Lovin’ Cup

“By the spring of 1971, the Stones chose to abandon their home country of England to avoid the amount of taxes the British government expected the band to pay. The Stones would have to leave by 5 April, or the government would have seized their assets. After much consideration, the Stones chose to settle in France at Villefranche-sur-Mer, near Nice, where guitarist Keith Richards had rented Nellcôte, the “Gestapo headquarters during the Second World War,” according to Richards, complete with swastikas on the floor vents. It was here that the Stones would begin work constructing their next album.” – Wiki

"No really mate, she's my auntie"

This album was a disaster in its making, but somehow turned out to be their best work, IMO. As a young long-haired teenager I bought Exile on Main Street in the fall of ‘72 and played it so much it wore out. Its long gone but I still have most of the dozen or so Exile postcards that came tucked in its dust jacket. (I should take this opportunity to mention that I do have my original dust jacket for Sticky Fingers – and the Andy Warhol zipper still works – but the record is of course unplayable).

According to the wiki article, Loving Cup wasn’t recorded during the drug haze at Nellcôte, but sometime later in Los Angeles, and then added to the mix. That’s OK, the song resonates of the Exile and Let it Bleed periods (“Oooooh, what a beautiful buuuuzzz, what a beautiful buzz!”). I can still see Bianca in her long dress and big white hat. And me hanging out on Friday night in front of the Dunkin Donuts in downtown Framingham, and McNamara working the late shift up at the World Bank. What a beautiful buzz.

10 Replies to “Lovin’ Cup”

  1. I’m trying to remember correctly. But I belive it was around 1986 or 1987. Maybe a year before or later, but I was entering college, and I had had a Rolling Stone subscription since 1984 or maybe 1982. I honestly can’t remember, i’ve still got issues in a milk-crate in the basement somewhere. Actually, I know exactly where they are, and they are ratty, but never touched by flood. I can’t say the same for what was once the world’s most awesome Hendrix collection.

    Anyway. whatever year it was… wait, it had to be earlier then, maybe 85… so they published the hundred best albums of all time.

    I think this was the order.

    1) Beatles Sergeant Pepper (Duh, I mean, at the time, duh)
    2) Stones – Exile on Main Street
    3) Clash – Sandanista

    I grew up with the Beatles. I lived overseas and my parents were sent or had hippie friends who provided every beatles album until the white album. And Dylan. So I knew all that shit down. I knew the white album when I was 2. So Sgt. Pepper was no problem.

    But I had never really got into the stones until I was maybe 8 or 9 and living in the states and hearing them on the radio all the time.

    The clash I discovered myself when combat rock became a “hit” with rock the casbah in 1981 or so. I got into the clash and owned sandanista by this time. Weird, but true. I had it on cassette. I should force one of my relatives to buy me a CD remix, deluxe for my birthday. It was one of my favorites. But I never discussed this with anybody, people would have thought I was weird. The Rolling Stone piece made me rethink that position.

    Anyway, I had never heard of “Exile on Mainstreet.” I bought it the next day on CD. One of my sisters stole it from me maybe 5 or 6 years later. I have used this as cassus belli to steal anything I want from those three from now until hell freezes over. After all, I taught those bitches what the Rolling Stones are all about. I notice on any occasion we are together they seem to find a copy of Let it Bleed to play something that will make me particularly happy at just the right moment.

    Weirdly I can’t find any of my Stones CDs. And I bought all of them through Black and Blue. I was given Tattoo You.

    Anyway, “Exile” is my favorite album of all time, but Loving Cup is my least favorite song. They play it too much on the radio.

  2. Exile is indeed probably they’re best. Steel wheels and Some girls were worthy follow-ons, then their wheels really did fall off the tracks. They became entertainers and musical performers, no longer recording artists. It would have happened to the Beatles even, had they not the conviction to quit while on top.

  3. You’re fucking with me D3PO, I had a lot of sex to Some Girls. I think, that was a 3 month period of my life where I had a decent quaalude connection – I’ll tell you the story some time, it’s not pretty (I don’t remember personally, one girl who I love dearly claims she does, I pieced it together very quickly). But it is one of the “disco” albums. (Chicks can’t tell the difference.)

  4. I DON’T listen to the radio. EVER. Except for NPR on the days I drive to work. And then only 1/4 the time.

    I’m talking radio like that rock’n’roll classic shit you hear in every store you are in. How many fucking times do I need to hear the Eagles’ or Steve Millers’ or ahhhhhhhh! I fucking hate classic hits! Play the rare stuff. You know what I’m saying.

    For every THOUSAND times you hear “Whole Lotta Love” – You will NEVER hear Hot Dog. I’ll Bet You. My next foray doesn’t count.

  5. eh, do yourself a favor and drag all that shit out to the nearest dumpster and toss it. you’re living in the past. i can see it from here. it’s not good for a young up and coming retard, er, i mean young man.

  6. sorry, it’s just that skinny, rich pussies playing the guitar and singing and fucking all the good looking girls, while i have to sit here and spray wd40 on my dick and jerk off to the bikini models in some cheeaply produced gun porn, get my goat sometimes.

  7. “young up and coming retard”

    Coming from you Dave, I’ll take that as a compliment.

    Living in the past is not good, its true, and neither is putting WD40 on your dick. So let that be a lesson to all the rest of you.

  8. Apparently Keith couldn’t drive stick, and when he got an old manual nazi staff car, he used to lurch off in top gear, whence he found he could drive it like an auto.
    Fucking retard.

    (from ‘up and down with the rolling stones’)

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