NBA Finals 2010 – Game 7

This is what we’ve been waiting for.  But first let’s savor some of Game 6…

Obviously this unnerved the fey Celtic warriors.

Their terror was never more demonstratively presented than by the guileless face of Doc Rivers, his sweat-soaked brow in peculiar contrast with the cool-as-can-be Phil Jackson.  All perspiration and bipartisanship aside, I think Dear Doc lost at least some credibility amongst the purportedly coached when he proclaimed that they were only a few points (~20) behind!

Unbelievable… the Lakers won this thing without even requiring the assistance of the utterly corrupt NBA officials, without whom we would never have even needed to return to L.A., which would have made the genius Paul Pierce right, but for the wrong reason.

So now we have the Game 7 everyone has been waiting for.  Did El Presidente say something tonight?  I could care less.  Obviously he is not a serious fan of any sport.  Homey’s wife says LeBron will never win another MVP award.  She also predicts that Sasha V. (from the Laker bench) will provide dispositive forthcoming heroics in this series.  Her predictive powers are awesome to behold, and she is quite likely to be right on this one.  And I know a few things about omniscience.

As an aside, I can only imagine the horror of being Mr. Green from the England football squad.  Does he now go into the UK equivalent of protective custody?  A new face?  A new identity?  I really do kinda feel sorry for the newly-dubbed “English Chicken”.  Then again, if you’ve ever seen Steve Jones’ teeth up close, just about any indignation imaginable deserves to be levied upon this hygienically challenged people.

You East Coast jackasses think you’re coming out here to leisurely take an NBA Title?  Guess again.

(Nothing personal, but we mean business.)

[orig posted June 16 – JR]

17 Replies to “NBA Finals 2010 – Game 7”

  1. For the love of god, let the fucking rabbit dunk already! (This not about self promotion. It’s more about elevation.)

  2. I was driving home during Game 6. The freeway was so refreshingly free of traffic, as if a neutron bomb had been detonated over our fair city — just prior to my punching the clock and finally calling it a day.

  3. p.s. — You should really take more seriously my suggestion that you track down that Matt Savinar dullard and beat the hell out of him.

  4. Bunn, tell Homey to kick that Mike Ruppert fella also, as I hear he’s back in LA. He hangs around with his bud, Matt.

  5. No way, dudes… do you have any idea how impossible it is to get the smell of crazy out of a silk tie?

  6. I concede.

    Game 5 was the finest performance I’ve ever seen put on by what was basically a ten-man team (in basketball).

    Game 6 was disappointing. We cannot blame it on the loss of Perkins.

    I honestly expect The Los Angeles Lakers to win Game 7. I hope they don’t. But if they do, it will make 2011 all that more exciting. Boston is still better.

    My other hope is that there will be riots in one, or the other, or both cities tomorrow night. Burn it to the ground, muddapuckas! Fuck Da Police! Forget the Mayors. Give those lazy-asses they call firefighters something to do, fer chrissakes. You should see the latest story out of Boston about the firefighters – washing their boats in the firehouse on taxpayer time and water – yes – BOATS. Check it out on YouTube or Google or whatever.

    This is after a 19% raise.

  7. “You East Coast jackasses think you’re coming out here to leisurely take an NBA Title?”

    Oh, Please.

    I think you meant:
    “You East Coast jackasses think you’re coming out here to leisurely take an NBA Title (again)?”

    Look at the history. LA doesn’t even come close. Even look at this time if you win. It took you 7 games. We did it in 6 in 2008. Snap!

  8. “I think Dear Doc lost at least some credibility amongst the purportedly coached when he proclaimed that they were only a few points (~20) behind!”

    Ummm. Not exactly. You forget 2008 when the Celtics came back 24 points to win for the greatest comeback in NBA history. Same two teams. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  9. Hummm, for a guy moron interested in following F1 racing and Russian chicks, he sure knows his basketball*….

    *silly game invented to fight boredom over long winters, stuck inside, between football and baseball seasons.

  10. I know basketball. I’m no expert, but I played it as a kid. I actually hit a couple of laupus and free-throws when I musta been 8. I think total maybe 9 points (in “the league” – outside of gym-class). My Dad tacked up a backboard and hoop to a big tree that no longer exists next to the drive-way. Out of my 10 best friends and my younger brother, I think I ranked about 8th.

    Yeah, I sucked, big time. I’ll tell the whole story if the Celtics win.

    I followed the Celts religiously in the 80s. I stopped when they started to suck, which was for 20 years. Good timing? :)


    I’ve watched every minute of this serious. Every minute. Rewound with the advantage of DVR and watched several key moments in super slo-mo. In 2008, I watched maybe 4 of the 6 games.

    Ever since the Red Sox and Patriots started getting serious, Boston sports fans are not to be fucked with. All-around, Boston produces the best franchises in the world. Not New York. Not Moscow. Boston.

    So you cannot exist here if you don’t know your shit. They throw you out of bars, BECAUSE you know your shit here. Dichotomy.

    If only this cunt Menino would support a purpose-built 24 hour-track in Dedham that could have a sub-loop to do German touring cars and MotoGP and a sub-tri-oval to do Sprint Cup/NASCAR – with a sub-sub-loop (cul-de-sac) downtown for an F1 night race across the Zakim Bridge

    We could be Le Mans-Monaco-Monza-Daytona-and-Singapore at a fifth the price.

    Just let me consult on the downtown design. I am the fastest driver ever on the length of Comm. Ave. at night. In the rain. You just gotta know when the lights change. And always go UNDER the Mass Ave bridge- (left lane, so when you merge into that BMW M3 from Goukville who ran the light on the upside you stand half a chance. – plus there are some mean potholes in the right).

    Asshole. you made me forget what I was gonna write about :)

  11. Hey JR, you also know something about oil, although I don’t understand how a manager at one of Boston’s finest furniture stores should know so much about oil, but I also digress. Anyway, my “quirey” (Brit speak for question) is: has there ever in history been a wild well blowout on the seafloor anywhere that could not be stopped and drained or spewed the entire reservoir into the water? Seems like we have one now “in progress”.

  12. Close your eyes. Read no further. I’m telling you. You are one of my best friends. Close your eyes.

    “has there ever in history been a wild well blowout on the seafloor anywhere that could not be stopped and drained or spewed the entire reservoir into the water?”

    I have been trying to ask my father this question for two weeks. When we were on good terms. (My father and I are alwyas on good terms, we love each other, I am his oldest and smartest, (he is my only father, obviously), but I also show him the most respect out of his 5).

    He always dodged it.

    I pressed tonight. I wanted answers on the relief wells. He is one of the few (maybe thousand) engineers on this planet who would have experience managing these things.

    I was gentle at first and then I ratcheted fast to WAY HARD. I’m not Obama. I care about this stuff. I don’t talk. I kick ass.

    He played for about 30 seconds, then got all defensive…

    Tells me one thing – (actually several)

    The “August Fix” is not guaranteed. “They” have no idea what they are doing. Obama is fucked if they don’t. The Republicans better have someone to jump in. I have someone. Bif. I already have his vice. Holmes.

    We also have a new name for the party. Guess.

    Seriously, It’s about fucking time

  13. @Bunn –

    I had a problem with her dress and shoes. Was she at a funeral? (don’t answer)

    Otherwise I rank this second to Jimi. The teeth the lips, the hair, the (figuratively) balls…. ehh… okay, okay…. fine

    You give me better.

    Keep in mind you are sitting at numba 2…. 2 as in two

  14. I’ll tell you who wins: those Boston cheerleader girls in the new banner photo. They all look like winners to me!

    OK, I’m guessing the new political party is called Zulukilo.

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