The Joker Thread

The Joker

Last week, I thought for sure that BHO was the Batman. Wrong. Turns out he’s the Joker.

This comes as no surprise to those of us who abstained from voting for him. But we are all to share in the blame anyway, ehh? My purpose is not to be political, but rather to provide you with pretty pictures to look at.

That said, I have to give credit where it is due, namely to Tammy Bruce for posting these other L.A. Joker sighting pics.

By popular demand, a reverse chronological partial history of influences…


Vanity Fair cover (about a year ago)

Keith Ledger as The Joker

The Joker in Batman#1 (1940)

Harlequin (1901) by Pablo Picasso

A fool in a long yellow gown teases a dog with his bauble (c. 1495-1505)

Voeux du paon (c. 1350)

52 Replies to “The Joker Thread”

  1. It has been remarkable. This has proved that it is possible to do the wrong thing in a hopeless situation. But still, he is much more popular than his policies, which would be funny except, well, you know…

  2. “This comes as no surprise to those of us who abstained from voting for him. But we are all to share in the blame anyway, ehh?”

    Abstained? And you call yourself a ZK editor?

    Relax, rabbits can’t vote, even omniscient ones, so you get a pass.

  3. Woah shit, did I play that loud. The neighbors probably hate me. It was good though. I feel better now.

  4. Just came in from a walk. There are fair number of bats, little brown bats I think, all over the night sky along my street. My hunch is that those adults lucky enough to make it through the winter were very successful raising families. The large insect population, especially mosquitoes (from all the rain), didn’t hurt.

  5. musta been 2003 or so, back when i was fucking the living shit outta courtney; and in this case fucking means stalking. she gave me a box of of chocolates and told me that this is “the” heart shaped box. giving is often synonomous with breaking and entering. anyhoo, i have “the” heart shaped box.

  6. i just hated nirvana cause i had to give up wearing spandex after nevermind. too many fights: like someasshole would say: hey whaddaya think, it’s 1985? take off the spandex vince (a referance to vince niel). then i’d have have to go over a kick the living shit outta the wise ass and his buddies, infront of thier fucking douche bag whore girlfriends, no less.

  7. then some whore would jump on my back, try to be a hero for her pussy boyfriend. but i never gave a shit i’d punch the cunt right in the eye. take that, i’d say; that’ll teach you, maybe, teach you to have a cunt fer a boyfriend.

  8. then she’d, invariably, cause this happened more than just once, hold her hand on her eye and start crying and begging for for boyfriend to get up and kick the shit outta the bastard, you bastard, who punched her the the eye and made it all purple and ugly and fast. fat chance, jonny was pretending to be passed out and just hoping that i would stop kicking him in the face. all becaus eof nirvana. and that’s why i used the fuck the shit out of courtney, in my dreams.

  9. Ahhh… it’s good to know that the Marketing Department is only a heartbeat behind the news. Or is it the other way around? No matter. All I have to say is I’m glad I’m not reading CFN anymore. I try every week, but get too disgusted before I’m even a few paragraphs into it.

    Anyhow… Taleb (in the Black Swan, which I’m listening to on audio tape — I got it for free from some kind person, as I can’t say I’d recommend paying for it) says something like “Nobody predicted the demise of the Soviet Union.” Bullshit! Peter Drucker was predicting that shit back in the late 80’s. Taleb’s own arrogance as a purported expert, a state of mind which he explicitly warns his readers against, is his own undoing. A brazen and epic pratfall born of scandalously lazy fact checking.

    You know who really needs to STFU and read The Black Swan is Spengler, who keeps prattling on incessantly about demographics dictating the future of various peoples. Fuck him (Spengler) for being so stupid.

  10. Maybe I just resent the narrator (of the Black Swan audio book) because he takes such pride in his correct pronunciation of French names. I would be equally distracted if it were any other language, similar to the way I shudder when seeing the “Ethnic Hair Care” sign at Target. Last time (the first time actually), I broke into a cold sweat thinking that separate water fountains were just around the corner. When asked if I wanted to open an account and save 10% off my purchase, I reflexively declined. I must have freaked them out when I paid with cash. Fucking proles.

    Back to Spengler: The only reason I’m giving him such a hard time is because of his numerous erroneous predictions that Iran would get attacked before Bush left office. I knew it would never happen (and said it over and over again) and it didn’t happen. Yeah, I was right. So what. Well, if you look over at Asia Times, he seems to have been demoted from the first string. It’s a slow fade, but I hope he keeps writing anyway. He just needs to apply himself to areas other than making predictions about Iran. He could make a perfectly good reputation for himself critiquing current pop culture confections and such. I mean the guy has talent, but not necessarily as an economist or prognosticator.

  11. I hated the narrator. At first. But you are new to audio books (I hope). After the first 30 pages you’ll not only confuse him with the author and your own head, you’ll start to talk like him.

    It is not a cathartic moment or shocking in any way. It happens months later while you are half asleep unclogging a drain or getting into an argument with your cable box. And still it only quite half hits you. But it registers and you remember back 8 months to disc 19 and you say to yourself: oh… shit.

    I’ve read the Black Swan 3 times. Once straight through. I’ve listened to the audio book twice, never straight through.

    I’ve read 700 other books. I like Taleb. I don’t worship him like I worship Motorhead’s view of the Devil, But his voice doesn’t matter. I grew up around these accents. The richest guy I know, the best friend of my father and mother and family sounds exacrtly like Taleb to me. Taleb is Lebanese. This dude is Greek. He’s my father’s best friend. My father says he’s pissed he broke up with his wife.

    You know why? She was a good cook. I met her. She was more than a good cook.

    People suck. They stick with their friends.

    I try to stick with ideas.

    Tuesday’s Gone. Freebird.

  12. You did make this the Open Post for November, and for that I thank you. I was like pussy-whipped and stupid without having actually even… nevermind…

    I want to disagree with you, but I can’t find reasonable grounds to do so.

    I want to respect our President, I just can’t find a single issue I can respect him on. I read magazines.

    My personal feeling is that he is not actually serious about running a nation of 300 million with a $650 Billion Dollar defense budget. American Dollars.

    I agree with Raimondo. I don’t like silly, simplistic, Presidential comparisons, and I don’t think Raimondo does either, but I think he makes a valid point.

    You don’t need to make anything two-way. Make it three-way.

    Johnson-Afghanistan-Obama. It works. At least in August.

    This war is fucked. I just shut down two major blogs on the war. One dude had to ban me. The other’s readers finally came around. These are readers and writers much smarter than me. But I’ll take all the credit. My source material was the books I read, the news I read and watch daily, my own expertise in the art of war – Observing the art of war. I tend to stay away from war. If you shot me I would probably bleed to death.

    It’s too early too tell, but in my life I know the importance Justin Raimondo and Kelley Vlahos play. And they are only Brigadier Generals in my sick little hierarchy.

    OK, back to CFN to see if I’ve turned Asoka yet.

  13. I need Help. Big Time. This may be beyond your capabilities. But I need some serious help fast. Like 3 or 4 days, tops. I need somebody to teach me some shit fast. I have no time to read a book. I need art lessons. Not like drawing. Like history and knowledge.

    I am going to become an expert in 48 hours or my life is over.
    Wait. I need to sleep first. starting 10 am, I am considering my life over.

    Anybody that can help me dig myself out of this grave – Medal of Honor.

    This is not some shit.

    You need to compress everything into 40 hours for the Rico so he can digest it and be ready to regurgitate it in Rico Form (which is invisible and has a vaguely minty smell).

    OK. I’m not kidding, you need to do this for me. Medal of Honor. Whatever. You name it you got it.

    I do not want no shit. This is hardcore. Subject:…

    “Titian, Tintoretto, Veronese: Rivals in Renaissance Venice” MFA Boston

    Educamate me, and I swear you will never have to pay for a hotel in this area for the rest of your life. You or your wife. Just send the important links. (I’m not a moron, I can wiki, make me a genius on the subject).

    Keep in mind I gotta be able to tell the difference between these wops.

    If I were to lay money, I’d say me or Dave would do the best job.

    I swear to GOD. I’m gonna get this chick and then I’m gonna pawn her to Schumacher for one lap around Spa.

  14. haha, one of my fucking retard kids lives in boston; so i don’t keep a hotel room there. not that i would ever go to boston in the first place.

  15. All I have to say is I’m glad I’m not reading CFN anymore. I try every week, but get too disgusted before I’m even a few paragraphs into it.

    yes, it is very bad. every week jhk presents slight variations on single theme. then, of course, the same comenters make the same comments, week after week.

  16. Regarding the Joker. If you saw the movie, that smile was cut permanently into his face. That poster is a great composition.

    Send in the Clowns.

  17. You want clowns?!?

    I’ve got your jesters, fools and harlequins from the dawn of recorded clown history!

    I added a gallery of additional photos to this post. Scroll up and check it out.

  18. Good one, MOU!

    Although Judy Collins has much too nice a voice to be singing it!

    It was originally written for Glynis Johns who starred in the stage version of Sonheim’s “A Little Night Music”

    Here’s the movie version (which came and went in about 15 seconds) with Liz Taylor singing it:

    And check out one of her co-stars, Diana Rigg, singing a ZK-like ditty:


    Meant to say “former” not “latter” in my above guide.

  19. Possibly useful factoid: The Monty Python sketch “The Last Supper” is based on Paolo Veronese’s “The Feast in the House of Levi”.

  20. EE, agree on Judy C. Back in the day, my high school girlfriend and I sat up front in a Collins concert at Pomona College in Clairmont, CA. Not a dry eye in the house after she closed with “Both Sides Now”. Amazing vocalist.

  21. My youngest son was/is deathly afraid of all forms of clowns. He especially hates wise talking dummies ala The Twilight Zone, and will leave the room if one is on TV.

  22. Thanks, DD!

    In that case, we here at ZK are in the catbird seat for TLE since the format would appear to be ever-devolving (and random) simplicity.

    Part of me is relieved that the LHC seems to be temperamental and may come to naught. My knowledge/understanding of physics is less than squat, however, my inner Wiccan tells me that these folks are the equivalent of the Wall Street “Masters of the Universe” only their toys could result in unfathomable consequences.

    GB, Great news on the Brown Bats!

  23. Not to worry, EE, the clowns that got the contract for the turbo pumps (Axiden) couldn’t provide reliable units, so no vacuum–oops! They’re a French company, much better lovers and chefs than warriors or engineers. My German turbo pump supplier has got the skinny on them–a major disaster–snicker snicker.

  24. In 1996, I was in Madrid and spent half a day at The Prado. One of the versions of Munch’s “The Scream” was on display there at that time. There really is no substitute for seeing some of these paintings in person. It’s especially true with this masterwork. Believe the hype. Pictures on the internet just can’t recreate a real life viewing experience with the 3D aspects of proper lighting, the opportunity to vary perspective, etc.

    JR, study these Titian paintings and tell her that you saw them in Madrid. Wink, wink.

  25. But First, JR, find a source that correctly interprets the subject of the paintings.

    Danae is not Venus–she was a mythological princess of Argos in the Greek Peloponessos, a daughter of King Akrisios. And the results of Zeus (not Jupiter) appearing in a “golden shower” resulted in Perseus.

    by James Hunter
    Danae was the daughter of Acrisius. An oracle warned Acrisius that Danae’s son would someday kill him, so Acrisius shut Danae in a bronze room, away from all male company. However, Zeus conceived a passion for Danae, and came to her through the roof, in the form of a shower of gold that poured down into her lap; as a result she had a son, Perseus. When Acrisius discovered Perseus, he locked both mother and son in a chest, and set it adrift on the sea. The chest came ashore at Seriphus, where Danae and Perseus were welcomed. Later, King Polydectes of Seriphus fell in love with Danae and tried to force himself on her; he was eventually killed by Perseus.

    by James Hunter
    Perseus was the son of Zeus and Danae. Danae’s father, King Acrisius, set Danae and her son adrift on the sea because of a prophecy that Perseus would kill him. The two were taken in by Polydectes, the king of Seriphus. Polydectes later conceived a passion for Danae, but was unable to force his attentions on her because Perseus had grown into a redoubtable protector. To get rid of Perseus, Polydectes sent him on a quest to bring back the head of the Gorgon Medusa, a snake-haired maiden who turned all who saw her into stone.


    Perseus accomplished his quest with the help of Hermes and Athena. He went first to the Gorgons’ sisters, the Graeae, who had only one eye and one tooth which they shared among themselves. Perseus took the eye and the tooth, and agreed to give them back only if the Graeae helped him in his quest. They helped him acquire a pair of winged sandals, a wallet or satchel, and the cap of Hades; the sandals enabled him to fly, the satchel was to carry the Gorgon’s head, and the cap conferred invisibility on its wearer. Wearing the cap, he approached Medusa, looking only at her reflection in his shield, and cut off her head.

    As he flew back over Africa on his way home, he encountered Atlas; in the course of a struggle, he used the Gorgon’s head to turn Atlas to stone (thereby forming the Atlas Mountains). He also dripped blood from the head onto the sands of the African desert, giving birth to the deadly vipers of that region. Later in the journey he saw the maiden Andromeda chained naked to a rock by the sea as a sacrifice to a sea monster. He fell in love with her and bargained with her father, Cepheus, for her hand in marriage if he killed the monster. He succeeded in slaying the beast, but at the wedding feast Phineus, a jilted suitor of Andromeda, angrily demanded the bride. In the battle which followed, Perseus used Medusa’s head to turn Phineus and his followers into stone.

    When he returned to Seriphus, he found that Polydectes was still persecuting Danae. He used the Gorgon’s head once again, and turned Polydectes to stone. He then gave the sandals, satchel and cap to Hermes; he gave the Gorgon’s head to Athene, who emblazoned it upon the aegis which protected her in battle. Finally he returned to Acrisius’ kingdom, where he fulfilled the prophecy by accidentally killed the king while throwing the discus.

  26. “But First, JR, find a source that correctly interprets the subject of the paintings.”

    What!?! Did that fuck at the Prado slip me an erroneous synopsis? You need to write to him promptly so that he can correct their website and stop this misfeasance of misedjumacating hungry young learners who seek knowledge of the arts. And from the museum itself. The travesty!

    Actually, I don’t read the plates next to most paintings. I prefer to look at the art (or at other people who are looking at the art), not some douchebag’s interpretation of it. Nor did I read the synopsis apparently written by Consuelo López, Bachelor of Hispanic Philology at the Prado website. If you have a beef, take it up with him. I provided the link just for the images of the paintings. No warranties or representations have been made with respect to the text accompanying the images. Moreover, I can’t even guarantee that these are images of the real paintings, come to think of it. So you shouldn’t trust anyone or anything. (I’m going to assume that you are right about Consuelo being wrong because I want to be able to trust you in these matters. When I have more time, I’ll read what James Hunter has to say and get back to you.)

  27. @Holmes

    Take your medication. Just let it go. Now, get back to making us sweet green leafs of money.

    (M’Fucking Spaniard slacker is going to be out of a job once EE’s through with him.)

  28. Looks to me like Danae is the one catching the golden shower and Venus is the one in the foreground.

    Instructions for Prado webmaster: Delete “Danae” and insert “Venus”.

    Okay, bring me the next international art incident that requires mediation.

  29. I can’t believe you guys delve into this subject in so much detail just so JR can impress some girl and possibly get laid.

    Why not just learn to like beer, JR?

  30. If this is what it takes for JR to get laid, I’d say that all of ZK has a problem. It really shouldn’t take that much work on his part, but if a six pack won’t fix it, (beer goggles are underrated for both sexes), a discussion about Titian, Tintoretto, Veronese is much more likely to get him embroiled in something more akin to marriage than a fun filled evening of, “yeah baby!.. who’s your daddy?… and I’ll call you later…”

    I just got back JR, I’m not ready for you to leave me for some floozy you think you can have a relationship with.

  31. “Take your medication. Just let it go. Now, get back to making us sweet green leafs of money.” -bunnbunn

    Good advice, bunn. Trust, me, it’s the naked Danae on the left being impregnated by Zeus while her crone-like servant makes a futile attempt to protect her. [Don’t tell Holmes, but I think Consuelo is a woman.]

    “I can’t believe you guys delve into this subject in so much detail…”
    –Doom Docktor

    We’re cultured here, Doom. Plus I wanted JR to make sure to impress his ladyfriend with the fact that Titian was painting Greek not Roman mythology, if you get my drift.

  32. yeah, i agree with doom. unless she’s a black woman with dyed blonde hair, she’s just not worth it. if she is, then she’s worth $50, if she can sing a song while she sucks your dick.

  33. Times are tough all over. This poor unemployed prole breaks into the Museum of Fine Arts, avoids security, and steals some paintings, loads them into his van and takes off. The alarm sounds and the police respond. They find the thief in his vehicle a short distance from the museum, out of gas. Asked how he could commit such a simple error in an otherwise perfect crime, he tells them, “I had no Monet to buy Degas and make the van Gogh”.

  34. JR, that Tucker Max trailer is super lame. If he’s not drinking heavily now, he should be. Straight to DVD.

  35. Bunn, I just secured a deal. You will never believe this, but it is true.

    I just got a completely sober, American, high-school, history teacher…blah.bla, blah… to commit to reviewing IHTSBIH.

    I fucking did it. This is my Red Dog Beach. Rejoice…. and then split… get the fuck out of here.

  36. The Tucker Max trailer is not just super lame. It sucks.

    It is not going straight to DVD. It is opening in 400 theatres. 3000 is considered wide.


    I have been talking about this for months.


    Talk AWAY.

    I have NO opinion. I am only concerned with how cool I am.

    – Ari Gold

  37. There is no way they are getting close to me.

    There is no way they are getting close to you.

    No fucking way. I know what my officers are worth and I provide their security.

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