Nudge requests ZK support for mid-summer offensive
Nudge requests ZK take the lead in late-summer offensive.

Nudge, the prolific extrapolator of the modern human trajectory, is unplugging her keyboard and embarking on a hiatus from blogdom, whereupon she will pursue an assortment of worldly passions.  Salute!

10 Replies to “Nudged”

  1. “Have any of you fellas seen a tall Germanic anti-industrial sort of guy preaching a symbolic language-style yet utilitarian sermon in these parts? What I mean is genuine unplugged handyman exploits.”

    “How tall, lady?”

    “See how tall I am? Taller.”

  2. “See that wall behind me?
    That’s where we’re going to shoot the fool who doubled up on the ‘8’ sign.”

  3. Nudge: “After the war is over, we’ll all live in bright cities powered from far away power plants and commute from sprawling suburbs over vast interstate highway systems. Everyone will be happily entertained by the glow of televised shows in their living rooms and will be communicating with friends and family over widespread telephone lines and even wireless radio.”

    Boys: Wow!

    Nudge: “Yes, and even Dick Tracey’s wrist communcator will become a realty. It will cause problems, however, when communters attempt to use them whilst driving their automobiles. Like some men have problems driving with women along the roadside today.”

    Boys: Ohhh….

  4. Nurse Nudge: You all have the Clap.

    ZK Boys: What! That’s not possible.

    Nurse Nudge: Well your tests all came back positive.

    ZK Boys: Not possible, a bunch of us got promoted to corporals just last week.

    Nurse Nudge: Uh, and…?

    ZK Boys: We heard the clap only affects privates!

  5. i sincerely hope that dave will post his cows moving around the barn video clips again. i miss the excitement, the action. it’s kinda dead around here now.

  6. It’s no true amigo, I don not hate OEO/zsazsa/aszasz/zzzzz. Sometimes he really pisses me off, but he moron than makes up for that behavior lapse by sticking it to all the CFN morons and fucktards, and they are legion, on a regular basis. And, he somehow manages to live in Cleveland.

    Oh OK, if you want me to, I’ll mosey over there, but I’ll just end up getting into a fight with dick-head dale, or asoka the producers.

    If you see me at CFN, you’ll know I’m only there because you asked for me to be there. This will of course cost you plenty.

    I love the irony of those you love to see posting there, posting over here on YOUR blog, instead. So thick you can cut it with a knife.

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