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  1. You are relentless. I knew this would happen. You are like Columbo. OK. I snatched these art pics off my favorite picture blog – EnglishRussia.

    It was a while ago though, they are in there somewhere:


  2. “You are relentless. ” –Saint Bif

    No… you just picked two artists of whom I am quite fond [every time I go over to the National Gallery, I visit Dali’s “The Last Supper” which is stuck in a basement elevator lobby–it’s my substitute for religious participation] and know something about. It took me all of five minutes to link to the originals.

    Wasn’t meaning to pull your chain… at least you know how OCD I am!

    englishrussia is funny… will have to go back when I have more time.

  3. Wow Bif, the mountains seemed to have done you some good. I’m back from the western mountains myself and I have to say, NY (LI)kinda sucks.

    JR, you can’t be on the rocks w Katya yet- she’s awesome, you love her, blah blah blah… remember? Besides, not drinking and being happy is actually good for you.

  4. I knew you’d fuck it up, you asshole L-O-S-E-R!

    (Just remember, only your true fiends tell it like it is—-)

  5. I can help, but it has to be by email and there will be fees involved—by god, 60 years (almost) of experience ought to be worth something—

  6. JR, you’re lucky you have sisters. They usually are pretty good advisors in a damage control situation. And if it doesn’t work out they can beat her up.

    Watch out, EnglishRussia is just goofy shit. They probably have something similar in Detroit. I am a fan though. But I’m a gringo. She’s a Russian so she might wonder why the hell you even know about it.

    EE, hmmm. OCD? I was thinking more like exceedingly thorough. Do you spend a lot of time cross-referencing? IMO it wouldn’t be a bad thing.

    Tip, nice. Remembered your heads-up on Perseid, and I did get out one evening to see some meteors. Spectacular.

    The light and space of the Rockies vs. LI burbs, yes thats a contrast in almost every way. Plus out there they let you shoot stuff, which is nice.

  7. “I was thinking more like exceedingly thorough. Do you spend a lot of time cross-referencing? IMO it wouldn’t be a bad thing.”


    Is that like cross-dressing? If not, I have no idea what you mean. If there’s a market for it, I’d be up for it but you’ll have to explain it.

    FYI: check out my last post on Fog…

  8. You know what it is… its what you do…

    “… to either verify claims made by an author or to link to another piece of work that is of related interest.”


    I did see it. I am familar with Farb, but was not aware of his Summer of Love-type photos. I looked at them all. Really good. Thanks!

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