Hips Like Cinderella

It could’ve been the summer of 1991 that I was thinking there might be an underwater god. That was right around the first time they kicked me out of the Green Party. Kim shows up in the vid at about 1:20, working her Steinburger headless bass, and panting heavily. How was I supposed to know she was perfect? My precious memories are becoming polluted. I am left with flashbacks of steering my bike down city streets and back alleys in a cold drizzle. It was 4 AM. At least I knew this part was true. All the traffic signals were blinking red. I was in love. Maybe that’s why. This was pre cell phone.

17 Replies to “Hips Like Cinderella”

  1. I keep seeing “Hips like Cinderella” but reading “Lips Like Sugar” Originally eco and the bunnnymen but now a flo-rida song I work out to- I must be getting old.

    Well the good news is that everything old is new again- Too bad I didn’t save more clothes from the 90’s. Acid washed jeans? WTF?

  2. Don’t feel bad, tip. I keep seeing “underwater god” but reading “underwear god”… which seemed a better fit, that is, for the early 90’s kim deal encounter and post-coital wobbly ride home which I was envisioning.

  3. My peeps always told me the pixies were cool. I never heard of them. I like this song.

    Actually I had my first Motorola in 1991. Christ, what do I know, I’ve been post-cell phone since 1999… I mean, I have one, but I just carry it for emergencies.

    But, paradoxically, in an actual emergency, the grid would be down, so we would all be fucked. Better carry cans and long pieces of string.

  4. Acid washed jeans: 1 pair jeans, 1/2 cup bleach, 1 hour. The only reason I don’t have any is cuz my sisters stole them all along with my Rolling Stones collection. Bitches.

  5. Meh. When the power, phones, internet, TV, and cell towers all go dark (as happened here in New England during the Dec-08 ice storm) it’s a good time to wish you’d gotten into backup power supplies and 2-way radios.

    Strangely enough, some 4% of UPL’ers are registered amateur radio operators.

    JR .. did you get that email from the other day? (should I use a different address?)

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