Cord Wood

cord corner

By bunnbunn request, a gratuitous woodpile shot. Who takes a photo of their woodpile?? WTF?

It split so nice I couldn’t resist squaring off the corners of each wood pile. Perfect 8×4 cords. EE would probably understand why this perfection somehow matters.

Hickory is dense and heavy even after its been seasoned. These babies are slow burning and packed with btu content. Shown are the couple cords I stacked in the basement. In total I put up six cords of hickory and two cords of hard maple. Probably not quite enough to serve as primary heat source in a long winter but plenty for my purpose which is supplementing heat on the colder days and for in case of emergency, i.e. during an unlikely but possible power outage.

My fireplace is very inefficient so recently I put a good woodstove insert into the firebox, removed the damper and ran the stove pipe up the chimney. Thanks to federal stimulus “money”, 30% of the cost of installing high efficiency wood stoves is recouped as a credit on federal income tax returns this year. I would have done this stove anyway but the tax credit is enough to cover the cost of a couple years worth of wood so I’ll take it.

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  1. Nice woodpiles. I’m felling, cutting, splitting, and stacking red oak and red maple. Straight grained green wood is so easy to split. Did you use hydraulic splitter? I like to swing the maul. THwACK!

  2. Bunn was right. (He told me Bif’s response was going to be one the greatest threads ever.)

    Last weekend, I cut down a mesquite tree and managed to finish the job just before the pull cord separated itself from the chainsaw proper. I took this as a sign from the gods that it was time to extricate myself from yet another prickly self-help debacle.

  3. i just have this picture in my mind of bif checking the edges of the pile with a plumb line, laying a level across the top of the pile, sighing with satisfaction; and then calling his wife to come down to the basement so the she can give him a blowjob, or something like that.

  4. Do you have your wood stove insert/fireplace in the basement also? I’d feel a little nervous about having a couple cords firewood in the house. Just on general principal.

  5. dave I’m not THAT weird. The floor is not marked. Those are just some 2x4s with blue paint on them.

    GB, yes I used a hydraulic splitter. I like hand splitting wood too but I’m not man enough to hand split a truck load of logs. Not in one weekend anyway. GB, the stove is upstairs on the first floor. Why not put a cord or two in the basement? This stuff is pretty dried out already, no rot and no sign of bugs.

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