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  1. Is that Senna driving the Ferrari? I also note palm trees and surf on this cake. Is that a hint for a Hawaiian vacation?

    Nice job on the cake, bunn.

  2. Email me your mailing address JR, so I can get the obligatory singing “Hoops and Yo Yo” card sent off.

  3. Happy birthday brother!

    I sent you an email a week or two ago, did you know it was me? I saw you posted something here but I didn’t get a chance to respond before you deleted it. Ah, well, hope all is going well with Katya. I like that name…

  4. Thank you all. You will all outlive me. But I will out-love you all combined.

    I’m not talking the ass-fuck way. I’m talkin the LOVE way.

    Hendrix at Woodstock. This is the week.

    This is the week the shit goes down.

    August 22nd.

    The Day Julius Caesar was born.

  5. Thanks, Tipping.

    Katya is a tough one. I’m guessing her grandfather was a tank commander during 1943-45.

  6. 40 is the new 6, EE. I’ve given up.

    I might try to write tomorrow.

    It’s real hot here though, the humidity is killing me.


    You people were the only ones who remembered my birthday.

    I think I have to cry now. Oh, shit

  7. Russians like vodka. You like vodka. Dunno. Could be trouble.

    Your card’s gonna be late unless you forward your address. Jus sayin.

  8. Our new neighbors are a jewish doctor and his polish wife, both 30 somethings with 3 little blond-headed boys (wife is BTW). They invited us over to their housewarming party last weekend. They are vodka connoisseurs. They had like 20 different kinds, many rare Russian ones, that I’ve never seen before, all fine sipping vodkas. All I can say is the really good, sipping ones are very smooth, very dangerous. Thank Gawd the house was full of doctors, most moron wasted than moi, however.

  9. Happy birthday Motherfucker!

    Most drinkers would choose booze over a woman who likes sober, just sayin’.

    For the record, I am not promoting excessive drinking. And I would never promote 100% sobriety. Except for those who are built for it.

  10. put a woman before your booze? that’s just plain silly. in fact, that’s about the silliest thing i ever heard.

  11. JR, do your inspection talents include other things besides museums? Just checking. I cleaned out the spam filter again .. wow, how the F do you attract that much crap? The only spam I’ve gotten in the last 2 months was something from (wait for it) Asoka-the-producers.

  12. dave, i’m going to go out on a limb here and predict that, in the long run, it’s not going to work out between Katya and JR. (unless JR teaches her about the power of the dark side.)

    genetically speaking, JR should have an advantage. not too many tea totters in the FSU.

  13. yes, the neverending search for love and acceptance in the age of the spectacle, what would guy dubord say? well i don’t know. but i do know that no one does it better than diamond dave. ricco, why don’t you just send away to seol for a woman, or maybe the massage parlor down the street can help. there’s always a young korean girl with sweet tasting pussy looking for a green card. she’ll even cook you fried rice for breakfest and not even care how much you drink, or not. don’t be such an asshole is all i’m saying, for christ fucking sake.

  14. I tried to find your birthday present and failed.

    I wanted Bad Company’s SIMPLE MAN on you tube as an answering post. Here are the Lyrics. I will not post one of those pretenders, it’s not right.


    I am just a simple man, working on the land
    Oh it ain’t easy

    I am just a simple man, working with my hands
    Oh believe me

    Freedom is the only thing means a damn to me
    Oh you can’t fake it

    Freedom is the only song, sings a song for me
    Oh we’re gonna make it

    I am just a simple man, trying to be me
    Oh it ain’t easy

    I am just a simple man, trying to be free
    Oh believe me

    Freedom is the only thing means a damn to me
    Oh you can’t fake it

    Freedom is the only song, sings a song for me
    Oh we’re gonna make it

    I am just a simple man, working on the land
    Oh it ain’t easy

    I’m just a simple man, working with my hands
    Oh baby, believe me
    I’m just a simple man, yeah yeah
    Freedom is the only thing means a damn to me
    I’m just a simple man, yeah

    Happy Birthday, cake boy.

  15. dave bringing us dave. Hallefuckinglujah there is hope that we won’t have to pass thru the bottleneck completely miserable. Thank you dave, both of you.

    JR, WTF? Got any lifesize reclining nudes of bunnbunn on velvet? ground floor baby. besides, ms. remus made me put my reclining nude of moms mabley in the garage behind the abrahms. jeez, its a wonder i even get it reloaded and refueled with all that distraction.

    doom, WTF. u r everywhere man. one word ese, syndicated.

    ran into HEB the other day. damn. boy had no good word for CFN. not a one.

    oh, gotta go. promised to help a neighbor kid with his school science project – a one man EMP generator.

  16. The answer is in your jeans, JR, take a good look. Oops, I mean genes. Well, it’s both ways, I guess.

    Listen, Happy Fucking Birthday, dude.

    OK, now that that is out of the way, you will never be happy with a girl/chick/babe if you have to sneak around doing your habits on the side–smoking, drinking, doing other women. That will not work, period. So, it’s short term unless you fess up and then see how she feels about you, old man.

  17. Well, you’ve probably noticed that they look and feel different than us, for starters. They think different, too, a scientific fact.

    Women, even skinny ones, are covered with a layer of fat, like seals. That makes them feel real nice, and they don’t get as cold as fast as men, mas y menos.

    I had my hearing checked the other day. The audiologist, a woman, says to me: “you hear fine at low pitch, but poorer at high pitch. So, you can understand men but not women.”

    I just stared at her for about 10 seconds, smiled, and said: “that’s correct. And, I don’t understand women even when I do hear what they’re saying.”

  18. You guys crack me up. LOL

    JR ~ Doom is right. Just be yourself (as you were with your sister) and you will find the right other. Don’t hold back, ok? Seriously. Hiding major issues is practically a cardinal sin.

  19. yeah, ya sound like your typical heteroalcoholic to me. no problem there; just need to keep your prioities straight.

  20. Good Gawd, I’ve stayed up so late, I’m here with the Sunday morning East Coasters.

    JR, why be an alcoholic when you can just be an alcophile, like moi?

    I suppose you’re hooked on nicotine, also. Tsk, tsk.

    PS Remus, we all know who “Flyover” is on CFN!

    My casket beckons………soon it will be dawn.

  21. i’ve always found female vocals to be much more soothing than male; i think i’ve said this before. probably something to do with mommy’s soothing voice breaking through the inititial confusing din of sensory overload from the world outside the womb. of course, my mother used to put out her cigarettes on my arms and then laugh about it, dirty squaw. well, it’s all just theory anyway.

  22. OMG! I have to get a copy of this samba somehow for my monthly Latin dance! Great tempo with big samba beat.

  23. My memory is getting fuzzy. I can’t remember 40 at all. I think that’s when I started getting really alarmed about my hair having disappeared.

  24. “Doom, I almost think the two of us could get married. Well, we can. In Massachusetts.” -JR

    LOLOLOL…. when I first read this I was scratching my head thinking you were talking about Katya.

  25. “No. I mean yeah. No, I totally agree. I’m torn on this issue. Maybe EE can help.” -JR

    Dave is right. It all boils down to your intention. The rest of it is static.

  26. EE, back in high school, we all knew the varsity QB, a major jock with ego problems, a little slow, and his girl. She was always very quiet and shy, smart too, the opposite of her BF, who was always loud and boisterous. Then one day in our senior year, toward graduation, we heard the news that she had left him for another woman. Even I felt sorry for the poor dumb guy, who was just devastated, and we always wondered what she saw in her than she didn’t see in him. Well, we could guess some of it. Life is strange.

  27. ricco, you just need to start wearing a bandaid on your face as a fashion statement. shorties will be lined up around the block for you. that’s always been my secret; works like a charm.

  28. dave, this one’s for you and holmes and bunn and bif and jr and ee and mou and nudge and donovan and uncle yarra and jim e and au–

  29. “I’ll try early maybe 9am EST.”

    You’d better not try to wake me at 3 AM HST mo’fucker! I got to teach class tomorrow.

  30. Damn, I forgot greenbeans, above. XER, Far and Patz don’t count here ’cause they post elsewhere.

  31. Today, I heard a female monkey say, “People suck. They always want something. That’s why it rocks having no friends.”

    That was pretty funny, but this from WSJ was even better: “Mr. Obama isn’t Lincoln with a BlackBerry. Those great personages are made by history, in the course of history, and not by the spinners or the smitten talking heads.”


    JR, try referring to them as “lovers”. That usually makes people feel wonderfully fun and/or fungible.

  32. Happy Birthday. Big 40. I guess that leaves just Tipping. Maybe Yarra. And me. I am only 24 still. No really.

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