I never liked flamethrower guys.

But would I get him to light my cig? Sure. Of course.

That doesn’t mean I have to like him.

15 Replies to “Flamers”

  1. Nice.

    I was actually thinking about writing. I’ve been reading John Erickson’s Road to Stalingrad. Read the long article in Vanity Fair (web exclusive) about The Exiled (Ames and Taibbi) [linked on http://www.exiledonline.com].

    Talked to Katya. Went to work. Jerked off. Started Tropic of Cancer again. Drank too much too often. Asked what looked like an 18-year old what he was looking for in the war section at Barnes and Noble. He said, just browsing. WWI and WWII.

    I said Max Hastings Armageddon is the best on WWII. Here.

    John Keegan The First World War is the best they’ve got on WWI. Here.

    And I walked. He might’ve thought I was a fag and called his dad.

    Check out the cover of the newest edition of Newsweek. I couldn’t believe my fucking eyes.

    Anyway what put me online was this last paragraph I read in The Road to Stali (a classic). It is all about the Russian Counterstroke in December 1941. Some other time. I need to think more about that photo.

    Remember -25 to -30 degs Celcius. Snow 1 metre deep. The Russians were using 10-20 ski- and sled- battalions in every Army. You would think these assholes could win a cross-country race in the Olympics.

    Thanks for that. I’m thinking about quitting smoking and just sucking the napalm straight from the hose.

  2. JR, thanks for mentioning that Vanity Fair article. Direct link below:


    The stuff about Taibbi being such a whiny bitch re: Ames not talking to him anymore and throwing coffee on the VF reporter doesn’t surprise me.

    Ames and Dolan (especially Dolan) were the real talents in that group.

    You gotta wonder… what will be the next place/country that experiences an invigorating interval of societal transition betwixt totalitarian corruption and free market corruption? Then again, Russia is a pretty unique place it seems to me. All the stars aligned for those two goons.

  3. Bunn –

    There is nothing to be said. You are fucking killer. You are just the shit. You little rabbit. Hah! Huh. Hah! or something like that. Huh hah huh.

    Katya sez “hi.”

    She does.

    I’ll send you a picture of her sezzing “hi” in a bikikini if you don’t bulini. Hey! That rhymnes (I cunt spell that)

    I’ll send you that picture (I’m hoping for an update) [she’s fatter now – I make her eat]

  4. “Then again, Russia is a pretty unique place”

    That’s the thing, especially with respect to Moscow. The ingredients can’t be duplicated. If there’s another opportunity to ride the transformation of corrupt boom town, play the role of American critical observer, and importantly, enjoy the full cornucopia of debauchery opportunities (while maintaining an escape hatch to relative safety), I’m not aware of it. China seems too strange and crowded, and lacks the startling fact of Russian women. Well, someone out there could be proving me wrong as I write. Because what the hell do I know.

    These two jokers (Ames and Taibbi) remind me of John Reed and Louise Bryant (young Americans who went to Moscow and rode the wave of the revolution after WWI). Other than sense of timing and ballsiness, there are more differences than similarities however. Reed was bought into the communist and socialist ideologies of the time. He must be spinning in his grave like a jet turbine over how his beloved revolution turned out. Ames and company of course brought no ideology except to point out the rotteness of it all (ie, the most recent enlightenment), and the total bullshit of western MSM covering it, and all the while fucking as many Russian women as possible. Its a well known fact that during revolutions people fuck like mad. A curious thing. Revolution makes people feel alive I guess.

    They were just asshole frat boy elites really. They were right about the rottenness and corruption but so what. They enjoyed that it was so fucked up. Notice they both came back to the US and didn’t move on to the next place. This is beacause there is no other place like Moscow in this department (again referring to your “uniqueness” comment).

    Reed was wrong about what could be achieved in Russia, and wrong about people. But he cared deeply and desired not just to report events but to make change. He waded into WWI, went to Gallipoli, and rode with Pancho Villa. Like Jesus he died at 33. And like Jesus he was wrong. Reed is buried in the Kremlin, the only American. As for Ames its amazing they didn’t fit him with cement shoes.

    As for Louise Bryant she was a total babe, and ahead of her time. She was a catch. Reed should have gone back to the US with her. He was an idiot.

    OK I have to give credit where credit is due. Those guys Ames and Taibbi had nuts. Hats off.

    I read some of their stuff before going to Moscow, as a primer. In addition to the politics, the street-level sense of the place, such as the “Field Guide” was pretty good, as well as the reviews of bars and nightclubs.

  5. Katya!

    Katya. Please respond.

    I cannot deal with this guy.

    He’s got me locked and I’m dead. I need your help right now and FAST. I’m dead he’s got me spotted. It’s over

    Two Shoes Bif

    Best shot in the world

    Call Me, Holmes

  6. Hhy would I talck smack?

    Bif is my numba One

    Bif controls my affairs. Look at me. dO i LOOK LIKE i’ME hIGH?!

  7. I didn’t write that. It was stupid tired drunk St Bif wrote that. No. Not drunk. But I did watch the oscars.

  8. Yeah Bif, I don’t see a similar thing happening in China either.

    Nor, looking through the last several decades, are there too many useful historical comparisons. Opportunities for debauchery and danger similar to what Ames and Taibbi encountered were arguably available in S.E. Asia (Vietnam and Thailand, in particular) during the late 60’s – early 80’s.

    “the startling fact of Russian women” — I continue to hunt as well for a least common denominator.

  9. “betwixt”

    What a great word. Katya’s gonna love that one.

    I’m not gonna tell her it’s from you. I’m gonna take full credit.

    ..well… maybe

    yeah, yeah, I’ll give you credit… but only after she says those special words… FULL credit.

    I love you, Brother.

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