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Afghanistan has a population of somewhere around 28 million people. From what I can gather, these people don’t very much anticipate Americans becoming a permanent fixture. Everyone is hedging their bets. Typically, a good chunk of the money that finds its way to the Taliban is siphoned from U.S.-funded construction projects. The country, geographically drawn up as it is, makes little sense, but it is of great concern to Pakistan, India and, for now, the United States.

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Part 1: Bread and Water — More pictures added on 2009-10-02

Part 2-X: (work in progress)

14 Replies to “Afghanistan Thread”

  1. Statistically only 1 in 4 counter-insurgencies work. According to my reading of Taleb, this doesn’t necessarily mean anything. But Taleb and I hold highly unorthodox views. I have to assume the general staff has more “faith.”

    Andrew Exum is scum. And a pansy. And I don’t mean pansy in a gay way. I have know problem with gays. All the ones who are my friends are great people. Much better than your average straight person.

    And I keep starting sentences with And in honor of William Safire. I loved that guy. I just never listened to him. And it shows.

    Safire is in my top 3.

  2. Geographical mind bender. The border of Afghanistan and Pakistan is 1600 miles long. Roughly the distance from NYC to Bismarck, ND.

  3. Couple other things:

    (1) It’s not a country. It’s a place.

    (2) WE are the insurgents. And if we have any conception of how not to lose badly we will acknowledge this ASAP. McChrystal and Obama don’t get this.

    McChrystal is a fucking moron. But I have nothing against him. He has been Spec Ops most of his life and was apparently hit in the head with a brick as a child.

    But Obama I blame. Obama is also a moron. But a moron with purpose. He apparently felt that graduating from Harvard, getting married and having kids was a substitute for actually reading books. Barack is our first douche president. The guy actually goes on Letterman. He’s the President. He went to Copenhagen to sell the Chicago Olympics in the middle of two wars and a health-care bill that he is trying to make the centerpiece of his administration. This smacks of bad advice from consultants and a guy who can’t make good life decisions.

    I apply the same standards I did with George Bush and his father and all other presidents. Including Bill Clinton.

    Obama is a war criminal.

    I didn’t make the rules. He did.

  4. I am a king-sized asshole. But I did love Safire.

    It’s OK. I’m getting sober. Tomorrow. You will not see me like this again.

  5. JR- you may be my favorite king size douchified asshole- (new adjective!). Too bad you’ll be sober tomorrow. Who will we vilify, ridicule and generally mock of you’re not high/drunk or otherwise incapacitated?

  6. Afghanistan features on the evening news every night. I’ve been following for 8 years now. I gstarted to get serious in January 2008 when what’s his name that wrote what’s it called again wrote a piece in Vanity Fair. Nothing has changed.

    Odierno announces 4000 troop cuts in Iraq for October, bringing us to 120,000 (6 Divisions). He says this puts us ahead of schedule.

    Yeah. Ahead of what schedule.

    Odierno is scum. He’s like “Clay” in Sons of Anarchy. He’s scum.

    While McChrystal begins his lobby for 40,000 more in Afghanistan.

    Obama is too stupid to realize the only solution is complete withdrawal or withdrawal along Rory Stewart lines.

    War is about one thing. Defeating your enemy on the battlefield. If you can’t do it, you lose.

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