Trading Terrorists for Hostages?

Doesn’t McCarthy realize that long-standing American policies, such as not trading terrorists for hostages, are now a part of acceptable collateral damage? A larger mission, namely, appeasing Iran and attempting to more fully insinuate this country into the globalist infrastructure, for Obama and his sponsors, is vastly more important than silly concerns such as American policy or credibility.

I had been holding out for a long time for a super plush diplomatic appointment. Forget all that. Nothing tops being an Iranian diplomat. I’ll stick to pondering warm fuzzy ideas such as nuclear technology for all and how this might serve as a living laboratory (and grant money magnet) for Evolutionary Psychology theorists.

Obama Frees Iranian Terror Masters

In Iran, it is no longer enough for a rickety regime, whose anti-American vitriol is its only vital sign, to rig the “democratic” process. This time, blatant electoral fraud was also required to mulct victory for the mullahs’ candidate. The chicanery ignited a popular revolt. But the brutal regime guessed right: The new American president would be supportive. So sympathetic is Obama to the mullahs’ grievances — so hostile to what he, like the regime, sees as America’s arrogant militarism — that he could be depended on to go as far as politics allowed to help the regime ride out the storm.

And so he has. Right now, politics will allow quite a lot: With unemployment creeping toward 10 percent, the auto industry nationalized, the stimulus revealed as history’s biggest redistribution racket (so far), and Democrats bent on heaping ruinous carbon taxes and socialized medicine atop an economy already crushed by tens of trillions in unfunded welfare-state liabilities, Iran is barely on anyone’s radar screen.

So Obama is pouring it on while his trusty media idles. When they are not looking the other way from the carnage in Iran’s streets, they are dutifully reporting — as the AP did — that the Irbil Five are mere “diplomats.” Obama frees a terrorist with the blood of American troops on his hands, and the press yawns. Senators Jeff Sessions and Jon Kyl press for answers about the release of the terrorist and Obama’s abandonment of a decades-old American policy against trading terrorists for hostages, and the silence is deafening.

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  1. “But this neo-Communist well from which Obama drew holds that the world order is a maze of injustice, racism, and repression.”


    Didn’t you or some other ZKer post the link to this last week?

    Israelis have a way of saying things. It was a subtle acknowledgement of political realities in Tehran. Speaking to the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee of the Knesset (parliament) last Tuesday, Israel’s spymaster could foresee that the protests in Iran would run out of steam. According to Ha’aretz newspaper, Dagan said: “Election fraud in Iran is no different than what happens in liberal states during elections. The struggle over the election results in Iran is internal and is unconnected to its strategic aspirations, including its nuclear program.”

    He explained: “The world, and we, already know Ahmadinejad. If the reformist candidate Mousavi had won, Israel would have had a more serious problem, because it would need to explain to the world the danger of the Iranian threat, since Mousavi is perceived in the international arena as a moderate element. It is important to remember that he is the one who began Iran’s nuclear program when he was prime minister.”

  2. EE, Mousavi may have been a balloon and something of an unknown quantity, lacking Khomeini base, etc. as discussed, but I think what is happening to Iranian protesters is real — not just special effects.

    Even so, as I’ve said before, most Americans don’t give a shit (about the Middle East) and maybe, at best, are curious to see if the forces of modernity will prevail over the 12th Century or some such humorous characterization of the situation.

    JR, I’m going to go finish watching “Fog of War”. I’ll tell you this much: McNamara is either one tongue in cheek bastard, characterizing Castro as “rational”, or profoundly overrated as an intellect. More comments to follow, I hope.

  3. JR I agree. Things are happening on different levels in this film. It is expertly made. The camera takes advantage of his facial expressions in a way that he comes off tragic and pathetic. This was deliberate.

    I also agree you have to watch it a couple times, time permitting.

  4. wiki sez
    The Interrotron
    The Interrotron is a device similar to a teleprompter: Errol and his subject each sit facing a camera. The image of each person’s face is then projected onto the lens of the other’s camera. Instead of looking at a blank lens, then, both Morris and his subject are looking directly at a human face. (Diagram) Morris believes that the machine encourages monologue in the interview process, while also encouraging the interviewees to “express themselves to camera”.[6]

    The name “Interrotron” was coined by Morris’s wife, who, according to Morris, “liked the name because it combined two important concepts — terror and interview.”[7]

  5. 5 for 1 exchange, 5 iranis for 1 ‘merican, i think. that’s not real good bargaining, typical nigger.

  6. “McCarthy belongs in Dickipedia with the other dicks.”

    Maybe so. I don’t know the guy.

    Being a dick and making factually correct incisive comments, as far as I know, have never been mutually exclusive endeavors. (They’re more likely mutually dependent.)

    So do you have anything to say about the substance of what he said?

    McCarthy’s politics and potential motivations aside, the press has mostly ignored this story. Maybe you think it’s just not that important, or that it’s the price of “progress” in some greater constellation of ambition. Maybe you’re right.

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  8. And in another matter, here’s a plea for former Alabama Guv, Don Seigelman:

    PLEASE, PLEASE call and write today. Ask for the removal of Leura Canary and her prosecutors, and ask that DOJ in Washington appoint unbiased prosecutors to review my motion for a new trial.

    Siegelman goes on to provide the pertinent contact information:

    Hon. Rahm Emanuel
    Chief of Staff to President Obama
    The White House
    1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
    Washington, DC 20500
    (202) 456-1111
    fax: (202) 456-2461

    Hon. Tim Kaine
Democratic National Committee
    430 S. Capitol St. SE
    Washington, DC 20003
    (202) 863-8000

  9. Bunn, you caught me being lazy. OK I will do some work.

    First there’s the title. Obama Frees Iranian Terror Masters.

    Terror masters? Doesn’t exactly seem so from reading some of the accounts. U.S. forces went into the Irbil consulate looking for Gen. Minojahar Frouzanda, the Revolutionary Guard intelligence chief, and Mohammed Jafari, deputy head of Iran’s National Security Council. They weren’t there, and we wanted to come out of there with some warm bodies, so we grabbed these five middle-management types. Now these guys were no angels mind you. This from the Washington Post:

    “The Irbil five are members of the elite Quds Force, an arm of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps charged with Iran’s clandestine foreign operations. The Quds Force has ties to the Hezbollah, Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad militant groups as well as to Iraqi political movements that the United States has supported.”

    Iran had been allowed to establish a consulate here in Iraq however, and they were staffing it. What were we expecting, the Iranian Chamber of Commerce? What’s in our embassies? After sizing up these five characters it turns out they weren’t very interesting, at least not to some in the Bush Whitehouse. Again from the Wapo article:

    “Differences over the five Iranians reflect an emerging divide on how to deal with Iran. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice went into the meeting Tuesday advising that the men be freed because they are no longer useful, but after a review of options she went along with the consensus, U.S. officials say. Vice President Cheney’s office made the firmest case for keeping them. Their capture signals that Iran’s actions are monitored and that Iranian operatives face seizure.”

    As McCarthy suggests of Obama, did Condoleezza Rice want the mullahs to win? Did Sean Hannity and Andrew McCarthy cry “Treason!”? They say the media is sleeping through this now, why were they sleeping through it then? Do they secretly hate America? Why did some in our government want these “Terror Masters” back at their task so soon? Well, because it turned out they were of low value and were not worth the trouble it sounds like. Judging from the Wapo article, it seems Cheney thought they at least had value as a “signal” to Iran, that “we’re watching.” I don’t agree with Cheney on much, but this sounds like it was a good move to me, under the circumstances, and at this time in the Iraq war. And afterall, years ago the Iranians went into our embassy and took our people and held them hostage, what the hell, lets give them some of their own medicine and show them we can be assholes too. All is fair in war. But if these five guys were seen as Terror Masters, you sure don’t get that impression from the reporting on Cheney’s position, at the time. Seems we were all about sending signals with these five, not hanging terrorists.

    So instead of going with Rices’s recommendation back then, and releasing them, two years later Obama is using them as chips in a prisoner swap. Hannity and McCarthy are playing it up, falling on the floor, clawing their chests in pain, mourning for their country. Why now the alarm? What changed? Its all political theatre, that’s why.

    Don’t get me wrong. You catch a Qud out there in the countryside doing shenanigans that could lead to our people getting hurt, shoot’em for all I care. But you start grabbing people out of consulates and embassies you better have the goods on them. If not, you make these diplomatic outposts fair game anywhere in the world. It cuts both ways. As Secretary of State, that’s maybe what Condoleeza and her foreign service types were thinking, and maybe why McCarthy and Hannity gave her a pass. Call me naïve, but if the Irbil five were high value, they’d still be wearing orange jumpsuits, or they’d be dead.

    Now can we please at least consider McCarthy for Dickipedia? Please?

  10. Bif, we can certainly award Hannity a prominent Dickipedia entry. I can’t believe you, of all progressive enlightened folk, would deign to listen to that simpleton. Imagining you listening to Hannity in your car is freaking me out. That aside, you raise a lot of good points. The title: obviously volitionally inflammatory. Terror masters, as in masters of terrorists, or controllers of terrorists, perhaps. Cheney was far too clever to let history show that these guys were set loose to “free range” at his behest. So yes, they have been bargaining chips on ice, waiting for someone — here, Obama — to do something with them.

    dave, in his inimitably colorful fashion, suggests correctly I think that Obama didn’t get the best bargain that he might have been able to push for. But we don’t know what else is going on behind the scenes. From Obama’s perspective, he probably saw this as having little-to-no political cost among his base, so fuck it! Having Hannity jump all over you is practically a badge of honor among the crowd that celebrity president runs with.

  11. Sorry I gave the impression that I’m Hannity listener! Oh my poor reputation! I was just reading about some of his angry rants on this issue. I promise. In fact, I think its why I got suspiscious.

    I know what you mean about the short end of the deal on the swap. Seems we always have to give up a bunch of their guys to get back our one guy.

    Wasn’t there a Brittish diplomat who got all insulted a few years ago because his release was secured through the swap of a single low-level dirt bag? He said something like, “Thanks for taking so long. Is this all you were offering them?”

  12. Upon being informed that your ransom to a particularly heinous Afghan warlord constituted a fully-loaded Mr. T Pezz Dispenser, three moons of Viagra samples, a case of Tecate Light, and several bankers boxes of lightly used Asian big tit porn, the harsh fact that you’re not a “high value” captive comes into full view.

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