G-8 Summit


[Unofficial transcribed excerpts from The One’s tweet thread.]

“Sarko, baby… help me out. What were we here for again?”

“Michele said something about America having natural gas so plentiful it’s practically free (so you Euros can go suck Russian ass!) Medvedev likes Black Sabbath. I wonder if he was impressed with my wife’s purse? Ehh… proly not.”

“Note to Self: Just say ‘no’ to the periwinkle neckties, unless it’s still spring… or if I’m south of the Equator in a country where English is spoken.”

x x x

Update from JR (hate to ruin the party):


30 Replies to “G-8 Summit”

  1. let’s see if dave can add a witty remark in keeping with his reputation in this matter.

    i was going to say the the french are used to getting it from the rear.

  2. Lawdy. Two buns, all beef…uh, Sarko, do they really call a Quarter Pounder with cheese a Royale with cheese?

  3. G-8 Nights. Rockin’ G-8.

    Really? A Royale with cheese? Do you know they actually eat great big French fry sandwiches with mayonaise over there? Its called a Continental. I am not shitting you.

    Kozy is such a dork, they should have elected that brazen communist hussy Segolene Royale. I rather liked her very much. And you already know how I feel about Yulia Tymoshenko, but sadly shes just G-25.

    Its all about cutting a dashing figure at the G-8. Here’s our Pierce Brosnan in action a couple years ago. What a party it was:

    Awh. They cut off the part where Merckel throws her shoes at him.

    I’m trying to find the one where he runs around all zany with the lampshade on his head. What a nut. It was the G-7 + five sixteenths that night.

  4. I swear these guys must never change clothes — at least not during their annual July frolic.


    MOU, you might be on to something. The evidence in favor of your hypothesis is mounting. I wonder if Carla has EC on the speed dial for those times when Kozy is fully immersed in conspicuous petting with Barrack.

    Is Obama really doing a bit of soft shoe in front of the leaders of the Western world, or is that my societal conditioning kicking in again? I’m just as much the victim here as anyone! See… I’m coming over finally to the hope camp.

  5. That’s a great picture. Michelle (assuming from the frumpy clothes that it’s her right behind the O-man) seems to be distracted with texting someone. The guy to the president’s left is amusedly watching.

    JR, do you have that one in high res? My boss would get a hoot out of it.

  6. Hi Nudge,

    That gent next to him is Sarkozy. The woman behind is not Michelle, I don’t think. Only reason I said anything is that it gives you more to read in the picture to know these things. I would hazard a guess Sarkozy knows not only that Obama is checking out the butt, but also that the picture is being snapped.

    I have a way to settle the underwear problem.

    Make them all wear kilts, the women too.

  7. Probably this woman walked up, caught him a little off gaurd, and he spontaneously launched into a moonwalk. So what. Who hasn’t?

  8. No one has been punked!

    EE and JR, that video only starts once the girl is up the stairs (i.e., well after the still picture was taken).

    Ahhh… this is all bullshit. A perfectly purposeless conference. I knew there would be nothing to write about in terms of actual G-8 substance, so I went early with the magenta booty distracter.

    Bunn out.

  9. “EE and JR, that video only starts once the girl is up the stairs (i.e., well after the still picture was taken).” -bunnbunn


    The viddy returns to the scene of the so-called ogle around minute mark 0:54 and clearly vindicates Obama (he is turning to help the woman in the gaudy blue skirt down from the platform and she and Miss Magenta bump during the transaction) but not Sarkozy.

    Frankly I don’t think Sarko was paying any attention to MM either but was having a private joke with himself about what a boondoggle these get togethers are.

  10. Vindication my ass!!!! I have no idea what you’re looking at. MM was already up on the stage and turned around well before 0:54. Why don’t they show the part of the clip that includes the time of the still image? Ask yourself that question. Go get Doom to help you with the forensics. It’s possible that the women in the gaudy blue skirt said something to O causing him to turn, and if that is the case, it is also possible that she saw MM approaching and wanted to distract O from looking at her… cause, well, that is what women do sometimes in such situations. No offense. Also, it is certainly possible for O to turn to help this other lady and simultaneously gaze at MM’s ass, which opportunity presented itself with perfect timing, regardless of why he initially turned.

  11. Boys will be boys!!

    [What’s this I hear about a secret someone emailed me on? I am sure it must be somewhat one-sided, scandalous, and scare-inducing for one party.]

    Oh there’s nothing like “the smell of napalm in the morning”. Carry on, carry on.

  12. JR, we’ve been through this. You are fully checked out to solo on the F-22 issue. Somebody did an in-depth post and comments on F35 vs. F22, I think. Its probably chock full of inside scoop, keen insight, production cost estimates, tips on mid-air refueling for ZKers, and bonus Youtubes.

  13. “…it is certainly possible for O to turn to help this other lady and simultaneously gaze at MM’s ass”

    Good call, its possibly true, I’ve been guilty of that one myself.

  14. The people at the HBB provided the correct captioning for the picture at the top of this post:

    “At the G-8 summit to discuss world markets, French and US leaders appear to both clearly see a well-defined bottom.”

    JR, check the IPs.

  15. “Why don’t they show the part of the clip that includes the time of the still image?” –bunnbunn


    This nonsense is much ado about absolutely nothing other than getting a jillion eyeballs to somebody’s (somebodies’) wesite(s). Especially guys. Just goes to show how easy for today’s sophomoric populace to make an ass out of itself.

  16. Bif, the very people who support Obama are the first to underestimate his multitasking talents. I guess this video proves me wrong on that count… ha ha ha.

    Thank you, EE. My work is done here (on this thread).

    Now everyone go outside and enjoy the fresh air. Do like Remus says and don’t spend any money. Cheers.

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