Best Chick Bands Ever

kim deal” …and she stood just like Bill Wyman, now I am her biggest fan…”

Battle of the girl bands.

No rules, except no more than one dude max allowed in the band (preferably in a subservient and expendable support role), and also NY Dolls don’t count.

As the resident left flank, I will go first.



No. The Stones don’t count as a chick band. Close, but no. BTW, did you hear Ronnie Wood has a Russian girlfriend named Katya? Ronnie looks like a troll here, but Katya looks nice. Where did she get those black Marlboroughs in a box? I want some!

wood and katya

Battle of the Blitzkrieg Bands. Mein Fuhrer I Can Haz Death Jam. Fight song of the Panzergrenadier Totenkopf. (This doesn’t count though):

That’s right, this was real. The last surviving secret death metal band of the Luftwaffe.


One of the best shows I ever saw was this band. Hope Nichols is a hundred pounds of crushing love:

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  1. i’m not sure why, but i recently installed a chin up bar in a doorway that i have to pass through often throughout the day. i do either one chin up or one pull up every time i go through the doorway. don’t ask me why.

  2. so anyhoo, this guy has decent technique. in the 1980’s and eary ’90’s i was half ass decent lifter. i used to go to like country fairs and county fairs and kick ass, that kinda thing. today, my right knee is completely fucked; torn miniscus, bad interior tendon, ligiment fuckityfuck, that kinda thing. they should take me out back and put a bullet in my temple. only joking, i don’t really fucking care.

  3. dave–good news! they can make you a new artificial knee, strong one, too!
    bad news–it’s very painful and they only last 15 years before a replacement.

  4. sorry, i fucked up. that was aclean and jerk. still very fuckiing impressive. not that any of you assholes would know.

  5. i don’t know about you, but i do several of these each morning before work, and fuck the renters downstairs when i drop weight on the floor afterwards……….

    seriously, i used to do enough of this stuff to appreciate the pros, nice linken.

    my new doctor neighbor is a martial arts expert. i told him that with his skills and my guns we’re going to be in good shape for any zombie attacks.

  6. ya, good on you if you can still lift wieghts, i can’t.

    i’ve often thought of different types of knee surgery. i guess that i’ll just keep thinking about it though.

  7. full flexion(can’t) and full extention really hurt. certain position that apply torsion type are torture. walking on pavement is excurtiating. other than that, i’m fine.

  8. So far it’s a tie. Between me and mine and dave and Courtney. He might win though. I may have to go nucular.

    You guys and your 1970s dood bands.

    JR, see above for new and exciting additions to the post!

  9. nu-cu-lar??? just say WMD, it’s easier.

    dave, i hear you on the joint pain. took out my left knee ACL in stages–first stage was a slip while weed wacking a steep slope in the backyard at the old place; second and final stage was hopping off a boulder on Ruapehu Volcano in New Zealand. the pain was brief but unbelievable, both times, second time worse. later had the ACL replacement with your own patella ligament surgery–also painful, but effective, the knee is solid now.

    coming out of surgery, the doctor’s first recognizable words were: “you have arthritis”. the guy had the bedside manner of a turnip. later, i found out that (a) he was talking to me, the only other guy in the room, and (b) he meant that i had arthritis in my left knee, which he had spent a lot of time cleaning up inside, plus snipping loose bits of torn meniscus here and there.

    my motto: take good care of your knees, because you’ll miss them when they’re gone.

  10. I can still do chin-ups and hand-stand push-ups. 10 good ones of each when I’m well rested. Arm strength is the last thing to go. Hell, I’ll probably be doing these in a nursing home someday.

  11. ya, never thought of that arm strength thing, but there might be something to that. my father is completely bed ridden at this point. but still if jhoone rhee gets too close he’ll grab her and try to drag her into bed with him. she has a hard time getting loose.

  12. i believe that 2 qualities are key to high level athletic performance. i call them mental toughness and physical durability.

  13. dixie chicks with s burnhart. god but that tooth gap makes my dick hard. cobain was just a pussy. he didn’t like it when love would tie him up and leave the butt plug in all night, what a loser.

  14. she’s hot, loud, stupid, big, obnoxious, an attention whore, has big lips and gap teeth, bet she could even do a couple of pull ups, bet she’s bi and will do anal with a couple of drinks in her; the perfect woman.

  15. people pay good money to go see this shit. the human spiecies does deserve a good old fashioned die off, that’s for sure.

  16. but dave, does she also cook and do housework? If so, she might indeed be the perfect woman for us, the unworthy and less than fully grateful—

  17. i don’t know doom. but i’ve often thought that cooking a housework were a little over-rated. the ability to pull a plow, however, is not.

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