Rockets Red Glare

Fireworks tonight. Watched them from a friend’s backyard overlooking the town park. Got a couple decent shots. What do ya think?

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  1. Bif-

    Good work! Much more interesting than the overblown pyrotechnics that they’ll be shooting off in my hood later in the day.

    Didn’t get a chance to go over to the Tug Hill when I was up north last week but did see 15-20 big windmills marching along a high ridge somewhere south of Scranton.

  2. Thanks D3/EE. BTW I took those with a camera in one hand and a beer in the other. Oh yes, it can be done.

    You might have noticed there’s pine tree branches in the way on the left side of the photos, but I kind of liked the effect.

  3. Always take pictures of blue fireworks.
    They are the most expensive and usually at the end.

  4. UY, is that the same reason that oil-based blue paint pigment is usually so expensive? At least it used to be when they used lapis. Only the best painters got a lot, like Michelangelo and da Vinci.

  5. I don’t think so, more the difficulty of getting the colour vs. burn temperature right. Pyro guys have ‘blue’ competitions where they see who can closest to ‘cop-light’ blue.

  6. You can get a good blue on small fireworks (fountains, some whistling compounds) but it’s really hard to get a shell burst with large blue streaks.

  7. “Yarra? You figure out bittorrent and mininova yet? I got some movies I want you to see.”

    I know this wasn’t addressed to me, but can you believed the coincidence is that I spent a significant part of the last few days crash coursing myself into the world of bittorrent. These flac torrent bootleg collectors put even Holmes’ compulsivity to shame. It’s a whole subculture that I could never truly be a part of because they’re generally not interesting enough. Regardless, I think my life has just changed. At this pace, we’re going to need a couple of extra terabytes of storage in no time.

    A whole new etiquette protocol to consider as well. Fuck that. That’s the easy part. The explosion in your universe of available knowledge is the aspect that is more diabolically difficult to manage. It’s a bit like giving Homer Simpson the security codes to the donut shoppe, chocolate factory, and all-you-can-eat rib joint and watching him try to figure out how to simultaneously eat his way through all of them.

    Yarra, you’ll love it.

  8. JR, dude… this is madness. It can’t be real. I have some links for you that you’re simply not going to believe.

  9. “What the fuck could I have said that would result in this shit.”

    Prolly failed to tow party line.

  10. Lotta that going around these days, what with all that reality nonsense trying to seep into our consciousness and shit. Why it’s just downright insidious – sorta commie like.

  11. “Yarra? You figure out bittorrent and mininova yet? I got some movies I want you to see.

    I just confirmed with an AT&T Exec (friend of my mother’s from high school) that you can’t trace this shit. It’s peer-to-peer. They don’t have the resources to track”

    Well, I got a email from my ISP(comcast) regarding “The Good Shepherd” and Me and Torrents and P2P. I downloaded the film the same week the dvd was released. I think the studios make an effort to stop their new releases from going viral. The email from comcast said that Universal Pictures had some crazy idea that my IP# was involved in the torrent. Oops! So I installed “Peer Gurdian 2”, which is a fire-wall type program that co-exists with other firewalls, and blocks 758,565,036 IP#s that might be looking for downloaders.
    The funny thing is that Peer Guardian tells me who is trying to join the swarm of downloaders. Frequently, it is an Abu Dabai government agency dl’ing a “R” rated film with some skin, or Xuzhou Tax Bureau getting some mp3s for the Ipod.

    My rules:
    1. only year old films are DL’ed, or older. The less commercial the file, the more likely no one is trying to prevent the distribution.
    2. use Peer Guardian 2
    3. upload at a reasonable rate- this has no effect on your dl speed. Share.
    4. encrypt your data exchanges, so your ISP can’t tell what the traffic is.
    5. use random ports each time you start your torrent app.

    #4 and #5 are settings w/in the torrent application.

    I have not received any other emails from my ISP since then.

    I hear that if you dl Vista, Microsoft pays you.☺

  12. “I hear that if you dl Vista, Microsoft pays you.☺” Well, THAT explains why Windows 7 RC is so easy to get – for free. And it’s better software – relatively speaking.

    AU, thanks for the Peer Guardian tip. I recently played around with torrents for a couple of weeks and always avoided movies, for the very reasons you cite.

  13. “it appears that you had an extremely strong right to left wind wherever you were.”

    Yes. That is a fact. Good call.

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