[originally posted August 26, 2009]

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When I posted last night I suddenly became very tired and so only ended up posting these photos without explanation, and went to bed.

So, now rested, anyway, explanation is, one morning last week I rowed my boat in the pre-dawn hours up through the inlet and into the lake. As it began to get light a thick fog settled in and for a couple hours I found myself hopelessly lost out on the lake, in an absolutely opaque shrowd. It was kind of nice actually. As fog began to lift and clear I moved in along the shoreline and got a few pictures.

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13 Replies to “Fog”

  1. Various religions have what they call “The Holy Land”. Ha! Every inch of the planet should be considered a holy land. Your lake is as much or more a holy land as a city in a desert. Nice shots!

  2. Nice boating experience, yes, but quite possibly a narrow escape from death, as if the fog had not lifted for days, you would have been completely confused, utterly alone, no food (plenty of water, though, however dubiously clean) and no one to hear your cries. You should always carry a flare, fishing tackle, a pole or two (for fresh sashimi) and perhaps your cell phone when rowing about in fog country!

    Nice shots, BTW.

  3. Doom, if it was Lake Ontario maybe, but this is just an Adirondack lake.

    Its a well known thing that when lost, people tend to somehow go around in circles. In the woods I feel like I can somehow largely avoid that, but on the open water in a fog, going in circles seem unavoidable.

    “Holy place”. GB, I agree, and to be all alone in such places (and esp with some kind of dramatic meteorological conditions) feels that way. Similarly, to me, being alone in the deep woods in the snow also feels mystical and scary, but in a good way. And I would add, especially the early morning hours.

  4. I was just pushing your leg, which is probably why people tend to row in circles, some slight favoritism of one side or the other. OTOH, those modern cellular phones do come in handy in the great out of doors, with or without GPS locators.

    Alas, something else we eventually will lose….

  5. I miss JR and Nudge. Is JR just busy with his GF? I hope I haven’t offended our host by calling a him no-good, rotten, asshole Yankee douchebag, one hopes your friends know when you’re kidding.

  6. I’m sorry, I meant to write “SHERMAN-LOVING, no-good, rotten, asshole Yankee douchebag!” Please forgive me, no-good, rotten, asshole Yankee douchebag.

  7. Send me your address, and I’ll FedEx a box of Georgia peaches.

    I think it was totally unnecessary (the march to the sea), and what he did brought lasting hatred of the north (not the place, the folks living in it). I don’t know who gave the orders, but I guess Lincoln approved it, or at least didn’t stop it. Well, he got his, right?

    Also, the carpet baggers added insult to injury.

    Believe it or not, I’m the first generation on my father’s side that doesn’t harbor a lasting grudge, I mean, I’m just fussing with ya, but I heard it all from my father and my aunts and uncles. They acted kinda serious about it.

  8. yeah, but what about some pictures of a hot looking girl taking a shit on an ice cream sundae while someone sprays whipped cream into mouth and feeds her maricino cherries?

  9. sherman’s march won the civil war just like hiroshima and nagasaki won ww2. they gotta be punished ya know. it’s only the right thing to do.

  10. This was beautiful. But you know that, or you wouldn’t of posted it. Most of my moving experiences have not let me have a snapshot of them to gaze at and put me back into the zone. Congrats and thanks for sharing the shadows and outlines of it.

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