers the waterfront.

    MOU, if this noise from NoKo continues (and I’m reasonably certain that it will), a shiny new North Korea thread shall be yours.

  26. dave, you’re laughing now, but wait until the US plays the role of sore loser. Of course, it’ll be called something else. WWIII?

    well, either that or fade into the background, i guess.

    just kinda too bad that stockpiles have dropped below nuceular winter levels, i think. those fucking chinese seem to be more interested in making cheap cars and feeding 1.3b fucking slant eyed assholes than they are in building bombs. the russian are taking thier shit apart and selling it for scrap. something’s wrong with the world. let’s just hope some brave sailors floating around in a trident somewhere take matters into thier own hands soon.

  27. Who call charlie slant eyed asshole? charlie find dave and give kung fu lesson. First buy all worthwhile property in US, then drop kick dave out on street.

  28. haha charry(you can’t even pronounce your own name right) my round eye masters will have kicked me into a ditch long before you can bye up all farms in fucking ‘merica, fucking gook.

  29. “just kinda too bad that stockpiles have dropped below nuceular winter levels,”

    Wot? Who allowed that to happen? I guess we’ll just have to trust in the good judgement of our Trident commanders to do the right thing, and not F it up like that Russkie commander did in John Craven’s “The Silent War”.

    Good read, BTW.

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