NBA Finals 2010 – Game 7

This is what we’ve been waiting for.  But first let’s savor some of Game 6…

Obviously this unnerved the fey Celtic warriors.

Their terror was never more demonstratively presented than by the guileless face of Doc Rivers, his sweat-soaked brow in peculiar contrast with the cool-as-can-be Phil Jackson.  All perspiration and bipartisanship aside, I think Dear Doc lost at least some credibility amongst the purportedly coached when he proclaimed that they were only a few points (~20) behind!

Unbelievable… the Lakers won this thing without even requiring the assistance of the utterly corrupt NBA officials, without whom we would never have even needed to return to L.A., which would have made the genius Paul Pierce right, but for the wrong reason.

So now we have the Game 7 everyone has been waiting for.  Did El Presidente say something tonight?  I could care less.  Obviously he is not a serious fan of any sport.  Homey’s wife says LeBron will never win another MVP award.  She also predicts that Sasha V. (from the Laker bench) will provide dispositive forthcoming heroics in this series.  Her predictive powers are awesome to behold, and she is quite likely to be right on this one.  And I know a few things about omniscience.

As an aside, I can only imagine the horror of being Mr. Green from the England football squad.  Does he now go into the UK equivalent of protective custody?  A new face?  A new identity?  I really do kinda feel sorry for the newly-dubbed “English Chicken”.  Then again, if you’ve ever seen Steve Jones’ teeth up close, just about any indignation imaginable deserves to be levied upon this hygienically challenged people.

You East Coast jackasses think you’re coming out here to leisurely take an NBA Title?  Guess again.

(Nothing personal, but we mean business.)

[orig posted June 16 – JR]

9 Replies to “NBA Finals 2010 – Game 7”

  1. For the love of god, let the fucking rabbit dunk already! (This not about self promotion. It’s more about elevation.)

  2. I was driving home during Game 6. The freeway was so refreshingly free of traffic, as if a neutron bomb had been detonated over our fair city — just prior to my punching the clock and finally calling it a day.

  3. p.s. — You should really take more seriously my suggestion that you track down that Matt Savinar dullard and beat the hell out of him.

  4. Bunn, tell Homey to kick that Mike Ruppert fella also, as I hear he’s back in LA. He hangs around with his bud, Matt.

  5. No way, dudes… do you have any idea how impossible it is to get the smell of crazy out of a silk tie?

  6. Hummm, for a guy moron interested in following F1 racing and Russian chicks, he sure knows his basketball*….

    *silly game invented to fight boredom over long winters, stuck inside, between football and baseball seasons.

  7. Hey JR, you also know something about oil, although I don’t understand how a manager at one of Boston’s finest furniture stores should know so much about oil, but I also digress. Anyway, my “quirey” (Brit speak for question) is: has there ever in history been a wild well blowout on the seafloor anywhere that could not be stopped and drained or spewed the entire reservoir into the water? Seems like we have one now “in progress”.

  8. I’ll tell you who wins: those Boston cheerleader girls in the new banner photo. They all look like winners to me!

    OK, I’m guessing the new political party is called Zulukilo.

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