10 Replies to “Cold Rain and Snow”

  1. Oh Tipping. Well, he is Dead… and he is dead. Both. Literally. Bad bad girl. You better be on your blackberry at Metallica because they’re on at MSG… right NOW!

  2. bAD aSS shit

    I am number 6

    Holmes is Number 2

    We’re still not sure about you, Bif. But this latest flare helps.

    Trust me, I had some other concoction that included you, but the Prisoner dialogue is so tight.


    #3 and #4 are Katya’s breasts.

    #5 & #7 are either her butt cheeks or her pussy lips. So as number six I’m obviously compromised in the middle

    #9 #9 #9 #9 #9 #9#9 #9 #9#9 #9 #9#9 #9 #9#9 #9 #9……

    OK. You can have number 8

    I’m not answering questions in English. Only Romanian.That’s right, Bunn. Do your own research. It just feels better in the morning. Waaay better that opening email! Jus sayin.

  3. Bif – Serious, now – you didn’t just drop your first shroom, did you? Be serious. We can help. You get into the first scrape with your Ol’ Lady?

    Dude. Doesn’t matter. You’re freaking me. What’s the dilly? You are not a blues guy. You’ve always been Smiths.

    Just chill.

  4. My mother actually listens to “Desire” several times a week. I catch her doing it. It’s crazy. She’s only like 65 or 70. Loud, too. Apparently my Dad is deaf.

    Hurricane. Yeah. Tell me, Bif, can you recite the lyrics to Hurricane in your sleep?… that’s what I’m sayin… I can. The whole album.

    I knew you people would unnersand. JR

  5. Would Bif and Tipping please stop arguing. Or fighting or quarrelling.?


    I’m begging you.

    I was born on Dylan’s “Desire”

    There is no better album

    It was several years and one woman between 1985 and 1988. She is married now (I hear) but she is still like a queen to me

    Isis, Oh Isis….

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