We Don’t Hate You, Boston

[@Bunn from JR – Now tell me true, did you add that “Ad” for UFC? It is not showing in the control panel. It is appropriate, true and funny, but I am just checking. If it is not you, I am going ballistic. (But not how you think) ]

You’re just in the way.

I almost feel sorry for the Celtics. They definitely have more class than any other team in the East. And the series with Orlando will only toughen them up more. Physically, anyway.

But did you ever expect to see the Run and Gun Lakers coming at you in such a sick way?!? I should send OKC’s Durant a tasteful gift basket or similar token of appreciation for testing L.A. hard in the first round. Did we even play Utah? (As an aside, thank god at least Phil Jackson had the balls to say WTF re: the asinine NBA and their foisting of the entire league into this pathetic immigration propaganda blitz. My brothers and sisters are coming for you leftist degenerates. Say your prayers.)

As I was saying… this round, Stoudemire has the unenviable role of playing Carlos Boozer, while the Suns take their turn at perpetrating a nearly perfect imitation of the Washington Generals.

I’ve been thinking about a Lakers/Celtics rematch for the last two years.

The forthcoming beating that is your destiny I play it out in my mind on a daily basis.


[Huh? The Ad is gone… Bunn, I think we got hacked… I had a hard time believing you would do that. You don’t even know what UFC is]

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  1. I get the sense that this is authentic. But the insipid background music is driving me nuts. I’ll leave it up to Doom or dave to testify.

    Raw oysters. (I had no idea I was this hardcore.)

    Like the lady says, “It never go bad.”

  2. yeah, that lady’s accent was really making my dick hard.

    anyhoo, kimche is great stuff. i consider myself something of a connoisseur and and expert in it’s preperation. i’ve never used such eleaborate methods myself; and really don’t see the need. i usually just get a clean 5 or 8 gallon ceramic crock, depending on how much stuff i have available, and start, chopping, salting and packing with whatever i have on hand. i really like adding fresh fish if happen to have have been fishing that day. i wish i could meet that lady so we could make kimche together.

  3. maybe what i make isn’t authentic korean style kimche. but i’ve never been know as a purist.

  4. “The forthcoming beating that is your destiny I play it out in my mind on a daily basis.”

    Hahaha. Watch out!!, you must remember that the Lakers were much favored in 2008, and yet there was a vicious ass beating in reverse. In fact it was worse than an ass beating. Records were broken. The fans of both sides openly wept. I know I sure did.

    I hope they meet again. What a great rivalry.

  5. Wow that lady sure made a lot of kimche. It never go bad? Doesn’t the fish paste go rancid? Or is that the desired flavor?

  6. Nuthin better than that Big Baby dance. Yes, I am officially impressed with the Celtics who are making the dismantling of the Magic look, well… almost effortless. All politics aside, I would embrace the Rondo lead Celts as America’s Team or some such thing, except this is a biological impossibility. For me, that is. The Lakers never make it easy for themselves. What fun is never playing chicken with your worst personal proclivities? I only wish this was all as trivial as, for example, strategically arranging a tile-like matrix of your last few paper towels in preparation for some generally imaginable yet difficult to corral consequence of deciding that doing things the easy way can keep for another day.

  7. Hearings should be held immediately to determine the role of Congress in creating the circumstances that resulted in this oil spill. Let’s get it all out there on the table, fuckers.

    But this will have to wait. Give me a half hour. Celts and Magic tied with 6:30 to go.

  8. Do the Celtics still have any tall, boney white guys playin’ for them with bad backs and attitude? Good outside shooters who can sink foul shots but can’t hit easy layups?

  9. So, you’ll think I made this up, but the family went to Outback tonight, and it’s the *third time* I’ve eaten at one of their franchises in a week, the other two locations separated by about 5000 miles of ocean water, but only from each other by about 250 miles. I order the $35 surf & turf dinner, the lobster is superb, but prime rib is overdone, so the manager apologizes (without my complaint beforehand) and gives me the meal for free.

    This is still a great country, no foolin.

    POP QUIZ: name the two other cities with Outbacks.

  10. I thought you were in Korea? Your riddle suggests some bizarro travel itinerary involving the Panama Canal or maybe the Middle East. [deleted ~BB] What ever happened to Nudge?

    Honest to bunn, this has probably been the hardest year of my life. I’m just trying to make it to the June 2010 Open Thread. This has nothing to do with deprivation and everything to do with a new and decidedly unsatisfying (at least in the short term) set of priorities. I’m a natural at processing a mountain of information and other inputs in marathon sessions, but a part of me resists it mightily still. The really stupid part is that I feel like I’m trying to sprint through waist high salt water and I’m practically killing myself on a daily basis and still scarcely making any progress. In my objective mind, I know that things are getting better all the time, relative to a condition of freefall at terminal velocity, that is. Frivolity. I hardly knew you.

  11. Bunn,

    You are correct, South Korea (5,000 miles @ 500 mph = 10 hours, roughly the flight time). Now, what cities?

    However, you’ve already won! Your prize is a free lunch on me at the nearest PJ Chang’s of your choice, collectable soon, I hope.

    Nudge lives on and mostly posts at her FTA blog, aka “Nudge’s Place”, a digital bar and grill for futurists, realists and doomers.

  12. “I said earlier I would defer to Bunn and accept a Lakers Championship this year.”

    R U kidding me? What ther F is wrong with you? You need an assistant as well sounds like, just to slap some sense into you on a daily basis.

  13. I’m sorry, I didn’t read all the way through your comment. I flew off the handle.

    You are for the Celtics.

    Anyway. Last night Orlando avoided being swept, or depending how you look at it, prolonged Stan Van Gundy’s personal Katrina.

  14. Doom, looking forward to your next visit and some of that moo goo gai pan.

    dave, I’m having trouble reading that Fishgrease stuff. Maybe it’s just me.

  15. dave, I’m having trouble reading that Fishgrease stuff. Maybe it’s just me.

    well, he is kind of technical. is that the problem?

  16. Haha… okay, my tone was wrong. It came off, initial impression-wise, as scattershot, without a conspicuous thesis. Sometimes I get lazy in such circumstances, especially if I’m not getting paid (to read it). I’ll give it another look.

  17. I read the Fishgrease post from May 21 about top kill. His style isn’t too far from Golden Jackass or Mogambo Guru, neither of whom I read anymore obviously. Anyway, Fishgrease seems to be suggesting that if BP engineers had a clear (or clearer) idea of how to fix the leak that they would have done it a long, long, LONG time ago (i.e, sometime well before May 21). That said, I agree with Fishgrease that the exact location and nature of the leaks is probably difficult to ascertain. But this also suggests — particularly in view of the unique and maybe even unprecedented operating environment involved — that BP engineers needed some finite amount of time to run through the various possible failure modes and attempt to engineer a solution addressing all or at least most of them, and then try to rule out (e.g., by taking some measurements) some scenarios so that the designed solution can be more targeted yet cover some range of failure mode variance. Then you have a gauntlet of safety concerns and the practical realities of getting all of the hardware, raw materials, personnel, permits, government approvals, etc. coordinated so implementation of the designed solution technology can proceed. Yeah I’m sure some of those engineers were gobbling amphetamines like colleage students last week. My point is that these things take time. The news I’ve read suggests that BP was cutting corners in terms of properly responding to test results and probably deviating from ordinary procedures. The biggest problem here, apart from the manifest consequences (environmental, human, economic, etc.), is that no one could possibly afford to engineer these technologies to be absolutely idiot proof. One of Bif’s very first comments drove this point home rather nicely, I thought. As the man says, STFU and go grab a shovel. Some have suggested that regulations have failed to keep up with the technology, more extreme operating environments, etc. How about ethics keeping up with the growing stakes?

    Fast forward to today… maybe it worked.


  18. Good. They rescinded it. They should have rescinded both of his technicals, and Rondo’s too. If Rondo was going to get a T it should have been from the referee he was actually (calmly) speaking to, not the other freaked out idiot referee 20 feet behind him.

    Anyway, the Celtics are scaring me. Its all part of the fun I guess.

  19. My sources tell me that the refs in huddle were considering a third T on account of excessive ugliness, but feared that they might lose credibility.

  20. I didn’t read the article, but I would add that they are also having to deal with the problem that there is a risk with rushing into “solutions”. The riser is supposedly (reportedly) kinked like a garden hose and largely restricting the discharge. If this is the case the present situation is a godsend, though it doesn’t seem like it to the Louisiana fishermen of course, or the laughing hyenas of the media, because anything that relieves the kink obstruction (like a failed intervention) could result in a total rupture, and a much greater oil discharge than we have now – as was the case back when Ixtoc was blowing more than 25,000 barrels a day back in 1979.

    Grandstanders and hypocrite assholes are calling for new zero risk standards on offshore development. This is a fine time for getting all ethical and moral about oil extraction (but not personal user behavior!? WTF!). I am not defending BP. But if zero-risk oil is the new standard then you can just forget about driving cars and trucks and flying in airplanes. The new moral standard. No more supporting currupt oil producing regimes, no more middle east war, no more industrial agriculture, no more globalism, no more oil spills, no more global warming. The risks to life and the suffering and the cost are just to great. Do we agree? Hey at this point I can go either way. I just don’t want to suffer us all trying to change over to driving Teslas. It gets embarrassing. I don’t know what else to say except that I want to apologize to the other animals, except even that is lame.

  21. I’m feeling your rage, amigo. To be clear, when I mentioned ethics, I was referring simply to not ignoring test results that indicate a problem, not removing heavy fluid before it is safe to do so, etc.

    Yeah, this for sure is going to avail every opponent of off-shore oil extraction and all shapes and varietals of would-be industry regulators with boundless opportunites to be heard in the media, by lawmakers, etc.

    I dunno Bif. More likely a brute force solution like taking the stuff from some loudmouth will present as a third option… or maybe good old fashioned austerity-driven demand destruction ends up rendering much of this moot — for the next few years at least.

  22. well, in the first article he cleared up some vital terminology. it’s not booming, its fucking booming, cocksucking booming, motherfucking booming, etc. this is important. also, he seems to know something about boom placement and utilization. he shows, pretty clearly in my mind, that at least in some cases, the booms are being layed out strictly for photographic effect. expected, but still funny as shit.

    let me go back and see why i liked the second article.

  23. see, here again, his point(s) is technical, not moral, or ethical or any of those other thingys. his dosen’t understand topkill, and niether do i. of course, and i’ve said this kind of thing before, i don’t have all the information, i’m not there, etc., etc.

    these are just technical concerns.

    nobody, especially not me, is getting down on the oil industry. fuck, after they this leak kills every living thing in the GOM, there’ll be no need for any of those stupid fucking regulations and shit. everything will be dead, so we can just drilldrilldrill. then we can move onto the east coast somewhere, anywhere.

  24. ya, fishgrease should do a liitle more research before he posts stupid shit, i guess. there’s no intent to circulate the mud. shows how much he and i know.

  25. haha, this piece of shit, what can one even say. so his beloved fucking wetlands have been torn apart for the last 50 years or more years, and now he wants to cry about it.

    here’s what we should have done: because we knew some shit like this was bound to happen, we should have trained dolphins and whales to eat fucking oil. we’d have no problem at all by now if we’d done that. plus, after they ate all the fucking oil we could have lit them on fire and charged fucking monkeys to watch. this would have paid for thier training. see, me n’ fishgrease are way on top of fucking shit.


  26. How about relief wells being drilled simultaneously as the production wells, and remote controlled BOPs ?
    Maybe continuing to use mud, and not sea water, as you finish up on a well, as recommended by your engineers, as in Norway and Brazil, and telling ‘the company man’ to go screw when he tells you to hurry up?

  27. I think Gawd every day that there are so many experts onto this GOM oil leak and spill problem that I can relax, fly to the Far East, dodge bullets and fuck Korean hookers, just sayin.

  28. I can relax, fly to the Far East, dodge bullets and fuck Korean hookers, just sayin.

    best plan i’ve heard in a while.

  29. Congratulations Celtics fans. Anyone see that footage of Garnett trying to break Howard’s arm? KG could probably use some lithium or at least a T for chrisakes. I fell asleep during the second half. An override command from an infrequently deployed common sense dispensing region of me brain.

  30. Yes I saw the game. He didn’t want any homos touching him, and the guy kept touching him, so he started throwing karate chops. He’s a real spaz isn’t he?

    After Rondo went down, Nate Robinson came in off the bench and was huge. I’m glad they finished it and don’t have to go back to Orlando.

  31. dave, it’s a long flight, but once you’re there, the Koreans treat you real nice.

    great video, dave, i want to meet her. they like lots of fruit and vegetables, very healthy and clean folks.

  32. forgot to mention that the stewardesses all looked like finalists for the Miss Korea beauty contest, no foolin. perhaps a “warm up act”?

    i recall a similar feeling on a BA flight from London to Helsinki, but on that flight, it was the women passengers that all looked like finalists for the Miss Finland beauty contest. they were busy buying the duty-free Finlandia vodka on the plane like there was gonna be no tomorrow. i thought that strange, since we were headed to where they made the stuff. later, i found out why when i bought my first drink at the hotel bar.

  33. I wonder about Kim Chee never going bad, as it goes bad on us all the time. Here’s my hunch/hypothesis on that aspect: if you are not careful prepping it or eating it, like someone “double dips” into the jar with their saliva-laden utensil (which happens with our bunch all the time, despite my admonitions to the contrary) then it will ferment even moron faster and go sour and gassy on you: time to discard it, as the taste is likely gone also. Refrigeration is a must, of course, even in “cold” Korea, especially in summer.

    I enjoyed watching her make that batch. I also wonder about adding the raw oysters, as they would certainly give it flavor, but would likely not be clean enough to keep cultures from them growing in the Kim Chee. I guess the salt would slow or kill them. Like fine wine, there is a window when it is best.

    Korea has the best Kim Chee, period. Maybe it’s something in the air or water there, like the SF Bay area for bread, Scotland for scotch. She has nice hands.

  34. i was driving around today, and the solution to Deepwater Horizon came to in a vision: let Jack Shepard, MD, cork the well.

    (Sorry, only “Lost” fans will get it.)

  35. ‘Yeah.

    You can. You can.

    Just remember how much kerosene you are burning, You Fucking Fuck!

    I’ve got a better plan. DIE!”

    —-Obviously, someone’s a tad jealous, humm?

    “Korean Hookers????! Korean Hookers?”

    —-First, they tell you they’re 18. Later, after a few drinks, they relax some and confess to really being 28.

    Guess what, I don’t care!

  36. I’m thinking that kim chee is going to become a regular feature in these threads. It provides a natural pivot point to so many other wonderful things.

    Boston’s worst case scenario is coming at them. I can handle Steven Tyler emerging from his crypt to be seen at court side on national television, but I gotta tell you… not being encumbered (just yet) with high-def is seeming to be, well… to say nothing of Perkins’ even more profoundly hideous mug… a cloud mostly if not exclusively comprised of silver lining.

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