It’s Not Your Water to Take


Judge rules against Atlanta in regional water wars

A federal judge on Friday ruled against Georgia in the state’s water dispute with Alabama and Florida, deciding that Atlanta-area municipalities must stop withdrawing water from a massive federal reservoir within three years unless they can get approval from Congress.

U.S. District Court Judge Paul Magnuson said Lake Lanier wasn’t built for water supply and the state’s withdrawals are illegal. He acknowledged it would be impossible to immediately stop using the lake because it is metro Atlanta’s main water supply for 4 million people. But he said if the state can’t get permission from Congress within three years, the withdrawals must end.

The judge made the right call. Sprawling growth and consumption in Atlanta is completely out of hand and has been for a couple decades. This may end up in the Supreme Court one day however as this monstrous steaming clusterfuck of a metropolis has already been built and will totally implode without a huge supply of water. And realistically, is a court order someday going to close the aquaducts? Or what?  One thing is for sure, there is no fixing Atlanta at this point.

In the meantime do you suppose any new building permits can be issued in the Atlanta region? Seems not, there better not be, unless and until Congress acts in Atlanta’s favor. Another question is how a Democratic congress will approach a three-way water fight between these Republican states.

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  1. “Another question is how a Democratic congress will approach a three-way water fight between these Republican states.”

    Easy answer: metro areas typically vote Democratic, therefore the Demo congress with vote in favor of Atlanta, with Repubs voting for the other states.

    Isn’t Lake Lanier practically a duck pond by now, anyway?

    In time, I predict the whole thing will dry up and blow away.

  2. Good call. Atlanta is a blue island floating in a red sea. I’m thinking Congress will want to coddle Florida though, we’ll have to see.

    The outer ring of the suburban swath around Atlanta (longest commute times in the country and entirely auto dependant) will be among the first large scale suburban areas in the country to get thoroughly toasted.

  3. So is “Just Another Statistic” banned for life from TOD? I did not know this. The last we left this, you thought they might do so, and you were being rather unkind to poor ignorant Gail.

    Yeah, now that I reread that last comment, it sounds like something “asoka the producers” would say/write. I was trying to pull two, maybe three thoughts together, you making amends to Gail (I know, never gonna happen) and helping a poor thristy Atlanta gal (the town’s drying up) with some nice Boston export. Und voila! It fell to its knees, dying in the dry Georgia sun.

    So, you don’t like beer? And you like live in Boston metro? They are supposed to have world-class pubs in Boston. I’m saddened by the irony in that. How far away is the “Cheers” pub? Ever go there? I’m sure they serve hard stuff. Must be a tourist trap, eh?

  4. I actually worked for some months in a brewery doing LAN fit-outs. ALL the beer is brewed in the same vats and uses the same pumps.
    Home-brew shits on any commercial product.

  5. tipping-

    Where the hell have you been? I was hoping you would breeze by at some point or another and see this. My youngest nephew just graduated high school and has also just enlisted in the Army Airborne Ranger program. He heads off to basic on November 18 and I want to be as supportive as I can.

    While I had a long talk with him last month, the military, war, combat, fighting, killing, dying, etc. are alien to me except as abstract concepts.

    Any good advice you might have would be welcome.

  6. Hi Tip, flattery appreciated. Its good to know there are a few ambassadors of my likeness out there in the world, and that they are making a positive impression on the campers. Tell’em to keep up the good work!

  7. Doom that was funny by the way. If you are at sea long enough I could imagine how a big fish could start looking like Elizabeth Taylor, especially after a few beers. Black Label aside, at least you had the decency to not dance the tango with the poor thing. But who knows, its no secret that for thousands of years mariners have seen (and done) some of the weirdest shit.

  8. Hey EE. I don’t have any words of wisdom. I don’t think there is anything you can say to him now anyway. He hasn’t actually experienced anything yet.

    The best thing you can do is send letters, pictures, magazine etc. when he gets over there. E-mails are nice but it’s not the same as getting a care package, even if it’s only a box of chocolates and a note saying “we’re thinking of you” When he comes back, there’s a good chance that if he saw action, thats not something he would be comfortable talking about with a civilian. That doesn’t mean you can’t express your support for him, just don’t be surprised or offended if your efforts are rebuffed.

    Oh, and tell people that your nephew is overseas. My nephew’s Boy Scout Troop and my daughter’s preschool class sent my husband projects while he was gone. It’s just nice to know that what you’re doing is appreciated, even if it’s little kids.

  9. Yes, and we’ve just got our first 21st century nuclear-powered attack submarine, the USS Hawaii, home-berthed in Pearl Harbor. It’s a Virginia-class submarine, bigger than the old Los Angeles-class attack submarines, with fewer crew, but has lots of room for Tomahawk missiles as well as up to 24 4,000 pound Mark 47 torpedos!

    There’s no periscope! Instead they use “Photonics masts”, operated by joysticks.

    One of the crew was quoted: “The technology on the Hawaii is just amazing. There’s a lot to see down the road. I’m not sure what the (Pacific) has in store for us. I’m sure a lot of exciting things.”

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